Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself/herself and dares to become involved in experimenting with their life.  –Herbert Otto

WORK SEARCH - Spring 2012

SS190 – 1 credit

Instructor: Jennifer Payne                 Email:                Phone:  586-7711 x126

Office Hours:  Mondays –Thursday 9-10:00, Thursdays and Fridays 1-2:30

Internship Coordinator:  Sydney Flowers, Monday – Friday 8:00-4:00 (sometimes 2:30)


Required Tools: E-Portfolios = Flash drive/thumb drive or laptop to store your career tools electronically – available in the Stardust Books

Format:  Lecture, discussion, in class activities, peer review and critique

Course Objectives:  Building Professional Skills for Your Career Development


To learn and practice life-long career planning skills.

2.) To become comfortable conducting a job search.  

3.) To discover new resources and career prospects for internship and employment opportunities

4.)  To support the Work Program curriculum and the mission of the Work Colleges Consortium.


Assignment                                                        % of Final Grade

Attendance and Participation                                                25%

(Participation includes assignments not listed below such as drafts and peer reviews.)

Search Check-In / Resource List                                        15%

Resume – Final Copy                                                        20%

Cover Letter – Final Letter                                                15%

Reference List                                                                5%

Career Portfolio**                                                        20%

**Please note:  Some of your work will be kept for your permanent file in the CRC.

Course Content:

Students in this course will focus on building life skills for the job search process.  The course will emphasize professional habits of the job search process to include networking, interviewing, etiquette, salary negotiations as well as the creation of numerous career development tools to include resumes, cover letters, reference lists, statement of work philosophy, etc.  This course also serves as the first course in the Internship Program; students apply the job search process to finding an internship opportunity to match their learning and career goals.  


Your attendance and participation affect the success of this course, as well as your grade. I expect you to attend ALL classes and participate in the Career Fair on March 22. If a scheduling conflict arises, see me BEFORE hand.


All coursework is due at the beginning of the class specified in the syllabus. Life happens, so plan ahead and have your work completed ahead of time so when life decides to throw you a curve ball you are not knocked out of the game.  You still have a deadline!  

If you have a learning problem or documented disability, please check in with Leland Peterson, Sterling College’s Learning Support person.  Leland can help you determine what accommodations you will need in this course.  I can meet with you and Leland, or you can simply let me know what you and he decide.