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Journalist's Report

Christine Redmond Reporting

Last night was close to a tragedy for any Tech student. The hab lost all internet connection!  We ruffed through it though. I repeat crew 101 will do anything for the advancement of human space exploration! The outage lasted approximately 1.5 hours. The outage occurred exactly at the time of our mission support window for submitting our daily reports. Crew 101 managed. We notified mission support immediately of the outage and they were able to get it back up and working fairly quickly so we could submit our reports before calling it a night.

This morning was Christmas morning for Christina! We woke up to find the final shipment of our lab equipment sitting in the air lock. Christina was extremely excited to finally get all of her biology equipment. Christina and Tommy headed out for our Geology expedition mid morning. We ran into another road block. We could not get the ATVs to start for this EVA. So Christina and Tommy headed out on foot. This EVA involved observing the terrain of three separate 6 foot square areas and taking samples. The ATVs failing to start was another unanticipated problem to add to our list of many after only two days of sim. We have all learned these past few days that on Mars things don’t always go as planned and you need to be able to work with the limited resources you have to ensure a successful mission.

Today is a cook day! Tommy baked bread this afternoon. Christina and Mitesh are busy making pasta right now. We are all looking forward to a pasta dinner and a busy day tomorrow!

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