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Last updated: 2012/07/09

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Vector compilation: 

Skylark been helping me for a while with the wallpapers, so I'm returning the favour for his project. He has created a group on deviantART with the goal of trying to put as many vectors into one collection as possible. It's like what I was doing with wallpapers, except for vectors.

Thanks to...

Everyone who emailed me information, links or just words of thanks. Especially Waka and Jose M.D. for assistance when this was started, and Skylark and The Dreaming Brony for testing the integrity of my uploads.

Thanks also to Sethisto, Cereal and Phoe of Equestria Daily and to Hasbro for supporting the community. And of course, a thanks to those who take the time to create custom content and release it for others to use and enjoy!

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Wallpaper galleries

Full image previews →

Friendship is Magic

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(2560x1600 - widescreen) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Princess Cadance

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(1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast)

Doctor Whooves

bigmacintosh7's Wallpaper gallery

(1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast)


Braukoly's wallpaper gallery

(1920x1080, 2560x1440) (Main cast + sub-cast)

Three new images since last update: Luna (Season 2), Chrysalis and Dr Whooves


Princess Luna

Cereal Velocity's wallpapers

(1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast)

Daring Do

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Octavia Silhouette Symphony

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discovolanate's MLP FiM gallery

(1920x1080, 1366x768) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Lyra version 2

eaglehooves' wallpaper gallery

(1600x900) (Sub-cast + background characters)

Love is in Bloom

EmbersAtDawn's gallery

(1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast)

10k Special | Twi

EphemeralBlue's Pony Wallpapers gallery

(1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast)

17 new images since last update

Friendship is Magic

Episkopi's wallpaper gallery

(1920x1080 computer and 640x960 iPhone) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)



Esipode's galleries

(1366x768, 1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Nightmare Moon

Evilarcticfox's wallpaper gallery

(2000x1200) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Mad Twilight Glaring

EvilDocterMcBob's Glaring Wallpapers gallery

(2732x1536 - widescreen) (Main cast + sub-cast)


Gig-Mendecil's wallpapers gallery

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Derpy Hooves

ikillyou121's galleries

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Mane 6 Pony Flare

InternationalTCK's gallery

(5100x3000 - widescreen) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Carrot Top

JoeHellser's My Little Pony Wallpaper Collection

(1680x1050, 1920x1200) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Flutterdash Minimal

Kitana-Coldfire's Pony Wallpaper gallery

(1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Wonderbolts Spitfire

Lextsy's My Little Pony gallery

(1920x1200, 2560x1600) (Main cast + sub-cast)

Wonderbolts - Scootaloo

l13000's My Little Pony gallery

(2999x1911 - widescreen) (Main cast + background characters)


MilesPrower024's pony wallpaper gallery

(1680x1050, 1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Stylised Mane 6

MrFugum's wallpaper gallery

(1680x1050, 1920x1080, 3200x1800) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

RD Dubstep

MyLittleVisuals' gallery 

(1280x720, 1920x1080) (Mane six + Vinyl Scratch)

Luna Headshot

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PCS4DDT's galleries

(1680x1050, 1920x1080) (Main cast + sub-cast)

Rarity Profile

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The gang's all here

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Best Friends

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Princess Celestia

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Rainbow Dash Android

Tecknojock's phone background gallery

(Various phone resolutions: Android, iPhone / iPod 4, Windows 7 Phone) (Main cast + sub-cast)

A Beautiful Bride

Vexx3's Wallpapers gallery

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Talent - Trixie

Vividkinz's Pony Background gallery

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Twilight Aurora

WazerX's MLP wallpaper gallery

(1920x1080) (Main cast)


Mane Six

WWJCP's wallpaper gallery

(2732x1536 - widescreen) (Main cast + sub-cast + background characters)

Other wallpaper sources

deviantART: MLP-FiM-Wallpapers and the Wallpapers gallery in MLP-VectorClub

Equestria Daily:

Equestria Daily's wallpaper posts can be found by using the wallpaper tag.


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Last updated: 2012/07/09

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"It is of no use, Twilight Sparkle. They have never liked us and they never shall."

-- Princess Luna, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode 2x04 'Luna Eclipsed'