EDU 255

                Verbal Transcription of Lab B1

"To the whole class"- Alright everyone bring it in, let’s go, let’s get into two even lines one

behind the other.

"To the whole class"- How's it going everyone, is everyone having a good day?

" Class to me"- yes

“To the whole class"- I'm Mr. Rogalia and in today’s lesson were going to be going over the

wounded duck. My signal for attention today is going to be my voice. When you hear my voice

stop what you're doing and pay attention, ok?

" To the whole class"- Alright so the wounded duck has three different cues, the first cue is

going to be knees turned outward and heels together, so your knees facing outward is going to

be your knees facing out with your heels together, let’s have everyone do that right now, ok the

next part is going to be your knees turned in and your heels apart, ok now everyone try it. The

last cue is stay on the balls of your feet.

"To the whole class"- Alright so what I want everyone to do now is get into even lines and put

your jump rope down two feet in front of you so it's not getting in your way. Now when I say go

what were going to do to start off is get some practice. When I say go were going to hop back

and forth ten times each way. Alright ready, go.

"To the whole class"- good work, that’s why we are doing this, it's going to be kind of hard to

get your feet ready for this so that’s why were practicing it. After you’re done with your twenty,


" To Bryan"- Alright Bryan what cues did we have.

" Bryan to me"- knees turned out and heels together.

" To Josh" Alright Josh

 “Josh to me"- stay on the balls of your feet.

" To the whole class"- Alright next thing I want to do is everybody spread out in the gym and

make sure your giving yourself enough room so you don't hit each other with the ropes and

when I say go were going to be going over our head, were landing like this then when we go

over again were landing feet inward. So everyone spread out. Alright ready, go.

" To Bryan"- Good job Bryan

" To Nicole"- They're you go, good job Nicole.

" To whole class"- Alright guys stop, alright did any of you guys have trouble with that.

" Class to me"- A little bit

"To the whole class"- It's a little awkward isn't it, if we’re having some trouble with this make

sure were taking our time and time it up, If you don't take your time you’re going to trip

yourself up, so make sure you guys are slowing it down, ok lets go, one more time. Ready Go.

" To Danielle"- Good job Danielle, way to stay on the balls of your feet.

" To whole class"- Alright now everybody stop. Alright now since we’re starting to get used to this, let’s see if we can start going sideways or forward while we’re doing this. Alright so let’s give that a try, ready, go.

" To Tyler"- good work Tyler way to stay on the balls of your feet.

" To whole class"- Alright that’s good, ok now everybody bring it in right in front of the poster,

Alright that was a good job today, now can anyone relay the cues that I said earlier, anyone?

any volunteers? Jenna

" Jenna to me” Knees in and toes in

" To the whole class"- knees are in and your heels apart.

" To Bryan"- Bryan

“Bryan to me"- heels together knees apart.

" To the whole class"- Alright that was a good job today, we started off the lesson with

intermediate today, next time were going to go hard and were going to do the crouching tiger

hidden jump rope, alright good work today.