This is what happens when I detect, with the aid of COPYSCAPE, infringements or violations of Helmi Flick’s copyright and my copyright.

1. Reluctantly, I make a formal complaint to using their complaints form.

2. notify me of receipt of complaint by email.

3.  If the complaint has been successful (about 10 days later) Google notify me by email that they have delisted from their search the web page where the infringement occurred or in the case of Blogspot Blogger sites, the page is deleted by Google. My success rate is almost 100%. This is not because I am clever. It is because the infringement is incontestable. Delisting from search results means the page is buried under millions of other web pages and becomes invisible.

4. Google publish the complaint on Chilling and place notification of the page on Chilling Effects at the base of the first page of search results. This is an example regarding an Abyssinian cat photograph.

PLEASE NOTE: don’t make false claims to It is impossible to successfully make a false claim. A person making a claim must either be the author of the works or authorised by the author.

How to avoid this happening:

1. Please respect my copyright and the copyright of all authors especially in this case Helmi Flick. If you want to use pictures and text ask the author first. Presume all works are protected.

2. There are many website containing great photographs of cats such as Flickr and Webshots. Please try them. Explore this avenue. It works and it is legal as you can publish under creative commons licenses.

Read more about this. See a video and more on this.

3. Thanks for listening.