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1-to-1 iPad Presentation - IEAR
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Mobile Learning Devices / iPads (iPod Touches) as 1-to-1
Solutions for teacher and or students? Is this practical?

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A Day in a Life of 1-to-1 iDevice Solutions for Teachers and Students

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SMeech’s Response on EdReach.Us

AM - Morning - Home

Students and teachers wake up in the morning to a nice “personally” chosen “alarm clock”.  I have to say, “Iris” from the “Goo Goo Dolls”, sets that positive tone for any morning …  Did you set yourselves a reminder “quote” or “goal” for the day?  Today I am reminded that I am trying to “eat more healthy” and my immediate goal is to “cut out morning pop”.  I check off “Chore Pad” and  complete the rest of my morning routine.  Prior to leaving the house, students check their “Toodledo” list to make sure that I have everything for my day!  

On the way to school, I check email and what’s going on with my friends on “Facebook”.  I notice that one of my friends posted a link to, “Chris Medina and Idol: ”

We really should talk more about these devices and YouTube.  Perhaps it is time to see Dan Rezac’s work regarding Youtube and Mathademics.  More specifically, it might be time to watch his Prezi on it!  Depending on the time available, maybe I could review last night’s homework assignment in my “math” class as the teacher uses the “flipped” classroom approach.  

We are almost to school, but don’t forget your Starbucks coffee!  You can pay for your coffee with your iPhone now.  

AM - Morning - Advisory

After a brief trip to school, I walk into “advisory”.  After a moment of silence and The Pledge of Allegiance, my teacher reminds me to check my “school” goals through “Touch Goal”.  Last night, I synced with our school district’s student news Podcast for daily announcements.  Perhaps this is a great time to make sure we all know how to subscribe and find any podcast in iTunes.  Search “IEAR”. There are so many examples of how to use this feature to distribute student made materials and teacher materials.  

Another example of interesting ways to distribute information is through “QR” codes.  Perhaps we could use “Stickybits” as well if we want our students to add materials to our code?

************  Lack of True Multi-Tasking - Focus  *************

1st Period - Math -

************  Instant On  *************

2nd Period - Science

************  Intuitive Interface - Low Professional Development Requirements  **************

3rd Period - Social Studies

************  Battery Life  **************

4th Period - Art

************  Less Need for Tech Support / Shared Management  **************

5th Period - Music

************  Superior Quality  **************

6th Period - Writing

************  Wifi Only Version vs. Android Need for Phone Contract **************

7th Period - Reading

--- Change of Apple Policy ---

EBook Apps - So Ouat, Grover Monster, Wheels on the Bus (languages), A Story B4 Bed, Garfield Cyberbullying, The Wrong Side of the Bed, Cozmo,

************  Wild West of Android / Walled Garden of App Store  **************

Student Services

PE Teachers

************  Engagement / Personal Device  **************

Web Apps


Discovery Education:

************  Internet Safety / Virus Protection  **************

End of the Day

Teacher - Take 3 pictures sometime throughout the day and email them to your parents.  This is a quick and easy way to provide your parents “talking points” about what is happening at school that day.  

Camera A - iPad / Camera B - iPhone

Comic Strip

Students - Take a few minutes to mark your goals.  Check that you have all of your materials that you need for your homework that you have been collecting all day (many apps).  Prioritize your tasks for the evening with Toodledo.  Update your calendar of events by looking at the next two weeks ahead.  Follow up with any communication needs before you leave for the day. Executive Function with your iDevice.

************  Flexibility / Low Price Point / BYOT Possibilities **************

Special Mentions:

************  Finder / Spotlight  **************

Shouldn’t kids be doing some of these things with something besides the iDevice?

*******  No one is advocating for getting rid of “Traditional Books” and “Manipulatives”   **********

Take advantage of combining apps and devices!

***  Early Research is very positive and especially in early elementary and special education  ***

Collection of Research


**  Are early elementary and special education early adopters and succesful because they tend to have more pedagocial strategies that related to 1-to-1 hands on activities for their students? **

Beginning of understanding of these devices are changing our habits!

**** I Education Apps Review ****

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