Social Affairs Committee (SAC)

Mondays 10PM Kohlberg 330

Co-Directors: Chelsea Brett (cbrett1), Ming Cai (mcai1)

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about the proposal process. 

Bring 12 copies of your proposal + 1 copy of your event flier (must say "SAC Funded")

OR click HERE for an online form (we strongly encourage that you try this)


What does SAC do? fund social events with the goal of creating a balanced, diverse social atmosphere 

What does SAC fund? Parties, Parlor Parties, Socials, Study Breaks (we encourage new, creative ideas!)

What does my proposal need to look like?

Name of Event

Date/Time of Event 

Location of Event

Event Host/ Contact Info

DJs if needed (2 Names)

        *DJs can receive up to $103 total in funding

Itemized lists of what you need for the event and prices

           drinks, food, cups, decorations 

Services/off-campus DJ require W-9 forms and contracts must be signed by Paury Flowers in Parrish 117.

Grand total (does NOT include tax, Swarthmore College is tax exempt) 

How do I reserve the space? Olde Club (vclark1) Paces (jrosema1) Wharton D Basement (akelly1) 

Mephistos () Danawell Trailer (anovack1). For all other campus spaces, as well as equipment such as chairs and tables, email, or go to the "reserve space" link on The Dash.

What can I borrow from the SAC closet? drink coolers, large multi-purpose coolers, x-mas tree lights, punch bowl/ladle, craft supplies.  Often we have napkins/utensils/cups/drinks that can be used as well.

How do I get reimbursed or get a cash advance? Go to SBC's Weekly Office Hours Sundays from 7-9PM, Mondays from 6-8PM, or Fridays from 7PM-9PM.

How do I get Rattech (sound system)? Email Eric at  For all other electronic needs, email

How do I get trained as a party host? at least one host must attend party host training run by DART. Training sessions are held every Wednesday at 9:00PM in Sci 183.

How do I get paid as a DJ? By submitting student ID #s of the DJs directly to , those students will be added as student DJs under employment on myswarthmore.  Each DJ should submit a timesheet for 6 hours of work (2 hours of preparation, 4 hours for the duration of the event).

Where do I pick up a party permit? outside of Parrish Hall 115.  They are due by noon on Thursday and will incur late fees otherwise.


REMEMBER! all receipts turned into SBC must only have items purchased for your event in order to be reimbursed. Also, if you borrow items from the SAC closet, you are responsible for returning the items cleaned by the next day or you will be fined.  

SAC 2010-2011: Adam Chuong '12, Adam Kohskin '11, Philip Koshy '12, Celestina Lee '13, Angela Meng '12, Devon Novotnak '11, Luis Penate '13, Stephen Selverian '13, Faiza Siddiqui '11

(you can also find this information on The Dash by clicking the "Social Affairs Committee (SAC)" link)