Tuesday, January 10, 2012


@ Ellen's home

Meeting called to order by Ellen Wagner at 7:40pm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20pm.

Minutes submitted by Craig Reynolds, Secretary


Ellen Wagner, President

Kristin Clarens, Vice President

Melanie Miller, Past President

Mary Odell, Treasurer

Craig Reynolds, Secretary

Bruce Odell, Traffic Committee chair

A quorum (at least 4) was present.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting, which took place on Dec 6, 2011, having been electronically disseminated to the Board members, were approved.

Treasurer's Report

The balance in the treasury is unchanged from last month, when it was $1260.37.


Kristin reports that a next door neighbor’s house was broken into and that another neighbor reports hearing from the police that crime in the area has spiked.  Kristin will follow through with enquires she has already initiated about the theft next door to her. Ellen will speak with Chief Longo or Lt. Roberts to ask about crime in the wake of MJH’s move and to inquire about the availability of near real time crime data. Ellen will ask J.P. Williamson if Octagon is experiencing theft or vandalism problems.

Little High Street (neighborhood and old MJH area)

The departure of MJH means this entire area needs to be rethought. Could the property owners create a planned unit development (PUD)? Should we be asking for downzoning? We would like to talk with the Little High community and the City and possibly other interested parties (CFA?) about what we would like to see happen in this area. The City’s Comprehensive Plan is being updated and we would like to encourage neighborhood involvement and substantial input into envisioning future development and what our priorities are.

Working with the City

How can we work more effectively with the City and help the City hear our concerns? As part of this discussion it was mentioned that this year, instead of using the town hall meeting format, City Council is considering meeting informally with neighborhoods, possibly in conjunction with their neighborhood picnics or other regular neighborhood events, with funding available to help with communication, food, etc.  We have some concern about how that would change the character of the MJNA picnic. We discussed the idea of holding a general meeting about the future of the neighborhood and inviting City Council as well as the Little High neighborhood and other interested parties sometime in or around March. Kristin will check into the availability of space for the meeting at Charlottesville Day School.  


Melanie reports hearing that CFA wants to meet the neighbors so we discussed the possibility of inviting CFA officers to a board meeting or to our Spring picnic.

Maplewood Cemetery

The Historic Resources Committee wants to develop a coherent plan of action for the three old cemeteries in town: Maplewood, Oakwood, and Daughters of Zion. They will be holding a meeting for people interested in preserving the cemeteries. Craig will publicize the meeting.


Jeannie Alexander has reported that northbound Locust traffic below the 250 bridge meets the thresholds for interactive traffic signs but not southbound traffic above the bridge. We decided that we will hold out for signs in both directions since, due to the relative ramp elevations, southbound speeders pose the greater risk. Ellen will draft a note to Ms. Alexander and circulate it to the Traffic Committee.