How to Access the VINE in eChalk

These instructions are for CHCCS Employees only.

1. Once you have successfully logged into your eChalk account, click on the “My School” button. Note: If you work at Central Office, the button will be called “My District.”

2. You will see a list of options for displaying your School/District site inside of the eChalk application:

Check all of the boxes and click “Next.”

3. You will see an internal view of the School/District website. Find the link to the VINE, pictured below:

Click on this link and the VINE will open in a separate tab/window, depending on your browser configuration:

To get back to the VINE the next time, simply click on the My School / My District link, navigate to the VINE link, and click to open.

You won’t need to go through the setup process in step 2 again.