World History AP                                   Video Questions: War of the World, Part 3 “Killing Space”

Mr. Duez                                                                                Chapter 21 - World War II

War of the World, by Niall Ferguson. Part 3 - “Killing Space.”

Episode Synopsis: How the rise of the Axis powers led to a fundamental redrawing of the world map. He pinpoints 1942 as a pivotal year, and considers how the 20th century might have unfolded had World War Two ended differently, with totalitarian regimes dividing the globe between them.

Series Summary: Controversial historian Professor Niall Ferguson argues that in the last century there were not in fact two World Wars and a Cold War, but a single Hundred Years' War. It was not nationalism that powered the conflicts of the century, but empires. It was not ideologies of class or the advent of socialism driving the century, but race. Ultimately, ethnic conflict underpinned 20th-century violence. Finally, it was not the west that triumphed as the century progressed - in fact, power slowly and steadily migrated towards the new empires of the East.

1. What is Lebensraum?

2. What was the year that the world seemed to teeter on a knife’s edge?

3. Who did Japan attack first in World War II during the “Rape of Nanjing” in 1937?

4. How did the Japanese media cover the killing of those in Nanjing?

5. What did the Japanese think of the Chinese?

6. What was “perhaps the most striking feature of the attack on China?”

7. What was the Japanese War Tribunals findings about the leader of the attack, General Matsui? Guilty or Innocent?

--Break & Beginning of the Bombardment of Poland by Germany--

8. An army of ___ million men advanced from Germany into Poland.

9. In the West, France retained it’s national identity and was given a measure of ‘respect’ by the Germans. But, in the East, the Polish were treated... the same or worse?

10. Hitler had a planning center in the mountains at Berchtesgaden which was nicknamed Hitler's ________.

11. What was the purpose of the design and construction of the Autobahn freeway after the invasion of Poland?

12. What did Himmler decide to do with the new Lebensraum that was taken in Poland?

13. What did the Germans do to the Jews who lived in Poland?

14. What happened to Polish priests, lawyers, teachers, boy scouts and girl guides?

15. What did the “Brown Sisters” offer to Polish ‘Aryan-looking’ children?

--Break & Beginning of Soviet controlled Poland after weird Joseph Stalin ghost peeks in at Niall in his car--

16. Who did Hitler agree to a pact with to carve up Poland?

17. By 1942, nearly ½ of all the Poles Stalin had deported were _____.

18. What was Hitler’s 50th birthday present located in Obersalzberg, German?

19. What was Operation Barbarossa?

--Break & Beginning of Hitler’s Final Solution Implementation--

20. On the eve of Barbarossa, what did Hitler make clear about how the Germans should treat Russian soldiers?

21. In a quarry in a nearby forest, what did the Germans do to the Polish Jews not deemed fit enough for ‘work’?

22. What does Niall Ferguson believe was a compelling reason for the killing of Jews in Poland? (choices: anti-semites? or did they suppress the knowledge that they knew they were doing wrong? or was it just self-preservation?)

23. Who killed the Jews of Jedwabne?

24. What did Asian nationalists believe the Japanese were?