Suggestions for Year-Round Coastal Cleanups
(YRCC) at non-recreational sites in Singapore

A coastal cleanup can be conducted at any time of the year.

Such a cleanup can be conducted at virtually any time by any group of any size, who organise themselves independently. These cleanup sessions are different from the International Coastal Cleanup in September in that they:

  • do not require data collection
  • allows greater flexibility in picking a date

General advice for organising a cleanup

  1. Prepare yourself as an Organiser by reading the Organisers Page (ignore the ICCS data collection parts). Note that you will have to prepare your own gloves, trash bags, and tongs.
  2. Conduct a Site Recce – you need this for operational preparedness and to conduct a risk assessment. See these pointers for a site recce.
  3. Tide tables - check for high tides (for a scenic cleanup - the strand line is still exposed) or low tides (better for rigorous cleanups). You may refer to this tide table as reference.

Non-recreational beach or mangrove (State Land)
(requires a site recce, meaningful activity, site capacity varies from small to large;
minimum four weeks notice; coordinated by ICCS)

State Land sites are not used by the public and are usually out of sight and without public facilities. Infrequently cleared, the marine life there will benefit from a coastal cleanup. The sites can take between 40-120 volunteers but will require a lot more preparation.

Do note that:

  1. We will need to arrange for permission for access from Singapore Land Authority (SLA) or NParks and for trash disposal by NEA DPC.
  2. For some sites, permission is required for the recce trip as well. We will apply to SLA for permission who will inform the police.
  3. You will need to conduct a recce prior to the cleanup to be aware of safety procedures and plan your event.
  4. You will need to provide your own gloves, trash bags and weighing scales.
  5. Non-recreational sites are not in use by the public do not have public amenities.
  6. We will answer your detailed queries (if any) after you have conducted a recce. You can arrange to meet at NUS for a consultation with a zone captain.

Site suggestions:

  1. Tanah Merah beach 1 to 3 [@30 pax; total 90 pax; recce report]
  2. Tanah Merah beach 4 to 6 [@30 pax; total 90 pax; recce report]
  3. Sungei Tampines beach [50 pax; recce report]
  4. Sungei Seletar beach 1 [100 pax; recce report]
  5. Sungei Seletar beach 2 [50 pax; recce report]
  6. Sungei Pandan Mangrove 1 [30 pax; recce report]
  7. Sungei Pandan Mangrove 2 [50 pax; recce report]

Tide level

Check tidal levels as you have to conduct the cleanup during a LOW TIDE.
See Mobile Geographics:
Sembawang Tides:

  1. Select the date of your cleanup. Dates near the full moon or new moon tend to be suitable.
  2. Examine the tide level - a low tide should be below 1.0m.
  3. Ensure the tide does not rise above 2.0 metres in two hours.

You may apply for a non-recreational cleanup site here.


N. Sivasothi

Coordinator, International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

c/o, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum