Using the Attach File Function of the Content Editor

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Using the Attach File Function of the Content Editor

Using the Attach File Function of the Content Editor

Content items are used to present a variety of course material. The Text Editor enables you to format the item’s content, as well as incorporate images, multimedia, and links to files.

To create an item within your course:

  1. Access the content area where you want the item to appear.
  2. On the Action Bar, point to Build Content.
  3. Select Item.

  1. On the Create Item page, type a Name for the item.

To attach a file to an item:

  1. In the Text box, click the Attach File button.

  1. In the Insert Content Link window, select one of the search options - Browse My Computer, Browse Content Collection, or Source URL - and select the file that you want to attach to the item. Be sure to enter a descriptive name in the Name of Link to File field. This information will be displayed as a hyperlink within your item. Click Submit twice to add a link to the file within the Blackboard item.

Attach Content.PNG

Alternatively, you can also attach a file using one of the options under Attachments. These files appear in the item before any Text Editor content.


  1. Enter file options including Views, and Date/Time Restrictions.

Attach Options.PNG

  1. Click Submit. The image below illustrates the appearance of a Blackboard item with a link to an attached file embedded into the item.

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