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Encyclopaedia WoT - This has a full list of characters and a detailed description of each character and their chronology, detailed chapter summaries, lists of prophecies, descriptions of geography and items and societies and much more.  Everything is cross-referenced, and accuracy is high.  Updated for Towers of Midnight.  By Gary Kephart and Bob Kluttz. Another great resource covering mostly the same things is the Tar Valon Library. Not only is it a good alternative when e-wot is down, but it also has a few things that e-wot doesn't have, like the character lists. For original glossary entries, see the Composite Glossary.

WoT Interview Database  - This is a searchable collection of all the WoT-related and non-WoT Brandon interviews, signing reports, etc. 

WoT Chronology  - Want to know how many days lapsed between any two events?  It's all right here, and updated for The Gathering Storm (but not for Towers of Midnight, possibly because the timeline has gone a little wonky and he might not be able to make sense of it).  By Steven Cooper(For a historical timeline, use this. For an attempt at a TGS-TOM timeline, use this, courtesy of morat'corlm, or this, courtesy of missbee.)

Ideal Seek - Search the books for free!  If you want access to a better search engine that covers all of the books and gives results in paragraph chunks, then get a premium account at theoryland.com, but this works for the average WoT fan.  By D. Posey.

The Thirteenth Depository - This indexed FAQ and blog covers a wide territory of WoT information, and it is updated/expanded fairly frequently by former Wotmania members.  It's a great place to go for study, or just to keep up with the latest WoT news.  By Linda Taglieri, Dominic Audy, and friends.

Point of View Index  - A list of points of view used in the books, organized both by book and by character, and cross-referenced with the Encyclopaedia.

Theory FAQ - This is meant to be an end-game FAQ specifically aimed at the mysteries that are likely to be resolved in A Memory of Light, though there are some less theoretical articles dealing with recent questions. For some of the older and more general WoT questions, it would probably be best to consult the Dragonmount FAQ below.

Dragonmount WoT FAQ - This is basically the old rasfwrj FAQ  with some updates done by Jennifer Liang and James Luckman of Dragonmount, with some help from others (including Matt Hatch of Theoryland and Linda Taglieri of 13th Depository). The original was compiled by Leigh Butler, Pam Korda, and Erica Sadun with the help of some of the original Internet WoT fanboys and fangirls, most of whom have disappeared from the scene (though it appears Steven Cooper is still dedicated to updating his Chronology linked above, and Leigh Butler is doing an organized WoT re-read blog series for tor.com...I've noticed that there are a few rasfwrj folks that hang out in the comments of her posts).  

From RJ's blog (9-28-05):  "I suspect by this time you guys may have bettered what I said a few years ago, that one-third of the FAQ information was right, one-third was close but no cigar, and one-third was pure blue sky fantasy. Occasionally I'll see something posted and think, 'Well, you really have been paying attention, haven't you, now. You hit that dead on.' This is especially interesting when somebody has accurately figured out what I intend to do in the future, or close to it. Of course, I also see posts that make me chuckle. Somebody who thought he was taking the train to Boston but jumped on a roller-coaster instead."

The Old Tongue Dictionary - Lists all of the known translations for Old Tongue words and phrases.  Not updated since Winter's Heart.  By Aaron Bergman and Chris X.

WoT Concordance - a nifty collection of references and cross-references.