D-block Journalism Class


1) Include the headline and page number of the article

2) Include the original lead

3) Include your new lead for the story that features a different subject. Use a different who, what, when, where, why, or how.

* You only need to do one rewrite. I have done two to provide you with an additional example


Headline: Cops struggle to ID beating victim, 4

Original: Milton police yesterday made a public plea for help in identifying a young man whose badly battered and mauled, half-naked corpse was found on a leafy, affluent street.

New # 1: Milton residents are still expressing shock at the discovery of a brutal murder victim near the Blue Hills Reservation on Monday.

New # 2: Police have yet to release a motive behind the grisly slaying of a young black man in an affluent Milton suburb. The man’s body, which has yet to be identified, was found wearing only jeans. Teeth were missing from the jaw, and remains were found scattered on the sidewalk.

1)          Tuukka’s time at last (pg. 79)

2)          Most of the way last night, it looked as if Tuukka Rask, were he finally gets a win, would have to do it by himself.

3)          Bruins shut out Panthers 4-0, which helped Tuukka Rask get  his first win.


1)Possible human organ discovered on street  PAGE  2

2) Boston police said a suspected human organ was found outside of a Charlestown funeral home yesterday evening, and detectives were on the scene investigating how the alleged body part wound up on the street, Boston police spokesman David Estrada said last night.

3) Boston police spokesman David Estrada said last night that a suspected human organ was found outside of a Charlestown funeral home yesterday evening, and detectives were on the scene investigating how the alleged body part wound up on the street.


1. Headline: If ‘don’t ask’ goes, Harvard pledges to bring  back ROTC, page 8

2. Lead: Harvard will formally bring ROTC back to campus if Congress acts to let gays serve openly in the military, the university’s president pledged Wednesday night in her most pointed comments on the subject to date.

3. New Lead: If Congress allows gays to serve openly in the military, Harvard students will be able to join ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) once more. :)


Page 18 - Probation Cleanup

Original:The Supreme Judicial Court moved yesterday to clean out the state’s Probation Department after a special counsel’s report detailed “systemic abuse and corruption” of hiring and promotion practices in the department.

New Lead: A special counsel has recently compiled a report detailing the “systemic abuse and corruption” of hiring and promotion practices within the Probation Department.

Big bond formed on C’s p. 59

Original Lead: “Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many mediums and identites, from the Big Shamrock to Shaquita to Big Aristotle. His world view is far too encompassing to be limited to one faith or religion.  

New lead: Semih Erden, a Turkish rookie on the C’s, has been welcomed to the team with open arms by some very big arms. League Veteran Shaquille O’Neal has given the foreigner a few tips to help make his transition to America easier. Erden and O’Neal even consider themselves brothers.


1.)  Big bond formed on C’s, page 59

2.)  Shaquille O’Neal is a man of many mediums and identities, from the Big Shamrock to Shaquita to Big Aristotle.

3.)  It takes a special type of player in the NBA to adopt as many roles that the new center for the Boston Celtics has obtained.     :)  :)   :) :)  


 1.)  Shaq exceeds expectations   page 56

 2.)The backboard shattering, 30-point-scoring, 15-rebound-grabbing days of Shaquille O’Neal are a thing of the past. And when the Celtics signed the future Hall of Famer to a two-year contract for the veteran’s minimum late in the summer, all parties understood that.

3.)  Teams across the NBA are surprised at the production Shaquille O’Neal is giving the Boston Celtics, but the 38 year old knew he had a few more years of high level basketball in him. He has found himself in the starting lineup producing quality numbers such as 10 points and 6 rebounds a game.  


1.)        Man Killed in Roxbury Shooting. (pg 14)

2.)        A man was shot and killed in Roxbury last night, police said.

3.)    Around 5 p.m. last night a shooter ran into a house on Homestead street shooting and killing a man. The man was taken to Boston Medical Center and officially pronounced dead. SWAT arrived and cleared the house finding no suspects. The investigation is on going.


1.       Likabili-Tea page 7

2.       Sarah Palin-loving Bay State Tea Partiers are joining with their comrades across the nation in all-out push to send Mama Grizzly cub Bristol waltzing away the winner on election night in top-rated ABC network hit “Dancing with the Stars.”

3.       “Dancing with the Stars” brings new approach to television.


Headline: School Sees Red Over PinK. :(  ;)

Original: A south shore high school is taking a hard stance in the war on bullying, urging freshman to abstain from donning the traditional pink clothing to its annual football pep rally so the fledglings won’t be taunted.

Good as used: Freshman at a south shore high school are being urged not to wear the traditional pink clothing to the football pep rally to prevent harassment from others as the school fights against bullies.


1) Mom admits going to pot with tot (14)

2) An Ohio woman has admitted giving her 2-year-old daughter marijuana and using her cell phone to record the child smoking it.


3) A 2-year-old girl was recorded on a cell phone smoking marijuana. :)


Jordan Motroni

Headline: Obama stands by civilian terror trials (Page 14)

Original: Faced with a major terrorism trial embarrassment, the Obama administration yesterday said it is still committed to trying some terrorism suspects in civilian courts, after a jury in New York acquitted an al-Qaeda bombing defendant on more than 280 charges while convicting him on just one.

New: Despite an al-Qaeda defendant nearly getting fully acquitted on more than 280 bombing charges, Obama and friends are still positive about trying terrorists in civilian courts. : ) :) (; ( : =) :)        

Headline/Page #: Page 10 Octomom doc defends himself

Original Lead: LOS ANGELES - The doctor who implanted 12 embryos in “octomom” Nadya Suleman said yesterday the woman, who was already a mom of six, had agreed to the procedure as part of a study on fertility methods.

New Lead: “Octomom” sues doctor after unexpected results occurred from the implantation of 12 embryos into her body. :) =) ;)  :)

Staples cuts costs, ups sales and profits Page 22

Original Lead: Staples Inc. yesterday reported its third-quarter net income rose 7 percent despite only a small increase in revenue as the Framingham-based company gained new small-business customers and clamped down on expenses.

New Lead: While Staples’ revenues have steadily risen in the past year, competitors such as Office Max and Office Depot have struggled to produce profits. The businesses need to make a change as the industries giant, Staples, is pulling away, in revenue, from all others.

Woman freed in daughter’s death

Theirs: The sister of a Weymouth woman jailed for the death of her 21-month-old daughter said yesterday she’s “elated” to see her freed as prosecutors expressed outrage over a court decision to vacate the 2005 second degree murder.

Mine: The mother of a murdered infant was set free yesterday because of “legally insufficient” evidence. Rachekl Pelletier, the 21 month old child, killed on March 7, 1985 in Weymouth by her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Michael Burnham.