Multiple files can now be attached from the content collection simultaneously, rather than one-at-a-time as in previous versions of Blackboard. The steps are similar when creating various kinds of content, including items, assignments, or announcements; for the purposes of this guide we will create an item.

  1. Hover the mouse cursor over the Build Content button, then choose Item on the drop-menu.

  1. Under the Attachments heading, click the Browse Content Collection button.

  1. Select the checkbox next to each file you would like to attach.  The “Selected Files” footer will update to reflect the number of files you have selected.  Once all desired files have been selected, click Submit.

  1. The Attachments section of the Create Item page updates to display all files to be attached.  If you would like to remove one of the files before posting, click the Do not attach button to the right of the file information.

  1. Once all options have been set, click Submit to create the item and post the attached files.