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Polymath Institute - Sample Syllabus 1
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Polymath Institute

Sample Syllabus (Core Curriculum)

Field Topic Units: Psychology

One (1) Topic Unit =  One (1)  20- to 30- minute Lecture

So, a 3 credit hour class would be 9 Topic Units per week,

and a 16 week semester would consist of 144 Topic Units.

Depending on the nature of the class and subject matter, for some subjects, students may elect to take only some of the Topic Units for a class, or they may choose to take all of them while they learn at their own pace.  

Professors:  TBA  (with contact information)

Office Hours: TBA

Course Description: Topic Units are organized by subject.  A Field Topic Unit is an overarching subject that encompasses many more specialized subjects in the field.  For example, the Field Topic of Psychology includes Developmental Psychology, Psychopathology, Intelligence, Personality Psychology, and more.  

Graduation Requirements for Field Topic Units:

Minimum For All Students:

30 Topic Units in Psychology

50 Topic Units in Mathematics

50 Topic Units in Sciences

50 Topic Units in English Language and Literature

30 Topic Units in History

Students with Professional Applications related to given subject area(s) are required to take more Topic Units in those areas (i.e. a student writing a psychology book must take at least 120 Topic Units in Psychology).


After each Topic Unit, students will take a Topic Assessment.  Assessments are computer-based, closed-book exams that are tested to a statistical proficiency level rather than graded on a traditional A-F scale.  Students need a minimum of 90% correct answers on a Topic Assessment to pass.

Topic Unit #                 Lecture Title                (and suggested material)                                

001                         Intro - Developmental Psychology  

Intro to Psychology - Fall 2011, MIT

002                        Piaget - Developmental Stages

                Sensation and Perception, Spring 2009, MIT

                Piaget Video - Davidson Films

003                        Language Acquisition

                Language Acquisition, MIT, Spring 2002

004                        Language Processing

                Language Processing, MIT, Fall 2004

005                        Genetics and Neurobiology

                Genetic Neurobiology - Fall 2005

006                        Infant Brain Development Part 1

                Developmental Neurobiology, Spring 2005, MIT

                The Development of Object and Face Recognition, Spring 2006, MIT

007                        Infant Brain Development Part 2

                Infant and Early Childhood Cognition - MIT, Fall 2005

                The Whole Child - Annenberg, video series

008                        Attachment Theory - What is it?

                Intro to Psychology, Yale

009                        Attachment Theory

                Intro to Psychology - MIT, Fall 2004

010                        Nature vs. Nurture

                Intro to Psychology - MIT, Fall 2004

                Why Are People Different?  - Yale, Lecture 11

011                        Neuroscience and Psychology

                Intro to Neuroscience - MIT, Fall 2007

012                        Diseases of the Brain

                Intro to Neuroscience - MIT, Fall 2007

013                        Trauma and the Brain - Part 1                

Complex Trauma and Disorders of Extreme Stress (DESNOS) Diagnosis, Part I: Assessment. Luxenberg, T., Spinazzola, J., & van der Kolk, B. A. (2001).                 

014                        Trauma and the Brain - Part 2

Complex Trauma and Disorders of Extreme Stress (DESNOS) Diagnosis, Part II: Treatment Luxenberg, T., Spinazzola, J., Hidalgo, J., Hunt, C., & van der Kolk, B. A. (2001).        

015                        Intro to Interpersonal Neurobiology    

Developmental Neurobiology, Spring 2005, MIT    

Neural Plasticity in Learning and Development - MIT, Spring 2002

Self and Other - Yale, Lectures 16 and 17

016                        The Brain and Cognitive Processes

                Cognitive Processes - MIT, Spring 2004

017                        Intelligence and Heredity

                Genetic Neurobiology - Fall 2005

                Cognitive & Behavioral Genetics - MIT, Spring 2001

                Why Are People Different?  - Yale, Lecture 11

        018a                         Intelligence Assessments

                Intelligence and Culture - Annenberg

018b                        Giftedness

        "The Universal Experience of Being Out-of-Sync," Linda Kreger Silverman PhD

        "The Crucible of Perfectionism," Linda Kreger Silverman PhD

018c                        Giftedness and Women

"Career Counseling: Special Problems of Gifted Girls," Linda Kreger Silverman PhD

"Reclaiming Lost Giftedness in Girls," Linda Kreger Silverman PhD        

018d                         Mental Retardation

        What Is Mental Retardation?

        Mental Retardation: Making the Diagnosis

018e                         What is “Average” Intelligence?

        Human Memory & Learning, MIT, Fall 2002

018f                        Emotional Intelligence

        "Emotional Intelligence - Is There Anything To It?"

019                        Parenting Styles

                Brief Overview - Parenting Styles

                Parenting Your Teenager - Parenting Styles

                Parenting Your Teenager - Teenage Development

020                        Consciousness

                Scientific Approaches to Consciousness - UC Berkeley, Fall 2011

021                        The Mind and the Brain

                This is Your Brain: Yale, Lecture 2

                Unraveling the Mysteries of the Mind - Annenberg

022                        Intro - Personality Psychology

                Intro to Psychology - Fall 2011, MIT

023                        Individual Differences

                Why Are People Different?  - Yale, Lecture 11

024                        Infants and Temperament

                Why Are People Different?  - Yale, Lecture 11

025                        Personality Assessments Overview

                Psychology - Personality Traits and Assessment

026                        Human Growth and Development

                Human Growth and Development - University of Houston

027                        Intro to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

                Myers, I. (1980, 1995) Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type. Davies-Black

Publishing, U.S.

MBTI Overview

028                        MBTI: I vs E, S vs N

                Extrovert vs. Introvert

                Sensing & Intuition

029                        MBTI: T vs F, J vs P

                Thinking & Feeling, Judging & Perceiving Part 1

                Thinking & Feeling, Judging & Perceiving, Part 2

030                        MBTI: Practical Applications

Myers, I. and McCaulley, M. (1985) Manual: A Guide to the Development and Use of the         Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Consulting Psychologists Press.

031                        DISC

                What is DISC?

                DISC Model of Human Behavior - Overview

032                        MMPI

                Overview of MMPI

                Personality Assessments: MMPI and MCMI

033                        Intro to the Big Five

                Srivastava, S. (2012). Measuring the Big Five Personality Factors. Retrieved 9/11/12 from

034                        Intro to Freud and Psychodynamic Theory

                Freud - Yale, Lecture 3

035                        Skinner and Behaviorism

                Skinner - Yale, Lecture 4

036                        Brain Anatomy and Function Part 1

        Organization and Evaluation of Brain Function - Annenberg

037                        Brain Anatomy and Function Part 2

        The Divided Brain - Annenberg

Brain Development:

038a [CS, Prof. X]        Artificial Neural Networks Part 1

                Intro to Neural Networks, Spring 2005, MIT Open Courseware

039a                        Artificial Neural Networks Part 2

                Intro to Neural Networks, Spring 2005, MIT Open Courseware


038b                        Childhood Brain Development

                The Developing Child - Annenberg

                Child Development - MIT

039b                        Adolescent Brain Development

                PBS - The Teenage Brain, Video

                Seasons of Life - Annenberg, video series

040a                         Adult Brain Development

                Neurology of Aging, MIT, Spring 2005

                Seasons of Life - Annenberg, video series

                Adult Development - MIT

042                        The Brain and Emotions

        Affect: Biological, Psychological, and Social Aspects of Feelings, Spring 2009, MIT

        Brain, Mind, and Behavior: Emotions and Health

043                        The Brain and Cognition

                Foundations of Cognition - MIT, Spring 2003

044                        The Brain and Relationships

                Social Development in Infancy - Annenberg

045                        Introduction - Psychopathology

                Intro to Psychology - Fall 2011, MIT         

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 1

                Mental Illness - Yale, Lectures 18 and 19

046                        Diagnosis and the DSM-IV-TR

                Abnormal Psychology

                Mental Illness - Yale, Lecture 18

                046a Assessment and Diagnostic Interviewing

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 4

                Mental Illness - Yale, Lecture 18

047                        Depression: Major Depressive Disorder  

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 5,6

        Mood Disorders: Hereditary Factors - Annenberg

                047a    Suicide

        Suicide and Suicidal Individuals - University of Washington, Lectures 4 and 5

048                        Depression: Dysthymia

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 5,6

049                        Seasonal Affective Disorder

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 5,6

050                        Bipolar I Disorder

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 5,6

        Mood Disorders: Hereditary Factors - Annenberg

        Mood Disorders: Mania and Depression  - Annenberg

051                        Bipolar II Disorder

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 5,6

        Mood Disorders: Hereditary Factors - Annenberg

        Mood Disorders: Mania and Depression  - Annenberg

052                        Cyclothymic Disorder

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 5,6

053                        Generalized Anxiety Disorder

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 7

054                        Panic Disorder

        Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 7

055                        Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

                What Is PTSD? - US Dept of Veterans Affairs

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep 8.

056                        Complex PTSD

                Developmental Trauma Disorder van der Kolk, 2005,

057                        Intro - Personality Disorders

                Mental Illness - Yale, Lecture 19

058                        Cluster A: Paranoid Personality Disorder

                Paranoid Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

059                        Cluster A: Schizoid Personality Disorder

                Schizoid Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

060                        Cluster A: Schizotypal Personality Disorder

                Schizotypal Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

061                        Cluster B: Borderline Personality Disorder, Part 1

                "Back from the Edge"

062                        Cluster B: Borderline Personality Disorder, Part 2

                Borderline Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

063                        Cluster B: Histrionic Personality Disorder

                Histrionic Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

064                        Cluster B: Antisocial Personality Disorder Part 1

                The Mind of the Psychopath - Annenberg

065                        Cluster B: Antisocial Personality Disorder Part 2

                Antisocial Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

066                        Cluster B: Narcissistic Personality Disorder

                Narcissistic Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

067                        Cluster B: Avoidant Personality Disorder

                Avoidant Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

068                        Cluster B: Dependent Personality Disorder

                Dependent Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

069                        Cluster B: Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

                Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder - Dr. Rhoda Hahn

070                        Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

                What Causes OCD - Dr. A.J. Allen, MD PhD

                OCD: Treating and Understanding a Complex Disorder - Dr. Steven Phillipson

071                        Intro - Developmental Disorders

                Behavior Disorders in Childhood

072                        Autism Spectrum Disorders Part 1

                Autism - Annenberg

073                        Autism Spectrum Disorders Part 2

                Success Story: Dr. Temple Grandin - Annenberg

074                        Substance Abuse

                Substance Abuse Disorders - Annenberg

                Brain Mechanisms of Pleasure and Addiction - Annenberg

074a                 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

        Teratogens and Their Effect on the Developing Brain and Mind

074b                Alcohol Addiction

        Alcohol Addiction: Hereditary Factors - Annenberg

        Depressants and Their Addictive Effect on the Brain - Annenberg

074c                 Drug Addiction

        Treating Drug Addiction: A Behavioral Approach - Annenberg

075                        Pervasive Developmental Disorder

                Pervasive Developmental Disorders - Bay Care Clinic

076                        Conduct Disorder

                Behavior Disorders in Childhood

077                        Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

                ADHD - Bay Care Clinic

078                        Intro - Learning Disabilities and Disorders

        Learning Disorders - Bay Care Clinic

079                        Dyslexia and Dyspraxia

        Dyslexia: An Unwrapped Gift Part 1

        Dyslexia: An Unwrapped Gift Part 2

        What Is Dyspraxia?

080                        Communication Disorders

        Documentary: Children Living With Communication Disorder

081                        Down Syndrome

        On Down - Down Syndrome

082                        Aging and Development

                PBS - Living Old, video

                Annenberg - Growing Old in a New Age - video series

                Seasons of Life - Annenberg, Lecture 4 and 5

083                        Alzheimer’s

                Understanding Alzheimer's Disease - Annenberg

084                        Intro - Eating Disorders

                Psychology, Biology, & Politics of Food - Yale

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 13

085                        Anorexia

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 13

086                        Bulimia

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 13

087                        Binge Eating Disorder

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 13

088                        Obesity and Overeating

                UCTV - The Skinny On Obesity

089                        Body Dysmorphic Disorder

                "Too Ugly for Love": Documentary on Body Dysmorphic Disorder

090                        Phobias

                The 9 Most Common Specific Phobias

091                        Hypochondria

                "Hypochondria: Jessica" - Harvard Medical School

                "Helping Hypochondriacs" - Harvard Medical School

092                        Gender Identity Disorder

                "Boys Will Be Girls"  Documentary

093                        Social Anxiety Disorder

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 7

                Documentary: Afraid of People

094                        Dissociative Identity Disorder

                Multiple Personality Disorder - Documentary

095                        Schizophrenia

                Abnormal Psychology Lectures - Portland Community College, 2008 - Ep. 11

                Schizophrenia: Symptoms  AND  Schizophrenia: Etiology - Annenberg

096                        Intro - Social Psychology

                Social Psychology - MIT, Spring 2009

097                        Social Customs

                Cultural Psychology

098                        “Lookism” and “Ageism” in Society

                Lookism: The Unspoken Prejudice

099                        Multiculturalism

                Cultural Psychology

100                        Class and Income

                Counseling, Class, and Income

101                        Social Perception and Reality

        The Power of the Situation - Annenberg

        Constructing Social Reality - Annenberg

102                        Ethical Standards in Counseling, Part 1

        Ethical Issues video series - University of Tennessee Chattanooga - 1 through 7

103                        Ethical Standards in Counseling, Part 2

        Ethical Issues video series - University of Tennessee Chattanooga - 8 through 15

104                        Child and Adolescent Counseling - Principles and Intro

                Seasons of Life - Annenberg, video series

                Working with Children in Counseling

105                        Adult Counseling - Principles and Intro

                Seasons of Life - Annenberg, video series

106                        Marriage Counseling  - Principles and Intro

                Families and Couples

107                        Group Counseling - Principles and Intro

                Introduction to Group Counseling - Georgia Tech University

108                        Grief Counseling - Principles and Intro

                Grief and Bereavement - Annenberg

109                        Counseling and Multicultural Challenges

                Multicultural Therapy

110                        Career Counseling

                Preparing Career Counselors

111                        Psychology and Science

                Psychology and Science - MIT

112                        IQ Testing and Statistics

                Psychology: Intelligence and Testing

                IQ Tests: Validity and Value - MIT

113                        Neuropsychological Testing

                Neuropsychological Testing and Cognitive Aging

114                        Brain Imaging and Psychology

                Neuropsychological Tests and Imaging

        114a                        Intro to the MRI

                        Annenberg - Neuroscience - The MRI, Lecture 5

        114b                        Intro to the EEG and QEEG

                        Annenberg - Neuroscience - The EEG, Lecture 6

        114c                        Intro to the SPECT scan

                        Nuclear Medicine at Berkeley Lab

        114d                        Intro to the PET scan

                Understanding PET Scans - Alan Waxman, MD

                Medical Imaging Acquisition - UCDavis

115                        Research and Data Analysis Part 1

                Research and Data Analysis in Psychology - UC Berkeley, Fall 2011

116                        Research and Data Analysis Part 2

                Research and Data Analysis in Psychology - UC Berkeley, Fall 2011

117                        Intro - Human Sexuality

                Sex and Sexuality - Yale, Lecture 14

118                        Gender Role Socialization Part 1

                Psychology of Gender

119                        Gender Role Socialization Part 2

                Gender Development: Social Influences - Annenberg

120                        Gender - Neurological Similarities and Differences

                Sex and Gender - Annenberg

121                        Psychology of Grieving

                Grief and Bereavement - Annenberg

122                        Death and Dying

                Annenberg - Growing Old in a New Age - video 11

        122a Death and Culture

                Death Rituals - Annenberg

        122b Terminally Ill Patients

                The Dying Person - Annenberg

                The Deathbed - Annenberg

123                        Faith and Spirituality - Intro Part 1

124a                        Buddhist Culture and Beliefs

                Intro to Buddhism - Brian Vaugh, Buddhist Priest

124b                        Christianity - Catholic Culture and Beliefs

                Intro to Catholicism - John Paul the Great Catholic University

124b                        Christianity - Mainline Protestant Culture and Beliefs

                Mainline Protestant Information and Statistics

124c                        Evangelical Christianity - Culture and Beliefs

                The Gospel - Ellerslie Mission Society

                What do Christians Believe?

124d                        Hindu Culture and Beliefs

                Introduction to Hinduism

124e                        Jewish Culture and Beliefs

                Foundations of Jewish Belief - Rabbi Asher Meza

124f                        Muslim Culture and Beliefs

                What is Islam? Yusuf Estes

124g                        Secular Humanist Culture and Beliefs

                Roots of Secular Humanism

125                        Intro - Positive Psychology

                Video: Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness

126                        Happiness

                Happiness - Yale, Lecture 20

127                        Self-Concept and Self-Esteem

                Annenberg - The Self

                Social Development in Infancy - Annenberg

128                        Moral Development

                Morality - Yale, Lecture 15

129                        Resilience and Protective Factors - Part 1

                Bethany Hamilton - My Story

130                        Resilience and Protective Factors - Part 2

                An Ounce of Prevention - Annenberg

131                        Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

                Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

132                        Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities

                Overexcitability and the Gifted - Sharon Lind

133                        Seligman and Learned Optimism

                Intervention: Learned Optimism - Seligman

                Dr. Seligman's Definition of Optimism

134                        Rogers and the Humanistic Approach

                Humanistic Learning Theory - Dr. Andrew Johnson

                Humanistic Approach - Dr. Sam Fiala

135                        Unconditional Positive Regard

                Unconditional Positive Regard in the Authoritative Parenting Style - Keeley Brown

                Unconditional Positive Regard - Prof. Robert Elliott

136                        Why Are We Happy?

                Why Are We Happy?  - Dan Gilbert

137                        Empathy

                Annenberg - Neuroscience - Empathy, Lecture 19

                Psychology Today - Empathy Information and Resources

138                        Happiness and Finances

        Psychology Today - Money and Happiness

139                        Happiness and Physical Health

                Physical Stress Mechanism and its Effects - MIT

140                        Coping with Stress

                Problems of Normal Life

141                        Resilience and Disabilities

                Resilience - US Dept of Veterans Affairs

                Growing Up Different - video series, PBS

142                        Happiness and the Brain

                Happiness: Can it be Measured and Studied?  - MIT

143                        Gratitude and Altruism

                "Attitude of Gratitude"

144                        Peer Relationship Dynamics

145                 Research on Peer Relationships - UCLA

146                         Learned Helplessness

                Learned Helplessness - Penn State

147                         Psychology and the Arts

                The Psychology of Aesthetics

148                        Psychology of History

                History and Psychological Approaches

149                         Sleep and Dreaming

                Sleep, Dreams, and Laughter - Yale, Lecture 17

Other Related Resources Available

Students may choose from our suggested resources in order to get a better grasp on their understanding of Topic Unit material in addition to listening to Lecture material, or they may also look for additional resources on their own.  This list is to be viewed as a starting point, not as comprehensive.

Related resources do not have a one-to-one Topic Unit correlation, although certain resources do tend to apply more to certain Topic Units.

General Psychology

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Developmental Psychology

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Personality Psychology


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Online list of personality psychology textbooks:

Social Psychology

Online list of social psychology textbooks:

Counseling Psychology

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Interpersonal Neurobiology

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