Let’s Play Persona 3 Portable [Blind Run]

Warning: I swear. A lot. (There’s an S-bomb two lines down from this sentence.)

If you're bothered by that kind of thing, close this tab and look for another LP.

This is basically a Liveblog LP interspersed with random shit I say on IRC about the game (usually asking a question and getting an answer from people who have played the game before.)

That being said, a lot of scenes are getting skipped, since a lot of it is still written after the fact. Also, there are no Screenshots at the moment because I don't have a proper capture device.

Credit to Takaya and Kameraida of GameFaqs for their game scripts, because I had to give context for events somehow.

Note: This is updated live. Meaning that unfinished sections (usually the ones with ?????? somewhere in their title) will appear. Just wait a few hours for me to finish.

Another note: Formatting will change like nuts as I figure out new ways to do things with this medium. Example: To differentiate IRC chatter from Game Dialog, I colored the borders on the text boxes. Green is IRC, Blue is Game Text.

Round 1 <April 6 to April 22>

Round 2 <April 22 to April 25>

Round 3 <April 25 to April 27>

Round 4: <April 27 to May 1>

Round 5 <May 1 to May 6>

Round 6 <May 6 to May 13>

Round 7 <May 13>

Round 8 <May 13 to May 17>

Round 9 <May 18 to May 23>

Round 10 <May 23 to May 24>

Round 11<May 24 to May 26>

Round 12 <May 26 to June 2>

Round 12 <June 3 to June 4>

Round 13 <June 5 to June 9>

Round 14 <June 9 to June 13>

Round 15 <June 13 to June 16>

Round 16 <June 17 to June 18>

Round 17 <June 18 to June 20>

Round 18 <June 20 to June 24>

Round 19 <June 24-June 26>

Round 20 <June 27 to June 30(?)>

Round 21 <June 30 (?) to July 6>

Round 22 <July 7>

Round 23 <July 8-July 18>

Round 24 <July 19-July 21>

Round 25 <July 21- July 23>

Round 26 <July 23 to July 25>

Round 27 < July 25 to July 31>

Round 27 <July 31 to August 6>

Round 28 <August 7 to August 19(?)>

Round 29 <August 24>

Round 30 <August 24 to ?????>

Round 1 <April 6 to April 22>

01:00        StarSketch picks up the copy of persona 3 portable she bought

 01:00        <StarSketch>        ...what is this opening

 01:01        <StarSketch>        Should I be concerned?

Ok, let’s be the guy, since this is my first play of this game


I’ve heard Atlus games are notoriously hard, so….

Fuck it, I'm doing easy.

…Why is that disclaimer that’s usually at the end of movies about similarities to real people in this game?

..shit I missed the first bit of text on screen typing this. >_<

Oh, hey a train station and….What? A perspective switch?

Uh, what? Is she gonna shoot herself-

Oh what the heck are you-

Oh wait yeah, this is part of the game.

Bloop, it’s midnight, and…..

Uh oh.

Well everything turning green isn’t creepy at all.

Annnd there’s coffins everywhere, and the moon is huge



You basically walk all the way to the dorms, not even caring that YOU WALKED INTO THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

And some creepy boy in striped pajamas is there.

Oh boy. Contracts. I’m getting Madoka Magica Vibes here.

Looks like I’ve gotta sign anyway….

Ok, What was the “canon” name for this guy again…?

Ok, Minato Arisato it is.

…This kid is creepy, and waxing philosophical.

…..WELP. He just vanished.

And then these two girls show up.  (They are Yukari and Mitsuru.)

-Skip  a bit of gameplay, I have nothing to say here, just getting used to the dorm and school-

We cut outside to some guy with a radio as the midnight hour starts up again and-

        <StarSketch> OH SHIT


        <StarSketch> DID THAT GUY JUST GET EATEN OR-

        <StarSketch> ..Yeah, he got eaten

And that image (guy suddenly bleeding profusely before getting eaten) is why this game is rated M, ladies and gentlemen.

We have a weird dream, and go into the Velvet Room.


<StarSketch>        ...Oh god, Elizabeth's voice.

Not what I expected at all.

"More school, then Dark Hour again*

A fight breaks out, Yukari chickens out while summoning her Persona again..

And the PC picks up the gun, and summons a Persona.



What's left of the monster comes back to life and attacks again.

<StarSketch>        OK NOW FOR THE ACTUAL TUTORIAL FIGHT.        

A bunch of other shit happens. It is 3AM, And my memory is horrible.  That's it for tonight.

Round 2 <April 22 to April 25>

*Dungeon crawling in Tartarus. Junpei gets knocked down by Garu. A lot.*



I learned from a friend that Guarding deals with type disadvantages. Thanks for the tip.

<StarSketch> ...Should I heed [Mitsuru’s] warning to turn around

<StarSketch> She's said it atleast 3 times now

<GangstaSeifer> When an Atlus game tells you to GTFO, you should already be gone

Er, ok.

We meet up with some guy named Kenji the next day, and go out for Ramen.


We go to bed early because Tartarus has a draining aura or something.


…Ok, let’s join Track.




…Ahem. Anyway.


Back in the dorm...

Yukari wants to go to Tartarus. Er, ok.

And then I mess that up by going to a coffee shop instead. Oh well. At least my Charm went up.


Round 3 <April 25 to April 27>

Wandering around school, not much else. Don't know what else to do this day.

My character is not smart enough to read the Home Economics door still. :|

Whatever, back to the dorm.

Fusing Pixie and Aperaxis (or something) = Nekomata. Uh, ok.

Oh, hey, being friends with Kenji made it level up. Nice.

Let's do some Karaoke for no reason! + 1 Courage!

Ok, so since I made a Magician Persona, Kenji wants to hang out again.

He comments on my character's choice in clothing,

Something got points here but I forgot. Either Charm or Magician Social Link, Or Kenji was just happy.

Ok, let's hit Tartarus again!

And Mitsuru detects Death. Well, here goes nothing.

We go up about 3 floors and there's this thing waiting for us. It's immune to physical damage, so...

SPAM AGI AND GARU ALL DAY LONG. AND HEAL. Yeah. Even if it does minor damage and this thing is tanky.

We eventually reach a barrier. Guess that's it for now.

Lol, the principal is jealous of Mitsuru's speech

Mitsuru wants to have a chat with us...

And she wants us to join student council. Uh, ok.

Round 4: <April 27 to May 1>

It's time for track! The captain is jealous of our athleticism, And now we're rivals.


We bump into Yuko on the way out, and offer to walk her home. She declines.

We try to study. That fails because of monster fighting drain.

Mitsuru tells us the next day that if she's not in the lounge, she's preparing to go to Tartarus or something. So that means plot based dungeon.

We go hang out with Kenji after school again, and he asks if We're allowed into Yukari's room.


Turns out he's into older girls. Uh, ok thanks for the knowledge.

Oh, he wants to ask a teacher out. Uh.....Ok....

Er,anyway, Magician Social Link Rank Up.

Back at the dorm, Junpei gives us a game called "Innocent Sin Online".

..Yeah, that's totally not a reference.

The next day, we play it and there's no one on, save for this one girl whose character is named Maya.

Oh hey, Hermit Social Link. 

Elizabeth calls us the next day. How did she get this number- oh wait spirit shenanigans, or whatever the heck she is.

First, Track practice. Oh whoops Kaz fell. Turns out he has anemia. Also, he hurt his knee. Anyway, Rank Up again.

We get some quests from Elizabeth and fuse another persona.

Pixie + Angel = Ara Mitama.

Ara Mitama Levels up a lot from the social link.

Visiting Tartarus and running around leveling for a bit. The 16th floor is still locked.

Aaaaand I'm handing out crits left and right.

Mitsuru says something about sensing death...

….Wait there's something on the map.

....Shit. She actually sensed DEATH.


OH GOD OK. That was close.

Teleport to floor 14 and bypass that floor we found the Reaper on.

Yeah, I think we're done.

Round 5 <May 1 to May 6>

Fused a couple of personae (Nekomata + Pixie+Apsaras) to get Jack Frost. Kinda fitting, since it's s Christmas Eve at the time of this update.

Starting up a round of Dungeon Crawling.. Again.

I think We're too overleveled for this.

Anyway we go back to the dorm and OH GOD IT'S THE JAIL PAJAMA BOY.

He warns us that when the moon is full in a week, one of THEM will appear.

Boss fight anyone?

So it's Golden week, and there's no school. We decide to spend the day playing MMO's.


Kaz Calls us the next day and wants to hang out.  You go out to dinner, Kaz thinks he's fat.

...God, there are a lot of Apathy Syndrome victims around. Can't wait until the plot explains

what the heck that's about, if it ever does.

We meet up with Kenji on the 5th to have some ramen. The game comments that our relationship is stuck in a rut. Welp.

Oh hey, a class question I actually know the answer to.

There's some little girl at the Shrine...and she wants pastry or something, it sounds like.

(I ended up having to look for what she wanted online- unfortunately I had to go to the Dorm to get it and that triggered a time transition, preventing me from going back.)

Round 6 <May 6 to May 13>

Yukari wants to go to Tartarus again. Let's not screw that up this time.

I defeat an enemy, and get Shuffle time. Unfortunately...

19:51  StarSketch        ...FUCK

19:51        StarSketch        WHat does the crossbones card do, Kroked.

19:51        Kroked        death?

19:51        Legendary        pirates video games

19:51        StarSketch        ....Shit.

19:51        Legendary        that's what it does

19:51        Cinsynate        Amazing

19:51        Vel        star, did ya hit a dead end?

19:52        StarSketch        No, I did Shuffle Time, and I got a card with a crossbones on it.

19:52        StarSketch        Well, that's not good ata ll

19:52        Cinsynate        This is tense.

19:53        StarSketch        SHIT.

19:53        StarSketch        HE'S ON THIS FLOOR

19:53        StarSketch        RUN

19:53        Kroked        AHAHAHA

19:53        Vel        what

19:53        Vel        did you run into death

19:53        Kroked        RUN LITTLE STAR RUN

19:53        Vel        again

19:53        Cinsynate        Dang

19:53        Kroked        THE REAPER WILL FIND YOU

NOT AGAIN.  At least I was by the stairs this time.

We run around a bit, and Junpei gets tired.

Mrmph, both Kenji and Kaz want to do things after school.

Practice is kinda an obligation right?

So we go, and it turns out Kaz had to go to the hospital for his knee. More secret keeping ensues.

Chariot SL rank up.

Junpei wants to go to Tartarus. However, Yukari's kind of tired.

Next day, Kenji Decides he's gonna ask that Teacher out. We encourage him.

Rank up again.

Welp, Full Moon aaaaaaaaand.

I was right, Boss Fight. To the train station!

And holy crap blood everywhere.


Oh, Power's out during the Dark Hour. Right.

...Junpei, now is not the time to be a perv. And I would leave him behind, but we need the manpower.

It's quiet. Toooo quiet.

Oh, there it is.




And we get ambushed, but it wasn't too hard.

...Ok, what's with Mitsuru's Gratuitous French?

...Oh, It's Gratuitous English in the Japanese version. Uh.......Ok.

Dammit Junpei! We shouldn't have to save your ass!

Oh God the monster took over the monorail and is moving it.

We've got 8 minutes before we crash!

Oh, found it.

Junpei: What the hell!?

….. I share the same sentiment.

And it's dead.


Ok, so Minato found the brakes. Everyone's safe.

Oh hey, Fool SL Rank Up.

And double team attacks are a thing now. Yay.

lol Ikutsuki rode all the way over to the dorm

Next day.

...Phone rings and I hear Velvet Room music. Elizabeth says that the 16th floor is open now.

Played some MMO's.

OH GOD MAYA'S DRUNK, but she likes her job, whatever it is.

Uh...Ok.... Anyway, Rank up.

We go to practice, and then bump into Yuko on the way.  We talk for a bit, and...


Mitsuru asks us to go fix the consoles in the dorm's command room. There's a vidoe recording saved on it.

loll Ikutsuki talking to himself on video, and making puns.

...So were the consoles actually broken, or was it just to show me some silliness?

We go to practice the next day, and Kaz's knee is getting worse.  Another Rank Up.


I can't seem to trigger the little girl's SL, even with the right item :/

Whatever, everyone wants to go to Tartarus, so we go.

Mitsuru can't really see up here...

there are some weird monsters up here.

Round 7 <May 13>

*Took a Two Day RL break for Playing the hell out of TWEWY   Christmas. Also, I'm working on getting pictures with my Cell phone camera/ DSi camera. I actually didn't do much this round. Just dungeon crawled. Oh and Yukari got K.O.'.d*

Round 8 <May 13 to May 17>

Ok, so Mitsuru is giving us warnings again. Let's try to find the access point before anyone else dies.

….There's no access point on this floor


Gah, found it. And I had to run from everything... ;/

Returned to the dorm and everyone's exhausted.

Kazu is cutting practice again, but he texted Yuko saying to go to the train station. Ok.

So uh...turns out Kaz's over-practicing is really damaging his knee. He also made his younger nephew a promise that if he becomes number one, the nephew will go through rehab for his knee.

Hmm. Rank Up again.

Junpei, I know you're bored, but I need to sleep. Going to Tartarus while Tired = Bad.


...Ok, that's enough.

Went shopping for a bit. Now to either Study or Go to Tartarus. Hmmm....

Oh wait, Mitsuru's not here. Guess we can't go today.


Round 9 <May 18 to May 23>

*Exams week. Every day is basically one shot of the classroom, with the occasional question box.*

...Oh, that's why the little girl's SL wasn't working! That was the second item, not the first! Well, she asks to play later.

Drinking coffee to get sexy again. But it's midday, and so I can do stuff later still.

Going to Tartarus. Akihiko's arm is healed, so he can fight again.


On the 25th floor we bumped into 3 of these things. The party almost died repeatedly, and its immunity to strike damage rendered Akihiko pretty much useless... Managed to get through it, though.


Round 10 <May 23 to May 24>

We go up one more floor, then turn around because this is getting kinda boring.

Next day's sunday, and so there's no school. Kenji wants to hangout again.

We go to the manga shop in the Iwatodai Strip Mall, and Kenji decides to get his teacher's attention by acting stupid, because it worked in his manga.

Yeah....no.  It appears our friendship is still in a rut. Maybe I've got to be more of a dick towards him?

We return to the dorm.

And going to Tartarus again.  Junpei gets K.o'd.  I wonder what happens if you move on and you don't revive a teammate. Do they just stay in that spot forever until you lose or revive them?

Round 11<May 24 to May 26>

Happy New Year, everyone.

Fused a couple personae, got Zouchoten.

Headed back to  the 33rd floor.

Huh, it's totally empty....Hey a rare item!

...I hear chains.


Made it to the access point, left, then went back up again

Junpei died again, but I had to revive him because....


..First move and I crit. Nice. But it doesn't do much.

Gah, not another wind user.

Boss, cleared, let's move on. God, that was close.

Next day. Exam Results are in!

Scores were pretty high (no specifics, huh?) Charm went up to Unpolished.

Hoop. Practice time.

Poor Junpei, sitting in a corner moping about his grades.

Next day, practice again. Kaz is still pushing it. Buuuut he wants me to be captain if he ends up making his knee really bad. =_=


We go to Tartarus again. Junpei is too busy moping about his grades to join us. Welp.

...And Yukari is too tired to join us. WELP.  LET'S TRY NOT TO DIE.

...You know what, no. doing this with two people is dumb. Even when we both have Great Status.

We go down to a lower floor because I don't want to die.


Round 12 <May 26 to June 2>

More battling on the 25 floor. Unfortunately, Laughing Tables are common here, and they spam Bufu, so Akihiko doesn't even stand a chance. We turn around because THIS IS STUPID.

The next day, Yuko wants to hang out.

She apparently really doesn't like Classic Lit.

...Oh she was kidding about the intellectual thing. Derp.

Well, she seems happy now. STRENGTH ARCANA RANK UP.

Went shopping a bit then studied for the night.

Akihiko is really desperate to get this Yuuko chick on our team- Oh wait it's Akihiko, duh.

…..Do I fall asleep during this teacher's lecture on Magic (??????????????) or not?

HMMMMM....Oh, fine, I'll stay awake.

Ok, cutting practice to hang with Kenji....Nothing happens. Ah well.

Looks like the zombie invasion is starting again.

...Kenji's gonna ask that teacher out isn't he. Oh god.

Ugh, gossips.

I knew it, I knew Kenji was gonna do it. I told him not to.


Oh. She asked if  he wanted a private lesson, before he could ask her out.


Magician Arcana  Rank Up  =_=

Uh....Let's go to Tartarus.

We go out with Yuko again. She makes a resolution to go on a diet or something.


So, apparently an 11th grader passed out in front of the school gates, and had apathy syndrome. one of the rumors is that it was ghosts. Junpei says:

> Junpei leaned forward and spoke in a mysterious voice...

> ...You don't know where he got it from, but he took out a

[The dorm lights dim and Junpei holds the flashlight under his chin]

Good evening. Welcome to "Junpei's Believe It, or Don't."


….right. We go to be early, and Jail pajama boy shows up in the dark hour to warn us about the full moon again.

Whoops, Kaz's knee is acting up. We go to the nurse's office. The coach found out  about his knee, and Kaz tells him about the whole thing with his nephew.


We do some grinding in Tartarus and that's it.

Round 12 <June 3 to June 4>

Meiko's hanging around the shrine again. She asks to play on the playground.

…..I feel like a pedo.


We go work at the local Cafe, and get a Charm boost for drinking free coffee, and a Courage boost for dealing with angry housewives.Oh, and 2800 Yen.

Next day. Kenji reminds us that the relationship AI in this game is very fickle, and the girls here get very jealous, very easily. Welp.

And I'm getting nowhere with these investigations.


Round 13 <June 5 to June 9>

Going to practice today. Coach is still worried about Kaz's knee.

Had to help Kaz walk to a resturaunt. Ranked up.

Oh hey, meeting on ghost stories. ooooooooooooooooooo

Ok, so after a chain of questions we find out how the rumor started. Apparently it wasn't just one victim but 3. I'm guessing it was those 3 gossipy girls from Round 12.

So we're going to a Gang Hideout Some place on the Port Island tomorrow. Junpei is scared witless.

...Huh, that's cool. There's a calendar in the bedroom that marks when you started Social Links and when they Ranked up. It also shows Moon phases.

Hmm, so some girl keeps pranking Yuko.

So uh...We go out with Yuko, and Backstory stuff and Rank up.

Ok let's go to the Gang Hideout  Island.

Ok, so turns out Fuuka's been missing for a few days.  The 3 girls who were injured were bullying her, and so now everyone thinks it's her vengeful spirit.

We hang out with Kaz. He's still worried about making it to nationals with his knee.

Next day, we go to ask Fuuka's homeroom teacher. One of the bullies confesses that she locked Fuuka in the Gym. After that, the attacks started happening, and when she went to let Fuuka out of the Gym, she was gone.

Apparently, before her friends got hurt, they all heard strange voices. Hmmmmm....That sounds suspicious.

Ok, so I think Mitsuru knows where all this is going.

So Fuuka probably got sucked into Tartarus when the school transformed, and has been stuck there ever since. We're gonna break into the school, and hang out in the gym until midnight.


Oh he was joking.  Lock picks for the win.

Even so we still have to look for the key to the gym.

Oh god footsteps.

who's there

oh god hide

...Just a security guard.  And then Yukari is scared by her phone.

Ok, got the gym key from the faculty office.

Ok, Exploration team this time is Junpei and Akihiko.

Meanwhile, the random bully is in the dorm...and she's still awake? Uh oh. Well, the monster got her too.

….Well crap, we got separated. And oh god it's Jail boy, with another warning. WELP.

Ok, so no assistance from mitsuru this time, and I'm going solo. Junpei and Akihiko aren't on this floor...but Fuuka might. Hmmm....

Aha, found you guys!

And I think we found Fuuka. Well, whaddya know, she has the same ability as Mitsuru.

Well, fuck. Boss fight. Oh geez, Mitsuru and Yukari are fighting bosses alone


Oh hey, Fuuka summoned her persona.

Ok, So Emperor is only attackable with Magic, and Empress is only attackable with physical.

Or at least until it Paradigm shifts its weaknesses.

...I have to remind myself that I'm playing on Easy, when I clean out bosses like this.

Well, glad all that's over.

Round 14 <June 9 to June 13>

...Blowing off practice to hang with Kenji. Again. How the hell are you supposed to advance the links if two of them have their stuff happen on the same day at the same time???

Antique store's open now. Apparently, the lady there allows you to merge personas with specific weapons. Nice.

Went home with Yuko again. Then worked at the Cafe again.

Fuuka's coming out of the hospital again. And now, I'm cutting practice again to talk to Kenji about the teacher :|  MAGICIAN SL RANK UP.

The game tells me to pay attention to the moon's phases. I've been doing that this entire time, game. :/

Well, that bully feels really bad now, it seems. Or she's just trolling. Either way it looks like she's trying to be friendly now.

Actually going to practice today. Kaz meets us afterwards and gives us some Sports Tape.  He then says he's gonna get surgery for his knee. While this means he'll miss the big meet, he'll be able to try again next year.


Nice.  So I can fuse Thor now. That's pretty cool.  But since I have no idea how to get him, I just make Rakshasa instead.

...Dark Hour.  Oh  look, it's Jail Pajama boy. He wants to get to know us better. Turns out his name is actually Pharos. Hmm, ok.


So since we have Fuuka on the team, Mitsuru can fight with us.

We go see Maiko again. We take her to get burgers.  Ok, so....


This is yummy! I love going out to eat!
...'Cause Mom and Dad never argue when we go out to eat.
They never used to argue! You have to believe me...
But, why would they get a divorce?

Maybe they fell out of love.

Fell out of love?

> Maiko is about to start crying.

I don't want them to get a divorce!
...Do they really hate me that much?
Divorce is dumb! I hate it!
Waaaaaaaah... *sob*

We calm her down successfully and she stops crying. That could have been awkward.


Aaaand the next area of Tartarus is open. Let's check it out.

The party is limited to 4 so I have to pick people every time I come here.

Let's see.... I pick  Mitsuru, Akihiko, and Yukari.

Huh, you can change the BGM now.  This song seems pretty cool. Can't change the battle theme, though.

Round 15 <June 13 to June 16>

Ok, Made it up to the 47th floor. Fuuka is a lot more accurate in finding out where bosses are.

Healed up and ready to go.

...Er, ok. The battle begins with the beetles spamming Tarukaja.

...Well, crap, that's some good defense. Mitsuru only did 3 damage.


Think we're good for the night.

It's Sunday. Hanging out with Kenji.

Kenji is getting distracted a lot. He thinks he has Apathy Syndrome, and that his GF is worried She'll catch it from him.

MONSTER CURSES DO NOT WORK THAT WAY, KENJI- oh wait he doesn't know about that

Anyway, we tell him it's not contagious. He seems happy now.

...Thank you Ikusuki, I needed to know Fuuka's name means Windy Flower. (It's a cute name though.)

….Yukari, I think you might be a liiiiiitle paranoid.  But who knows what if Fuuka really wanted to join, outside of you know, Fuuka.

We go play with Meiko again, and there's this really creepy guy there with her. Apparently She told him about us?

And now she wants Takoyaki.

We go out, and she gets upset about her parents again. Er, Rank up.

Hitting Tartarus tonight. Yukari And Junpei need to catch up to everyone else.

Managed to get Yukari to level up once.

Everything is murdering us now, so we head back to the dorm.

We hang out with Kenji a bit. I don't think I need to go to practice any more.

Kenji is worried about college, and decides not to hang out tonight. Oh well. Still managed to Rank Up though.

Round 16 <June 17 to June 18>

Hey, I totally didn't let this die.

The Culture Clubs (Art, Music, Photography)  are open. I decide to join Art.

<StarSketch>  >Joins art club

<StarSketch>  >Text says Music club

<StarSketch>  .....

<StarSketch>  Come on Atlus, pay attention


Ok, let's hit Tartarus.

...Poor Yukari. The Stripperiffic outfit I gave her is embarrassing. Unfortunately, it's the highest level armor I have.

OK, boss fight time. Today we're fighting this guy.

Holy crap that's one heck of a Wind attack. And of course, I have Junpei. :|


...Yeah,I'm just gonna leave Junpei K'O'd for now.

Fuck, I died.  And I was so close, too. I use a Plume of Dusk, and it heals everyone.

 Feathers Remaining: 9.

Finally., it's dead :|

>Everybody: Level Up, because you deserved it. Let's wrap it up here.

Elizabeth calls the next day. She wants us to go to the velvet room. Um, ok.

...And we go straight there after school.

So it turns out someone's been trapped in Tartarus. somewhere between the 44th and 47th floors.  We have to work on finding them before the full moon. Well, That's something to do.


Anyway, time for Art Club.

...Keisuke, Stop being nosy. Also, you're not the nurse. You shouldn't make her take off her shirt so you can check her lungs.

....Fortune Arcana SL Rank Up.

Round 17 <June 18 to June 20>

We do a whole lot of nothing for 2 days, and then on the 20th the plot takes over.

So, Yukari and Fuuka found a stray dog that belonged to a Priest that lived at the Shrine. Turns out Said Priest died a few months ago, and now the dog is still walking his old route every afternoon.


So Ikutsuki Is visiting again. Turns out there's eight more of the Full Moon Shadows. Uh.... Ok. So 8 months of this then.

Round 18 <June 20 to June 24>

Ok, let's go save whoever's in Tartarus.

...That glitch where you All Out Attack an enemy and it flips itself back over before the attack animation happens is really annoying....

Alright, found her.

Now to the 58th floor.

Section Cleared, Let's wrap up.

We go visit the shrine the next day. Yukari and Junpei are hanging out with some kid named Ken.  

....Why is there a monk smoking in Club Escapade? I don't have enough Courage to talk to him. (Good, because he's creepy!)

The machine in the command room's busted again. :| 'Oh look a New recording.

...Junpei's room? Mitsuru and Officer Kurosawa walk in. Junpei himself is not there.

This way, Officer.
By the time I realized the door was halfway open, his room was
already in this state.
I've left the place untouched, as you requested.

Officer Kurosawa:
...Whose room is this?

Junpei Iori. A junior.
I've been attempting to reach him on his cell phone, but he hasn't
responded in the last 30 minutes.

Officer Kurosawa:

It was careless of me to let my guard down... This dorm has been
attacked in the past...
Security is everyone's concern, but if anything happens to him, its
ultimately my responsibility...

Officer Kurosawa:
...I hate to say it, Miss Kirijo, but this is most likely--

Then Junpei walks in. Apparently He fell asleep at the Manga cafe.

*sigh* Well... I'm just glad you're safe.
But if it wasn't an attack, then it must have been theft... Why
would the burglar target this room...?


What else could it be? Someone clearly tore through the room looking
for something.
Vandalizing a school dorm... When I find out who did this, I'll see
to it that he or she is executed.

Officer Kurosawa:
...Well, son, sounds like you've got a death sentence.
How about it, Iori? Was this room, in fact, vandalized?

Uh... Heh heh... Well...
My room always looks like this...

Oh Junpei you're  so silly

You can't possibly live here in this state, can you!?
A-And... the door was open.

Oh, right... I wanted to air the place out while I was gone. No one
we don't know ever comes around, so...


Officer Kurosawa:
I think this case is closed. May I return to my duties, Miss Kirijo?

Oh... yes...
I'm... sorry you had to see something so disgraceful...

> Officer Kurosawa left...

I apologize for all this...
It seems my upbringing may have been more sheltered than I

> Mitsuru left as well...

C'mon, at least yell at me or something!?
What's the deal with you calling the police over a messy room,
What did I do to deserve this!?
Hey, wait...
That fortune I drew on the way back... It was "Worst Luck"...

> The recording ends here...

Wait. Why is there a camera in Junpei's room!?

Whatever, let's go to bed.

Oop. Plot induced Dark Hour.

> Meanwhile, at the Tatsumi Port Island back alley...

[A red coffin opens]

How the heck did I--

Cold Voice:
Good evening...

[The sound of footsteps is heard]


Pale Young Man:
Are you surprised?
Truth be told, we all visit this world every night.

Wh-What are you saying? Who the hell are you?

Girl in a Dress:

Smart-Looking Boy:
Didn't Mommy teach you any manners? You haven't introduced
Take a look.
Name, address, age, etc... This is you, right?

Wha--!? Where did you get this!?

Smart-Looking Boy:
Somebody's got a grudge against you, and they asked us to get

Revenge!? What kinda bullshit is this!?
Who put you up to this!?

Smart-Looking Boy:
Can't tell ya. We're professionals.

Oh shit...
You mean, the rumors on the net are true!?

Pale Young Man:
May we get this over with now?

Hey... W-Wait... I haven't done anything!
Why me!? What'd I do!?

Pale Young Man:
That is not our concern.
Your notion of right and wrong is irrelevant. My client's wishes
are all that matter.
People hear what they choose to hear, and believe what they want to

N-No... Stay away...
Get away from me!!

[The teenager runs]

Pale Young Man:
You squeal most magnificently!
Such raw emotion!

[The young man fires his gun and the teenager collapses]

Girl in a Dress:
He's not dead...

Smart-Looking Boy:
Doesn't matter...
We've held up our end of the bargain.
Besides, tomorrow this will just seem like some random crime.

Pale Young Man:
If there's nothing else...
I'm feeling rather tired.

> The three left the way they came...

Well, shit.

....Anyway, the next day we hear rumors of a revenge request site. Well, that's awfully relevant.

Uh oh. Kenji's got a problem. ...Yeah, cutting art would be a good idea.

So....Kenji saw a Bride-to-Be magazine on the teacher's table at her house. He decides he's gonna marry her when he graduates.

.....=_= Dude, I think that means she's already engaged.

I tell him he's rushing, and he flips out. Somehow, I still manage to rank up.

Meanwhile at the Ramen Shop.....

Akihiko is talking to that Shinjiro guy.

Sounds like Shinjiro was part of SEES once, and he doesn't want to come back.

...Level grinding time I guess.

...A floor Covered in Gold Shadows? Uh ok.

And Shuffle Time keeps giving me cursed cards when I fight them :| Managed to not pick up any though.

....And then Death just decides to show up on his own. We GTF Out of there.

The next day, we hang out with Yuko a bit.

Round 19 <June 24-June 26>

Hung out with Kenji a bit. Nothing really happened.

Someone wandered into tartarus again

...Oh god what did you do this time,  Kenji?

So the teacher is changing schools and is keeping from talking to him. Welp

...No, Ikutsuki, I don't want to hear your lame jokes.

We finally make it to that bookstore.  We give the Persimmon leaf to the Couple owning the place.


The shadow is kidnapping couples.

Round 20 <June 27 to June 30(?)>

So I forgot to make an update the last few times I played. I did manage to find one of the missing people,  though. I also did a whole bunch of other stuff but it's kinda awkward to write.

All that talk of that revenge site reminds me of Hell Girl....

I get warned about Death twice because I stood in one place too long...and then I draw a skull card. FUCK. Made it to the stairs in all instances.

Round 21 <June 30 (?) to July 6>

SO GUESS WHAT!  I forgot what day I stopped the last update, since I prewrote it instead of typing it in the doc due to computer issues. June 30 is an estimate based off of an event that happens early in this update.

Tons of weapons Get!  

Went to the Antiques shop and sacrificed Fortuna for a weapon for Mitsuru.

Part timed at Be Blue V. +1 Charm! +1 Courage!

...Dark Hour.




...His voice kinda reminds me of Teddie. Wonder who voices him...

Ok, so the next day Yuko asks to go out with together.

So we go to the mall, Yuko gets tired and slows down.

>Hold her hand

>Wait for her


She didn't think we were going out. Uh, ok.

Suddenly, a little boy bumps into Yuko.

>Do you know him?

>Is that your son?

Yeah, let's not be a dick.

Oh it's her neighbor.  

So there's a bunch of kids playing Tag at the mall because the sixth graders took over the playground. The older kids told them that they'll leave if the younger kids beat them in a race.

Yuko takes them all to the track at the High School...and teaches them how to run faster.

With some encouragement, she becomes their coach.


Ok, let's go dungeon crawling.

>Attempt to solo a quartet of Killing Hands

>Get ass kicked because Pyro Jack is weak to Ice while damaging to it

>Also get hit with Mudo

>"The Homunculus Sacrificed itself!"

>What the fuck?

>Runs away, not questioning it.

I later found out that Homunculus is an item you can trade for gems at the Antique Shop.  I guess I forgot I bought it.

Today is just Beat Up Minato Day, isn't it?

Back to school.

Oh god Kenji, what did you do now?

...He wants to move out with the teacher. Dude, it's not gonna work-

And then he spots her talking to her Fiance  about him. WELP. That ends that.

As much as I'd like to choose >Laugh at Kenji, I can't. So we >Console Kenji instead. And then he says we should have laughed at him. Whatever.

Magician SL Rank Up!

So many Zombies....

More shopping, and a stop at Be Blue V again. + 1 Charm.

Minato is off his school game. This game needs to stop throwing things that I'm easily confused with at me. :|

There's a teacher that drinks rubbing alcohol? Bet it's Edogawa

Senile old bookstore keeper forgot his son's dead. :(  Hierophant SL Rank Up.

Talked to Meiko on Saturday.  He birthday was recently, and she plans to ask her parents why they're divorcing. Then on Monday we see her again...and she's really upset. Turns out her dad got pissed when she asked and hit her.  And now she plans to run away. 2x Hanged Man SL Rank Up!

Round 22 <July 7>

Ok, today's the day!

...So....Apparently the Shadow is in a Love Hotel.

Welp, there goes that "Seuxal Themes" rating.

Let's leave Junpei behind, he's Waaaay too immature for this.

Vs. Arcana Hierophant.

This thing has a move called Prophecy of Ruin, that will give several of your party members the "Frightened" status. Have Me Patra Gems (or a Persona with that move) on hand. Also, it blocks Lightning.

Well that's done.


…Great, the door’s locked. Apparently, there’s another Shadow in here.


Huh, this huge mirror totally isn’t suspicious…




Wait, what the hell?


Why is there a cutscene of someone showering?


I mean, it’s not showing anything naughty, and this game is rated M anyway but what?






Is that…




Yukari, now is not the time or place to be taking a bath.



Aaaand back to Minato.


Voice Inside Your Head: Embrace your desire...


> A strange voice rings inside your head...


Voice Inside Your Head: I am the voice of your inner self...



…Wrong Persona game, Dude.


So the voice tells you that succumbing to your desire is the only option. If you pick the wrong answers, the game will infinite loop the questions until you get it. Basically, just reject the thing by answering

>That's not true..., >I can't give in..., and >Now's not the time...


Once that’s done, Yukari will come out of the bathroom in a towel, and promptly freak out. She then smacks you in the face.


Dammit Yukari, stop rushing me, I don’t know where we’re going.


 So if you have Mitsuru in your party, apparently the same thing happens to her and the other male party member, based on her reaction.  Nothing happens if it's Junpei and Akihiko.


So you have to find all the mirrors to break the seal.

> Your mind feels fuzzy...

Fuuka: Minato-kun! Wake up!

Oh god what just happened.

...Ok, randomly smashing mirrors is not a good idea, as it just makes you pass out and get dumped on the 1st floor again with Yukari.


All Right, it's the mirrors that don't reflect that are holding up the seal.

Oh god I think I just found a couple Doing their thing. Thank god they’re transmogrified. I don’t need to see that.



Once all the mirrors are broken, go back to the room where the Hierophant fight happened on the third floor.


Ok, VS Arcana Lovers.


Holy Arrow has a high Charm rate (Because Lovers. Get it? Hahahaha.) It’s a good thing Yukari is a Mandatory party member.  This thing is also resistant to lightning.



Well, glad that’s over.


Oh look Junpei is jealous.


In any case, Fool SL rank up!


Oh god, it’s those creeps again.


Pale Young Man:

...Faster than I expected.


Girl in a Dress:



Pale Young Man:

That was quite a show.

They've been rather busy these last few months, including their

frequent forays into the tower.

Their fighting style is positively fascinating...

And it seems they've gained new recruits, too.

Well, Jin? Are they our enemy?


Smart-Looking Guy:

Why don't we ask our "buddy"? We'll be seeing him soon.


Pale Young Man:

Yes... That's an excellent idea.

Considering that he shares our fate, it would be prudent to seek

his opinion.

We don't have much time left...



 Round 23 <July 8-July 18>

Meiko wants to run away, definitely this time.  We try to talk her out of it, it fails. HANGED MAN SL RANK UP.

Obviously Jealous Junpei Is Obvious.


 Jump to the 11th....Where Ikutsuki makes a visit and PLOT happens.

[Everyone is sitting in the meeting room.]

Mitsuru: ...So, that's what happened on the night of the 7th. It was a
        difficult operation.

Shuji Ikutsuki: I see. They're getting tougher... But, it's not all bad news.
               I called today's meeting because--

Yukari: I'm sorry. Before we go on, I'd like to ask Mitsuru-senpai something.

Mitsuru: Me...?

Yukari: Since I joined, so many things have happened... I went along with it,
       without really understanding what was going on... But now, I need to
       know. I'm gonna ask you straight out... You've been hiding something
       from us, haven't you, Senpai? You act like you don't know anything
       about the Dark Hour and Tartarus... but they're related to that
       accident ten years ago, aren't they?

Junpei: What accident...?

Yukari: There was an explosion near our school, and a lot of people died...
       It must've been big news back then. You know about it, don't you?

Mitsuru: ...Yes.

Yukari: Luckily, no students were injured. But... around the same time, a large
       number of students were recorded as absent. ...Seems like more than
       just a coincidence.

Mitsuru: What do you mean?

Yukari: I dug up some old school records, and found something interesting. The
       students who were absent... They all collapsed suddenly, and had to be
       hospitalized. Sound familiar? You know, like the girls who bullied

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: There has to be an explanation! What really happened on the day of that
       accident? The Kirijo Group built our school, so you must know
       something! Tell me the truth!

Mitsuru: ...I wasn't trying to hide anything to you. It just never seemed
        relevant. But...

Shuji Ikutsuki: ...It's okay. It's not your fault.

Mitsuru: ...Alright. I'll tell you the whole story... The Shadows have many
        mysterious abilities. Some research indicates that they can even
        affect time and space. We think of them as our enemies, but what if we
        could somehow use them to our advantage? They would be a source of
        unimaginable power, wouldn't they?

Yukari: What...?

Mitsuru: Fourteen years ago, one man pursued that line of thinking... He was
        the former leader of the Kirijo Group, Kouetsu Kirijo... My

[During the dialog, images of Mitsuru's story about her grandfather are shown.]

Mitsuru: My grandfather was obsessed with Shadows. He wanted to harness their
        power, and create something extraordinary.

Fuuka: Harness their power?

Mitsuru: He assembled a team of scientists, and over several years collected a
        significant number of Shadows.

Junpei: He what!? Damn, that's freaking crazy!

Mitsuru: However... Ten years ago, during the final stages of the experiment,
        they lost control of the Shadows' power. Consequently, the nature of
        the world was altered.

Fuuka: You mean...

Mitsuru: Yes... Tartarus and the Dark Hour...

Mitsuru: By their account, the mass of Shadows they collected split into
        several large ones that then dispersed. These are the Shadows we've
        been encountering on nights when the moon is full.

Fuuka: Is that why they've appeared in different places?

Yukari: Wait a minute... If what you said is true, then why did our school turn
       into Tartarus? *gasp* ...Don't tell me... That's where they conducted
       the experiment!?

Mitsuru: ...Yes.

Yukari: Then... those students who were hospitalized...

Mitsuru: I'm afraid it's just as you're thinking. Port Island must have been an
        ideal location for them. It was a highly-populated area, and the
        Kirijo Group had influence there. They could do as they pleased...
        As you guessed, the experiment ten years ago was conducted at
        Gekkoukan High School.

Yukari: ......Does that mean... all we've been doing is cleaning up their
       mess!? ...You lied to us?

Mitsuru: ......

Yukari: (to Akihiko) You knew too, didn't you, Senpai!? They've just been using
       us! Or, do you not care as long as you get to fight?

Akihiko: That's not true. I have my reasons...

Mitsuru: Think what you'd like... It was my decision not to share that
        information. ...I'm sorry. I never intended to deceive you. Convincing
        you to join SEES was my highest priority. As absurd as it may seem,
        only we--with our Personas--can fight the Shadows.

Yukari: How could you...!?

Mitsuru: Besides... some of us were never given a choice. I...

Akihiko: Mitsuru... Don't.

Shuji Ikutsuki: Yukari... It's those in the past who are to blame. And they
               lost their lives as a result of what they did... We're all in
               the same boat, here; none of us deserve the burden that's been
               thrust upon us.

Yukari: But... ......

Shuji Ikutsuki: It's been ten years since that incident... No one knows why
               those Shadows suddenly returned. But, since they're active,
               at least we can find and destroy them... Do you realize what
               this means?

[Everyone looks at him.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: What if I told you that those twelve Shadows are the cause of

Akihiko: Then, if we defeat them all, Tartarus and the Dark Hour will

Shuji Ikutsuki: Exactly! That's what I was going to tell you earlier. See, it's
               good news, isn't it?

Fuuka: Is that true!?

[He nods.]

Shuji Ikutsuki: There's evidence to support it. Now, our true battle begins.

Yukari: ......

Shuji Ikutsuki: Regardless of what's happened in the past, we must fight to
               protect the people. The Shadows are gaining strength. We can't
               afford to just wait for them. And there are many mysteries
               still surrounding Tartarus. Why did such a gigantic structure
               appear in the first place? The answer must lie within it.

...Well then.





Round 24 <July 19-July 21>


Um, yeah, School happened. I also decided that now was a good time to try and replay TWEWY again.....Yeah.

Anyway, We've got a break from school...Time to play video games.


Maya comes in. Apparently her mom is bugging her about not being married yet....Also she got drunk at the mall and some guy called her a slut. Well then.


She then tells us about the old man that called her a slut, and this fact is in red text.


Oh god, what if it's that monk!?

Oh, right we're going to the beach :D !


Aaaand Yukari and Mitsuru are still mad.

> The Kirijo family Yakushima mansion...


It's like we're in an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and

Welcome back, Milady.

We won't be here long, but I'll be relying on you during our stay.

You have maids...?

And you must be her schoolmates, correct? Welcome to the Kirijo
vacation home.
Please follow me.

Um, is this the right place?

Dude, real-life maids...

I knew she was from an important family, but this definitely
confirms it...

[You hear footsteps]

Impressive-Looking Gentleman:

> A man walked in from the far door...

It's good to see you.

[The man leaves]

Oh, he left...
Was that...?

...her father?

Dude, talk about scary!
He's not gonna make us walk the plank, is he?

Don't be stupid...

*chuckle* We won't be here long, but make yourself at home.

Sweet! This is gonna rock!
Hey, wanna go to the beach? It's right there.
Dude, this place rules! Come on, let's go!

What, already?
I mean, sure, but let me get changed first!

Then, I'll see ya there.
I'm not gonna waste a single minute!

So we go down to the beach and Junpei and Akihiko are chatting. Akihiko being Akihiko, he wants to train by swimming. Meanwhile, Junpei.....

Yukari: ...What?

[Junpei begins talking as she walks over.]

Junpei: Say hello to contestant No. 1, Yukari Takeba! As you can see, she's
       chosen a bold design--quite unexpected! It takes a lot of confidence
       to pull off a swimsuit like that!


Fuuka: Is that umbrella taken?

Junpei: Next up is Contestant No. 2, Fuuka Yamagishi! ...Wow, Fuuka, I had no
       idea you were so... I mean, you should wear a swimsuit more often!

Fuuka: Huh...? *gasp*

Junpei: Oh come on, there's nothing to be embarrassed about! Heheh.

Yukari: Stop that creepy laugh, you perv!

Junpei: And here's our final contestant...

Mitsuru: ...Hm? Is something wrong?

Fuuka: Wow... Mitsuru-senpai, you're beautiful...

Yukari: Yeah, your skin is flawless! Did you already put on sunscreen?

Mitsuru: N-No, not yet...

Good thing I'm not Female Protag, huh?

.....And then he asks which one's my type. Well there goes that advantage. I pick at random and get Fuuka. Eh.

The guys all jump in....Despite Minato having a lurker sense moment.

After a quick splash fight, We all go back to Mitsuru's. Or, well, I try to but I can't find the area change icon.


Ok, there we go.

> Meanwhile, at the entrance to the Kirijo Mansion...

It's been a while.

Takeharu Kirijo:

I'm glad that you're in good health...

Our guests are residents of the dorm, I presume.

I'm sorry for bringing such a crowd...

...I heard you told them about the incident.
Why did you hide it so long?

...I wasn't hiding it...

I've told you time and again; none of the blame is yours.


"Two in harmony surpasses one in perfection."
That has been our guiding principle since the Kirijo Family
separated from the Nanjo Group.


You must learn to trust in others, Mitsuru.
There are things in this world that cannot be accomplished alone, no
matter how many sacrifices you make.

...Yes, Father.

You accessed our database, didn't you?
That's another thing... Why didn't you ask me directly, instead of
using this trip as an excuse?

I'm... I'm sorry.

Bring them here. All of them.
I had no intention of concealing the truth from them. I've made
preparations to disclose everything.


There's a girl named Takeba in your group, correct?
For her to awaken to her power... It must be fate...


Well, this should be interesting.


So Mitsuru's grandfather wanted to time travel using the power of the shadows? Um...ok......................?

[The lights go off]

> Old footage is being played on the large monitor in the room...

What's this...?

This is the only existing footage of the accident, recorded by a
scientist who was at the scene.

...A video recording?

> It looks like the scene of an accident...

> The video quality is poor, making the shown man's face

I pray this recording reaches safe hands...

That voice...!?

My employer has become obsessed with a loathsome idea.
This experiment should have never even been conceived...
I'm afraid what I've done will result in an unprecedented
But if I hadn't, the entire world may have paid the price...

The entire world?

Please, listen carefully...
The Shadows that were amassed here have been dispersed as a result
of the explosion.
To end this nightmare, you must eliminate all of them!
I am to blame for this.
I knew the risks, but I was blinded by the promise of success... And
so, I didn't raise any objections...
It is all my fault...

[Sound of A Giant Explosion]


Well, Crap.

> The man was visible on the screen for a brief moment, but the
video ended after a large explosion...


You mean... that was...?



His name was Eiichiro Takeba... He was the head researcher at the
time, and a very talented man.
But, we are the ones who are responsible. We pushed him to continue
the research.
The Kirijo Group is to blame for his death.

I... I can't believe it...

So, that means... my dad caused it all...?
The Dark Hour, Tartarus... The people who died in that incident...
It was all his fault...?

Y-You okay?

So, that's why you were hiding this...?
Because you felt sorry for me? Is that it!?

No, Takeba, I...

I don't want your pity!!

> Yukari ran off...

Well, Fuck.

We go after Yukari, and after some talking we convince her to come back.

 Heh...Can't believe I actually managed to find a feelsy scene in this.  I think the music also helped with that too....

...Damn it Junpei! Way to ruin it!

Hmm, so the Dark Hour happens everywhere, not just Iwatodai?


Round 25 <July 21- July 23>

The girls go for a walk on their own, likely to avoid Junpei by the sound of their discussion

Then Ikutsuki calls and says something along the lines of  "oh hey, some machine escaped the abandoned facility." It's apparently like an Anti Shadow weapon. WELP.

Meanwhile, the guys are all down on the beach. Fuuka left them a letter saying that she and the girls are off to see sometree.

 Junpei is still in Perv Mode, and so....He initiates "Operation Babe Hunt."



...I can't.

I Just can't.

And then I get appointed leader. I...What.

Oh god This is actually happening.

Junpei spots two College students, and we talk. Eventually, this comes up.

Girl in Yellow: Yeah, lucky you. ...Whaddya want, anyway?


>We came to hit on you.

I happen to like SocialDerp!Minato, so....

      Girl in Green: Huh? Hahaha, you're pretty bold...

       Girl in Orange: Hey, stop giving them compliments and just ignore

Huh. That turned out better than expected. Either way, It still fails and they leave.

So then we find some lady standing on her own.

Woman in Revealing Bikini:  Hey, Cutie pies...Hehehe, Can I help you?

....Wait a sec. I recognize this lady.


Oh my god. Unexpected Persona 4 cameo is Unexpected. Why HER though?!

Junpei: -has his DO NOT WANT face on-  H-Hey, Arisato... She's pretty...old...up close.

>It doesn't matter

>Let's stop this



Junpei: A...Akihiko-San! It's your turn!! It was your turn anyway, and, you're closer in age to her!

Way to throw Akihiko under the bus, Junpei.

Akihiko can't do this either, and this lady just hits on him, asking him to "go to the world of romance with him."

>Danger is Creeping Upon Akihiko...!

         >Send in reinforcements

         >Order a retreat

>Wild Junpei/Akihiko/Minato Fled!

There's another lady on the opposite side of the beach...

She basically gives us a "you're doing it wrong" lecture- She also calls Minato androgenous.


So she actually goes along with it, and asks for one of the three.

I pick at random, and I think I selected, "How about me?" Junpei cuts in line, though.

Akihiko: There's something that's been bothering me for a while...

Pretty Lady:  Yes,what is it?

Akihiko: It's...there's something on your chin there.

Pretty Lady:  What? What? Did I miss a spot?

Akihiko: A-are you...

Pretty Lady(?): There goes my chance... I was so close to snagging myself a little boytoy.

Akihiko: This...can't be happening.

Pretty Lady(?) Maybe it was too early for you boys anyway.  Hehehe, come see me when you're ready to have your horizons broadened.


I can't.

I just can't.

Akihiko and Junpei start blaming each other for this epic fail of an afternoon...and then they spot some blonde girl standing on the docks.

We play Rock paper scissors to pick who goes first.

I pick paper and lose.

Junpei: H-Hey, h-how's it going? I noticed you've been, uh, staring at the
       ocean. So, um... do you come here often? My name's Ju-Ju-Junpei.

Mysterious Girl: ...Ju-Ju-Junpei?

Junpei: Don't worry, I-I just want to talk. I mean, it's more fun than standing
       here all by yourself, isn't it?

Mysterious Girl: ...I am looking for a human.

Junpei: O-Oh yeah...?

Mysterious Girl: You are not the one.

Akihiko: Wow, he got shot down faster than I expected...

...Well then. Akihiko also gets shot down.

Minato's turn.

....Wait, what?

Mysterious Girl: You are...

Mysterious Girl: Initiating evasive maneuver. Confirmation must be made at a
                secure location...

>The girl ran into the forest....

Junpei: Hey, what did you say to make her run away like that? Well, what're you
       waiting for? Go after her!

We chase her into the forest, and Minato's LURKER SENSE triggers.

So....apparently she's been looking for us and.....gives us a hug. Um. Ok.

Everyone else shows up, and is like "Wut.." This is understandable.

So it turns out the weapon Ikutsuki was talking was this girl, who's actually a robot built for fighting shadows, named Aigis. Right.

She still somehow knows Minato. Why does this feel like...Some harem anime I saw a while ago whose name is escaping me.

The next day everyone (Aigis included) goes swimming. We all have a water fight.

FOOL SL RANK UP! Party members can now take a mortal blow for you in battle!

Huh. Could either be useful or annoying.

And then Plot happens again.

> Late night, at the Tatsumi Port Island back alley...

> The punks at the hangout are whooping it up as usual...

> Shinjiro is sitting by himself, away from the group...

Ungh... *gasp* *gasp*

> Three dark figures approach Shinjiro...

Pale Young Man:
You seem to be in great pain.

You guys...

Oh shit, it's them...

Tough Chick:
You mean those three? Wow, they're freaky!

Shut up! Let's go!

> The punks left the hangout...

Girl in a Dress:

Pale Young Man:
Why do they always run and hide when I approach?
They're like back alley rats.

...Beats me.

Pale Young Man:
Jin... Give him the capsules.

Smart-Looking Guy:

> The smart-looking guy handed Shinjiro something...

I'll pay you the same as--

Smart-Looking Guy:
Hold up.

Pale Young Man:
This time, information will suffice.
Your acquaintances have been busy lately.
I'm referring to their activities on nights when the moon is full.
They've spent a great deal of time in the tower as well. Why did
they take this burden upon themselves?


Pale Young Man:
You do know, don't you? ...But, you don't wish to say?
Is it because they are your friends?

No! I've got nothing to do with them.

Pale Young Man:
Then, tell us.
Wouldn't you agree these pills are more important than a bunch of

I don't know the details, but...
Supposedly, if you destroy all those creatures...
...then the tower will disappear, and with it, the Dark Hour.

Pale Young Man:
You mean... they intend to eliminate the Dark Hour?
Why would they do such a thing!? With the power they have...


Pale Young Man:
They wish to destroy the Tower of Demise as well!?

Tower of Demise...?
...Who wouldn't wanna take out that damn tower?

Girl in a Dress:

Smart-Looking Guy:
Easy, Takaya...

Pale Young Man:
...Yes, yes.

> The three left...

Hmph... I can't go back...
Not after what happened.


Round 26 <July 23 to July 25>

We go to the shrine to Visit Maiko...and she seems really upset.

Um, ok, she's gonna run away from home, and she's asking what to pack.....

....I swear I've done this with her already.


Oh. Wrong Save file. Derp.

Ok, Correct file loaded....

Familiar Voice: Good morning! Please wake up.


...Oh. it's Aigis.

Aigis: Mission accomplished.

Minato:  {Mission accomplished?}

Aigis: The paper on the wall says, "Do things five minutes early."
Therefore, I woke you up five minutes prior to the triggering of your alarm clock.


[There's a knock at the door.]

Yukari: Hey, are you awake? That girl disappeared, and we can't find her
       anywhere. Think you can help us out? She might've gone out on her own,
       like she did in Yakushima...

Aigis: I am not a girl... I am Aigis, and I am here.

Yukari: Huh...?

Yukari: Aigis!? How did you--

Aigis: He was asleep, so I unlocked the door.

Yukari: That's unlawful entry! Didn't we tell you to stay in the command room
       at night!?

Aigis: I propose to be on standby in this room from now on. Is this acceptable?

Yukari: What!? N-No, it's not acceptable!

Aigis: If there is a problem, then I will address it promptly.

Yukari: Uh, the problem is it's against dorm regulations... Well,
       don't just sit there! Tell her!

Minato: {I don't care.}

Yukari: Well, you should care! It's just not acceptable!

Yukari: Tch... Alright, I'll have a room prepared for you on the third floor.You can stay there. Oh, and don't leave the dorm by yourself, okay?

Aigis: I will do as commanded.

Yukari: *sigh* I'm tired... I have practice this morning, so I gotta go...

>Yukari shrugged and left....

Aigis: ...Everyone goes to a place called school in the morning. I comprehend.

>Aigis nodded to herself...

Well I managed to not completely fail the exam.

Ok, hopefully I can Finish Kenji's SL....Or not. Next time.


Let's test out our new member....

So Aigis has a Tactic unique to her Called Orgia Mode. Basically, It ups her attack power, but she has to be controlled by the AI, and once she's done she overheats and cannot attack for a few rounds, I think.

Aaaand once again, we're in a Garu-Spam heavy area, so Junpei is fucked.

So, Aigis is pretty good, but she shares weaknesses with Yukari, the resident healer. :|

Round 27 < July 25 to July 31>

Oh, Ken moved in. Kid's a bit quiet, and Junpei notices that he's more mature than he is.  It's not that  hard to be more mature than you,  Junpei.

So there's a Track Meet coming up, and the guy to beat is someone named Mamoru Hayase. Ok.

From July 27th to August 2nd,  you will not be able to do anything in the afternoon because practice takes up the entire day.

There's another recording on the console.

> ... > ... >

> 07/15/2009 17:05:38 Beginning playback

> .....!?

>It looks like Fuuka's room...

I wonder if i should have gone for the one-piece suit instead...
These halter top bikinis look almost like underwear...
It feels weird to have my belly button exposed...

> Fuuka is posing bashfully in front of the mirror...

Now that I think about it... this is my first time choosing my own
But there wasn't much of a selection with the one-piece ones...
I wonder if I should ask Yukari-chan for one last opinion...
Although... I don't really exercise, so I probably wouldn't look
very good standing next to her...
Our leader is so slim and fit too...
Am I really the same age as those two...?
Oh, right! I have just the thing!

> Fuuka opened a package in the corner of her room.

The low-frequency waist slimmer pad I bought from Tanaka's show!
It said online it was very effective for its price, so if it helps
even a little before we leave...
Now let's see... How do I turn this on...?

[Fuuka turns the device on]

Eek...! No... This... *giggle*
I-It tickles! Hahahaha... What am I gonna do!? Hahaha! Ahahahaha!

> ...Fuuka is giggling and rolling around the room with the belt
still on...

Pfft. That mental image.....

Fuuka: *giggle* Wh-Wh-Why won't it come off...? Hahaha... nooo...!

[Someone knocks on the door]

Mitsuru's Voice:
Yamagishi, may I bother you for a second?

Oh... It's Mitsuru-sempa-- hahaha! I-I have to answer the door...!
Yes! I'm... I'm... heehee, coming!

Mitsuru's Voice:
Oh, um... Did I disturb you?

...Oh dear god.

N-No, not at-- hee-hee... No, not at all... hahahaha...!

Mitsuru's Voice:
It's... not that important. Um, never mind, just... carry on.

Oh, Sempai...!
I-Is this... what it means... to train... your abs...?
Aaaah! Heeheeee! Someone help!

> The recording ends here...

...I can't.

Plot based Dark hour....Bet it's Pharos again....no?  It's Fuuka. There's a shadow outside of Tartarus, despite it not being the full moon yet.  Akihiko went to deal with it, but.....

[Phone rings]

Yes, this is Fuuka.

Transmission from Akihiko:
I'm here. Sorry, but I think you guys better come, right away.

What's wrong? Is it a powerful one!?

Transmission from Akihiko:
No, the Shadow's been defeated.
In fact, it was already defeated when I got here.

What happened?

Transmission from Akihiko:
The little fella's been injured... I wanna save him if we can.

> The transmission from Akihiko ended.

"Little fella"? Who's he talking about?

Beats me.

At any rate, let's go.

> Naganaki Shrine...

> A white dog is lying on its side, covered in blood...

White Dog:

Are you okay, Koro-chan!?

You know this dog?

Yeah, everyone around here does...
We have to help him!

First, we must stop the bleeding.

Man... He's one tough fighter.
He defeated that Shadow all by himself.

Wait, does that mean... this dog's a Persona-user!?

He says, "This is a place of peace, so I protected it."
There are flowers over there.

> Just as Aigis said, there are flowers placed near the side of the
shrine gate...

Those flowers... They must be for the priest who died in the

So, he really was guarding this place...

Uh, Aigis? Don't tell me you can translate dog language too...

Canines do not have their own language. However, speech is not the
only means of communication.

This fella really is a rare breed.


...He's not the only one.

Alright, let's report to the Chairman, so we can conclude this
As for a vet... It may be midnight, but I believe I can arrange
for one.

Good job, boy. You're one amazing dog...

White Dog:


So....Aigis can read minds? Or at least mental images, hence the translating for Koromaru.

Courage for  Singing Karaoke

Dark Hour again.... Ok, there's Pharos. blah blah Warning about the full moon blah blah.

+ More Courage. Current Status: Ordinary.

So we're brave enough to deal with that monk now.

Aannnnd he wants a drink.

So we go to the bartender, and the guy makes us get everyone else's order first :\

The orders are  Bloody Mary > Margarita > Screwdriver > Ginger Ale.

We take it up to him, and he says some stuff about life sucking. Er...ok. TOWER SL GET.

Round 27 <July 31 to August 6>

Nothing but training up to August 2nd.

Anyway, it's the day of the competition.

Atlus USA, you missed a spot. Too bad I can't read Japanese, I'd love to know what Kaz is saying here.

Beat my personal best! ...But we still lost. Then Mamoru walks up to us and is like "hey, wanna hang out sometime?" I smell a Social Link.

Also, one of the other competitors went missing, but apparently he got Apathy Syndrome?

And then the next day Elizabeth calls and is like "Oh hey someone walked into Tartarus again."  It turns out to be that guy.

Hung out with Keisuke, after totally forgetting about him.

We've got 2 days to find this guy on floors 68-73  let's go go go

>Minato gets Charmed

>goes after Mitsuru

>Attack reflect chance triggers

>LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL-wait shit I lose if he dies de-charm now

Found him.

Let's hang out with Kenji today.

Ok, Today's the full moon.

So those 2 creepy guys locked us into some old military base with the shadow. Welp.

The boss is Arcana Justice and Chariot. They fight as one Shadow tank until HP runs low. Then they separate. Both have to be killed in the same turn or while together or else one will cast Samarecarm on the other, reviving it.

Round 28 <August 7 to August 19(?)>

Dark Hour.  We talk to Pharos as usual, and rank up.

+1 team member. And it's Koromaru. Yup, we have a dog as a Persona user.

So some Foreign Kid named Bebe visited the bookstore. And the old couple son got killed by a drunk driver.  Hierophant SL Rank Up.

>Took Koromaru for a walk. *Obtained Mad Bull!*

Time for Summer School. Edogawa has a class, and the topic is on the Arcana. Free Academics points Goooooooooooo

We then take Yuko to the Summer festival.

>Go see a scary movie with Kenji.  +1 Courage

Fusing things....

Forneus + Yomotsu Shikome = Tarukaja Valkyrie, which is needed for one of Elizabeth's quests.

Ugh, freaking Mind Dice and their Sexy Dance / Tentafrafoo spam.

Round 29 <August 24>

A cutscene between Akihiko and Shinjiro happens.

We then take Yukari to the movies. + 1 Academics.

Fused Lamia and Grinded some.....then BOSS FIGHT.

The thing reflects Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks, So keep that in mind. It also uses Zio attacks, so while Yukari is helpful for Garu spam, she is also vulnerable.



Round 30 <August 24>

Haven't used these in a while:

<StarSketch> >Accidentally runs into Tartarus without a party

<StarSketch> >Dies Horribly

<Kroked> HA

<StarSketch> Well, that was dumb        

<StarSketch>Going in with a team this time

<StarSketch>I also just realized I left Aigis on Act Freely

<StarSketch>Well, at least she's not doing anything stupid

And later:

<StarSketch>  >Has Mitsuru, Aigis and Yukari on team

<StarSketch>  >Yukari says "So this is what a harem is like"

<Kroked> o_o

<StarSketch> I'm not even kidding

<Kroked>        wowie

<StarSketch> Wait, no, Aigis said that

<StarSketch> That makes more sense


Boss fight. I switched Aigis out for Junpei, as I realized he is severely underleveled. In retrospect, this was a bad idea.

Annnnnd the thing uses garu skills, so Junpei was a VERY bad idea. It also resists fire and electric skills, and outright blocks wind. It has a move that blocks physical attacks.

Round 31<August 25-August 26>

We go to the movies with Akihiko, who's back now.

+ 1 Courage. We are now Determined.

We then do Karaoke. +Courage Again.

Hung out with Yuko a bit.

Spent too much time grinding, fuck fuck Death Fuck fuck Run At least Junpei is level 31 now.

I died. Again. I have GOT to stop trying to solo things.

 Plumes of Dusk left: 8

Round 32 <August 27>

We go to the movies with Junpei and watch some action flicks. + Charm. We are now Smooth.

We then do some stuff in Tartarus. Barrier Reached.

Round 33 <August 27>

More Grinding.

Round 34 <August 28>

We take Aigis to the movies. it's about ninjas. + Academics

Aigis: I wonder why ninjas ceased to exist? Was it an ice age? Or the creation of the internet? An enigma I may never resolve......


Aigis: I will call you Minato-ninja from now on.

Aigis: That was a humorous joke.

Oh, Aigis.

We meet up for a meeting and, It turns out Ken recruited himself into SEES. I kinda expected that.

Well, let's see what he's got.

Ken uses spears. His persona Is weak against Darkness and has a strong Light affinity.

Round 35 <August 29 -

Someone wandered into Tartarus again.

Meanwhile, Junpei talks to that girl from Strega again.

We go to the movies with Fuuka.