Hythe Regional School

Teacher: Sandi Busch (sandibusch@pwsd76.ab.ca or @sandijbusch)

Tech Support: Jen Clevette (jenclevette@pwsd76.ab.ca or @jenclevette)

What are some things that are ok to share online?  What are some things best kept private?

*Proud of: hockey awards, games, pictures of accomplishments

*Willing to show everyone and anyone: you and your dog

*How your day was

*address: to be sent something

-pictures of you in bath tub


-addresses: privacy settings needed

- age appropriate ideas...example at 30 its ok for online resume with address but 14 year old on Facebook should not

Why Private?

What are reasons for sharing?

Relationship between digital footprint & digital identity

Where do we go from here?  What do you need to become a better digital citizen?

Once you share something it is out of your hands...

Companies that look for your digital tatoo

Facebook, Twitter, blogging, websites you are always creating an identity

What about the future?

Pros and cons of using this type of technologies...

Do we use the internet to much?

Social networking addictive