Minutes (Pending Approval)

April 12, 2011

The Regular Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM by Commissioner Dugan, Chairman.

Present:  Commissioners Dugan, Nicolls, & Fees, Fire Chief Stamper, Medical Officer White, Assistant Chief Francis, Captain Pyke, Lieutenant Fouts, and Secretary Pellett.

Commissioner Dugan resigned as Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners.  Commissioner Fees nominated Commissioner Nicolls for Chairman, which was seconded by Dugan.   The decision was unanimous.

Commissioner Nicolls presided.   Commissioner Nicolls announced that the special work session meeting that had taken place on March 30, 2011 was null and void.  Apologies were made for not having followed the RCW’s Open Meetings Act.  The commissioners agreed they would try and do a better job in the future.  Any business that needs attention will be carried forward to another meeting, sufficient notice given and posted properly.  Captain Pyke expressed concern about the method of doing business and following the RCW’s.  

The minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 8, 2010 were approved as corrected.  Bill total was changed to $4,393.24.  Last sentence in  Chief’s report, the word “year” should be changed to  “pension”.  

Treasurer’s Report.  Operating Fund balance $30,215.17.  Investment Fund balance $43,871.80.  Total bills $12,759,31.  There will be no transfer of money.  Carol advised the auditor’s office has had an upgrade of their computer program which has caused some trouble.  Some of the numbers shown on the financial reports do not match those from the Treasurer’s Office.  These will get corrected.  Carol reported on the Jaws of Life campaign contributions.  90 families have contributed for a total of $7,025.  $2,600 from on-island folks, $4,425 from off-island folks.  Receipts and thank you letters have been sent to all.  It was decided that a list of contribution support should be given to Linetime and the Guemes Tide.  Carol will send it to both of them.

Chief’s Report:  See attached sheet.  Mike advised March 26 was very successful, but found our pump suction hose is too small.  Gerry Francis has gotten 3 bids regarding replacement on 12’ lengths including the fittings.  L. N. Curtis submitted a bid for a total of $1964.15 including tax.  SeaWestern submitted a bid for $1749.37 tax included.  W. S. Darley submitted a bid for $2103.80 tax not included.  Regarding the Jaws of Life campaign, Mike is waiting for his daughter, Lori, to return from France, so she can put up the thermometer at Anderson’s Store.  A jaws demonstration will take place the 1st Saturday in June at Anderson’s Store.

New Business

  1. Work Meetings.  After much discussion regarding special work meetings it was moved, seconded and unanimously passed to have work meetings the last Wednesday of each month at 10 AM.  These meetings are open to the public.  The first work meeting will take place April 28 at 10 AM at the Fire Hall.  All agreed they would work together regarding meetings after Larry’s discussion regarding the process.
  2. County Auditor.  Commissioner Dugan advised because the assessor’s office was unable to assess all new construction, this department will loose approximately $2500 in tax revenue this year.
  3. Assistant Fire Chief.  There was only one applicant for Assistant Fire Chief.  It was moved, seconded and approved unanimously that Gerry Francis become the Assistant Fire Chief.
  4. Local Board.  The Local Board approved the retirement pension for Jim Casey.  All paperwork was signed.

Old Business

  1. Shooter Policy.  Mike advised that Roy Horn with 911 have a draft of the policy.  It will be presented at the next fire chief’s meeting.
  2. SOP’s were discussed.  It was decided that Carol would make 6 copies of all the SOP’s from District 8, distribute them to the commissioners, Mike, Gerry and Nancy.  The decision that the officers will be paid for this work at $20 an hour for up to 5 hours was unanimous.
  3. Temporary ferry arrangements.  Mike advised that things have been working pretty smoothly.  The biggest concern is privacy issues.  Very difficult to obtain that with an open boat.  They are working with the crew regarding procedures.
  4. Ryan Everett.  Mike advised Ryan has completed his physical and is just finishing the last of the paperwork.  It will be ready by the May meeting.
  5. Zander’s Orca training expenses.  Mike advised a bill will be sent to our department.  Zander is not responsible for payment.
  6. Flexible section hose.  The bids are under discussion.
  7. The Safer Grant paperwork copies have been put in the file.
  8. Department brochure.  Mike advised he would like to create a new brochure and have it ready for the 4th of July.
  9. Possible new recruit, Tim Powell.  He has requested to join the department.  He is already a Firefighter I and is taking the EMT classes at Skagit College.  He lives in Bellingham, but will be moving back to the island.

The Commissioners reviewed the invoices from March 8, 2011 to April 11, 2011 and approved $11,321.11.  The Commissioners further approved the payroll in the amount of $1,438.20.  Grand total $12,759.31.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.  The next Regular Meeting will be May 10, 2011 at 7:30 PM at the Fire Hall.

Submitted by

Carol Pellett, Secretary


Commissioner Nick Nicolls, Chairman