Each of the 5 businesses were asked to make changes to be more eco friendly.  Below we have the results from our Carrotmob contest.  It will show what they were already doing, will do in the near future, and what they have CONFIRMED changed for Carrotmob.

The Carrotmob winner(s) will be selected Wednesday and announced on Thursday.  On Friday the mob will march to support 1 or more of the winners by shopping there.

We will consider all 3 categories when choosing a winner(s), with category # 3 being the most important.

                        Please list:


# 1

Eco friendly things you were doing already.

# 2

Eco friendly plans for near future

(maybe waiting on supplier, etc)

# 3

Actual changes put in place for this contest and ready on April 29th, 2011.

(Keep in mind these changes are expected to remain in place after the carrotmob event)

Que Pasa

- Recycling of plastics

- Recycling of cardboard and paper

- Recycling of glass bottles

- Recycling of used oil

- Recycling of un-eaten food (fed to a local duck flock)

- We have also installed more eco-friendly electronics and had QP re-wired for more efficiency.

- Switching to Eco-friendly plastic and paper delivery bags.

- We will issue take-away/delivery salsa and such in plastic bags instead of plastic jars or BYOJAR

- We will be switching to many "Eco-friendly" take-away/delivery containers made from sugar cane.  We will be adding a B50 charge for all deliveries to help defer the higher cost of "Eco-friendly" packaging.

- We are offering B10 redeemable on (un-damaged/clean) take-away margarita containers.

- We will be trying to reduce the uses of disposable water bottles by raising the price from 15 baht to 25/bottle.  But, filtered water in re-usable glasses is FREE!

- Take-away cups will be charged at B5/per

The Slider Shack & BBQ Sandwich King: 2-in1

-Our two small a/c units are new and of the energy-saving type.

-No longer put printed menus in each to go order bag. Just direct customers to the web site to view the menu on-line.

-We also do not put any paper napkins or any kind of plastic silverware in them; just the box of food in the bag.

-Using BioBoxes for over a year now.

-Six small trees out front add a nice "green" touch as well.

-our bags are degradable, not bio-degradable.

-We sell all our fryer oil, paper goods, boxes, plastics, aluminum cans etc. to scrap collectors who then sell them to recycling facilities. we've been doing this

for 3.5 years though.

-We fry in rice bran oil, which is the healthiest oil to use for frying food. i started out using palm, moved to soybean and have now arrived at rice bran - about one year now with that.

- We have a big, cloth reusable shopping bag that we use when we make smaller sized purchases at places near the shop such as Villa, Tesco Lotus Express etc. and we always just say no to plastic bags if it’s all possible and simply carry the goods in our hands.

-Change the door to a pull-type automatic closing type.

- Started buying organic ribs at villa and will have to check into the supplier further to see about buying organic pork loin and chicken breasts. (If this is permanent then it should move to # 3)

-In the corner of the kitchen line, we had two separate freezers. I sold them both and now use one. I did this just a few days ago to save on energy.

-In the back room we had 5 fridges, so i sold 2, unplugged one and condensed everything into 2 to save energy. I did this just a few days ago as well.

-Eco info up in the store and on website.

-Changing to

filtered tap water in containers on tables to replace bottled water. At the moment, we are pouring all our remaining bottled water into the containers to get rid of it asap so that we can recycle the bottles and say goodbye to bottled water forever. So the change has already taken place, as we no longer purchase bottled water. We will then use 100% filtered water through a three-chambered water filtration system that has been purchased and just needs to be installed properly. We will charge 10 baht "all you can drink" and it comes with a cold mug with ice.

New York Diner

We try to use good materials to the environment as possible.

Try not to use plastic.

Use foam to a minimum.  But it depends on the client.


- we ask to the customer to cooperate with our store to reduce to use the plastic bags.

-  Also, reduce to use the straw and napkin if they buy something to take home.

-  If the customers eat at the store and they buy some cookies, we’ll ask them to do not put it into the cookie bag. We will place in on a napkin which is on the plate.

-   if it’s not too hard if the customers eat at the store we’ll ask them to do not wrap the sandwich to save the environment for using paper.

-  Ordinary,we use 1 piece to wrap one sandwich [both 6 inch and footlong]. For reducing the paper, 1 piece of paper is cut into 2 pieces and the we can wrap for 2 sandwich [6 inch*2].

-  If the customers want to buy some drink, we will give them a choice to buy a refill cup just 39 baht. Next time, they can refill only 19 baht to reduce to use a paper cup.


Twist was founded on the principles of providing healthy drinks and food while being as eco-responsible as possible.


It took more than a year of research to find suppliers and it took support from government agencies and lots of negotiating to convince suppliers to lower their minimum orders so that Twist could open and still be true to our founding principles.


Following are the steps we have taken to reduce our footprint:


  • Compostable / Bio degradable cups & straws (made from corn)
  • Recycled / unbleached napkins (found the supplier / organized the order; shared the total order with ISB cafeteria)
  • Use as little packaging as possible
  • Discourage the use of plastic bags for take-away items.
  • Provide reusable plates & cutlery for sit-down customers
  • DO NOT provide any disposable cutlery for take-away customers
  • Encourage the recycling of our Fruit Freeze sticks (bring back ten sticks and get a free Fruit Freeze)
  • Recycle as much of our non bio waste as possible (packaging from suppliers such as boxes, bags, cans, etc.)
  • Recycle unwanted customer receipts into note pads (and then recycle the used note pad paper)
  • Use both sides of a sheet of paper whenever possible
  • Use my own cup in the store and encourage staff to do same
  • Attempting to teach the Thai staff the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Buy organic when we can … most of our boosters are certified organic
  • Free range chicken in the wraps
  • Use eco friendly soap and counter top cleaner
  • Use eco friendly pest control (hired a company that comes 4x p/year and sprays with non toxic, concentrated lemongrass. Works really well!!!!)
  • Provide non toxic mossie spray for the staff
  • Menu guide made from recycled paper / soy ink
  • One staff rides a bicycle to/from work
  • Air-con units were purchased new and are energy efficient models
  • Air-con set at 24-26 C (not 20 like the shopping malls!)
  • All but two lights in the store are florescent or compact florescent
  • Hired an energy expert to conduct an audit of our electric use. As a result, we built a heat exhaust hood over big freezer / fridge to reduce air-con needs and energy consumption
  • Only turn on oven when customers order food (rather than having it on all day) to save energy
  • Turn off office lights when no one working in office area to save energy
  • When buying supplies, encourage the use of our reusable cotton shopping bags and discourage the use of plastic bags.
  • Would like to find Thai speakers who are eco knowledgeable and willing to help educate the Twist staff about the importance of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – this is especially important for the buyers as they have the power to push eco practices at the next level.
  • Want to find someone to collect our compostable waste (fruit skins / peels, etc) and use it for compost (happy to give away the compost)
  • Would like to find someone to collect our recycling … I would rather give it away then have to drive to the recycling centre!
  • Looking into another energy audit to investigate where our main consumption is and how it can be reduced further.
  • Considering a staff incentive to encourage the use of bicycles rather than motorbikes
  • Interested in bio-packaging for food take-away - hoping to be part of a group order with BBQ Sandwich King and Que Pasa
  • Always interested in finding organic suppliers for fruit / veggies!

  • Working with ISB Cafeteria and Que Pasa to (hopefully) place a group order for the bio cups (made from corn) … and eliminate their use of regular plastic cups!
  • When choosing coffee making options, refused to consider the single serve packets due to the waste. Looking into made to order coffee options that use mechanical portion control rather than packaging portion control.
  • Insisted on wooden cup holders in our delivery bags rather than Styrofoam