Pi Sigma Alpha

Epsilon Iota Chapter


AGENDA of Pi Sigma Alpha

Meeting date: 02/01/2012

Meeting time: 3:00pm

Meeting location:  Clark 116

Call to Order

Roll Call

Approval of Past Minutes

note:  Past Minutes have been lost and are permanently unavailable; all Agenda items for the previous Meeting will be readdressed herein.

Public Forum

Executive Reports:

  1. Kyle Brady, President
  2. Domingo Juan, Vice President
  3. Melvin Marcia, Treasurer

Advisor Reports:

  1. Kathryn Wood, Advisor

Officers' Reports:

  1. Yvonne Jimenez, Fundraising Chair
  2. Allen Wang, Historian
  3. Shabnum Osmani, Public Relations Chair
  4. Jessica Brohmer, Scholarship Chair
  5. Eric Borjeson, Special Projects Chair

Old Business:

  1. Vote on Amended Constitution
  2. Vote on Open Position
  1. Social Chair, Cabinet
  1. Vote on Official Motto
  1. Proposed:  Sic Dicimus Omnes [“So Say We All”]
  2. Reasoning and Defense by Historian Allen Wang
  1. We need a tagline that symbolizes our unity and provides a formal motto.
  1. Vote on Appropriate Translation:
  1. English:  So Say We All
  2. Latin:  Sic Dicimus Omnes
  3. Greek:  έτσι λένε όλοι

New Business

  1. Vote on Open Positions
  1. Secretary, Executive Board
  2. Membership Recruitment Chair, Cabinet
  1. Membership Verification Project
  2. National Documents
  3. Convocation
  4. Set Meeting Schedule for Spring 2012
  5. First Plato Club
  6. Plans for Spring 2012
  7. Scholarships
  1. Nominations:
  1. PSA/Howard Penniman Scholarships for Graduate Study in Political Science (May 1)
  2. PSA Washington Internships in Summer/Fall of 2012 (May 1)
  3. PSA Best Undergraduate Class Paper (May 15)
  4. PSA Best Undergraduate Honors Thesis (May 15)


  1. National Newsletter is now out
  1. http://www.psanews.org/