THE CHIMES // Staff Videographer

Applications due via email to Melissa Hedrick  at

Label each page with your name, major, phone, email and year.

  1. How familiar are you with taking photojournalistic shots as opposed to general video clips?

  1. What is your projected date of graduation? (Only students graduating May 2017 and later will be considered, as the position is one year in length.)

  1. Do you feel comfortable seeking advice, receiving assignments, and taking orders from a video producer?

  1. What is your vision/goal for the multimedia content online?

  1. The Chimes is a web-first publication, meaning content must be generated, edited and uploaded on a weekly basis. How would you handle a job that is somewhat constant and unpredictable?

  1. This position may take up to 8 hours of your week. Does this work with your class schedule, and can you handle the time commitment? (Please fill out your anticipated work schedule on the attached sheet).  

  1. How flexible are you with shooting, editing and producing videos on a last-minute deadline?

  1. Do you have trouble staying organized, being on time or remembering assignments and deadlines?

  1. Please submit a portfolio of your five best videos/published work. Links are also acceptable.

  1. Do you own a video camera? If so, what kind?

  1. Do you currently have access to the Equipment Room?