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Ubuntu Tamil Interface & Localization Project  

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Localization Process and Style Guide

for ta-LK localization of

Mozilla Firefox and

Components of base OS : KDE

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Table of contents

1. Introduction        4

2.        Solution        4

2.0        Localization Process        4

2.1        References for the technical translation        4

2.2        Localization Style Guide        5

2.3        Access Keys        5

2.4        Menu Items & Commands        5

2.5        Acronyms        6

2.6        Names & Trademarks        6

2.7        Date & Time        6

2.8        Place Names        6

1. Introduction

The Proposed Concept will focus on the following:

  1. This is a project which has many sub parts. Basically this will focus on creating a meaningful Tamil interface(Srilankan Based ) in some important applications which run on Ubuntu.

  1. Solution

Localization Process and Style Guide for ta-LK localization - Version 1.1

  1.  Localization Process

Localization is the process of modifying products or services to account for differences in

distinct markets including language and cultural differences. In software domain, converting

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to a language while considering local policies and cultural

factors can be referred to as software localization. The main steps involving in the typical

localization include extracting the source files, translation, testing and packaging.

We will practice a localization process which is described as follows for this project:

1. Get the list of files translated for Mozilla Firefox and Components of base OS : KDE

from the templates given in

2. Load the template into suitable software

3. Check whether the files is translated or not

a. If it is translated, then check whether it is appropriate to Sri Lankan context

b. If it is not translated, then translate

4. Proof read the translation

5. Check for the appropriateness of translation

  1. References for the technical translation

Order of references to find the suitable translation for a IT technical term :

Find on existing software, which are localized to ta-LK

Find on Tamil - Information Technology glossary, which was published in 2000

Find suitable translation with the help of expert panel

The doubtful translations should not be done. Instead of that the word will be kept in English

itself so that it can be translated in future.

Localization Process and Style Guide for ta-LK localization - Version 1.1

  1. Localization Style Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide stylistic guidelines which will be used throughout the

localization of Mozilla Firefox and the Components of base OS: KDE. The special cases in the

localization are outlined here so that the consistency can be ensured throughout the

localization project.

  1. Access Keys

Access key or hot keys are a combination of keys such as ALT+F, Ctrl+S, that move the focus to a menu, command, or control, without using the mouse.

The access keys and the hot keys should not be changed, because most of the users are

familiar about hot keys and access keys. In addition to that normally the common access

keys are used in most of the applications in Windows environment and as well as in Linux


Examples of Access keys

  1. Menu Items & Commands

The commands and menu items should be given the infinitive form of the verb.

Example: -

Information to be provided to the User should be phrased respectively, including the

commands and menu items

Example: - ‘திற’ என்பதை ‘திறக்க’ என்றே பயன்படுத்த  வேண்டும்

English         Translation

New                 புதிய

Open                 திறக்க

Save as         என சேமிக்க

Localization Process and Style Guide for ta-LK localization - Version 1.1

  1. Acronyms

Acronyms should not be translated or transliterated in interface translation. However the

expanded form of acronyms can be translated and used in manuals and in other help

materials with the original acronym.

Example: -

TCP, IP, CMS should not be translated or transliterated in interface translation

However following is acceptable in content localization such as Manual and other help files :

உள்ளடக்க நிர்வாகத் தொகுதி (CMS)

  1. Names & Trademarks

The names and trademarks should not be translated. However those can be transliterated

and added within brackets if necessary.

Example:- Microsoft word (மைக்ரோசொவ்ட் வேர்ட்)

  1. Date & Time

The date should be used in following form: 20.08.2010 or 23/12/2009 or 12ந்  திகதி


The Time should be used in following form: பி.ப. 2 மணி

  1. Place Names

The name of the place should be translated as given in the postal code book, which is

released by the Department of Postal, Sri Lanka.

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