Bronyville Episode 061 - Friendship has Failed!

Time : Saturday, 11 AM PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 61 recorded on June 30, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider.


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Nicole Oliver - Letters to Celestia Contest - - Dear Princess Celestia in title - Include your username/nickname -



Just wanted to tell you that your buttons finally arrived over here and they are completely awesome! Even more so the little card with your autographs. That literally made squeak. Thank you very, very much! ...  I can't really process how awesome this little card is. It alone would've been totally worth as a 'thank you' for the donations.

On a somewhat unrelated side, I'd like two ask you both a little favor. I will, however, give a bit longer preamble with it, so if you're not into much reading, you might want to skip the next one or two paragraphs.

To start: Thanks to ponies I discovered, that it's really great to not just 'lurk around' artists but rather communicate with them and learn who the person behind a picture is. (Even though I still mostly lurk around). Sadly, it also showed me that many artists don't have an easy live and sometimes a rather hard one. One in particular, however, stood out, even amongst those who need to struggle sometimes:

This artist goes by the name of 'Karine Coenen' or 'Goddess-ofthe-Night' on deviantArt. She is an amazing artist a friendly and kind person. Unfortunately, life hadn't decided to be very kind to her.

It wasn't easy to start with, for multiple reasons, but ever since she got diagnosed with cancer, it's just getting worse. The probably worst thing about it is, that she can't afford neither properly treatment nor medicine. How boss wants to hire an ill employee and the government won't give her the support she needs. She is trying to pay as mush as she can with commissions for pictures, but sadly, it doesn't pay of very well.

Now I'm trying to raise awareness of her case. I know that the brony community is one that really wants to help wherever it can and even though it's not a rich fandom, it has been shown that they can give something, though. (Look at the Smile Charity, the Thank You fund, the Hubmle Brony Bundle) and now I'm here, thinking "If they are willing to give so much to a cause they don't really see, to people they don't really know, they would surely also give something to a fellow person they can know, whose face they can see, where they can see what their donations can achieve."

Now, what I don't want to ask from you is money. To be honest, I wouldn't ask anyone for money. But sadly, there is no real way around money, if one wants to help.

What I do want to ask you for, however, is to help me raise attention for Karine. Maybe we two or three (or four, depending an who all reads it) don't have anything to spare, but taking a wild guess, I'd hope that for ten persons out there how can't spend anything, there is one person who can. These are the persons that have to know about her case, these are the people that might be able to turn the tides of her life to more pleasant ones. (Wow, sounds sappy..)

So, I hope you might give her a little shout out on your page or maybe even on your podcast/show/livestream directly.  

The probably easiest way to show the cause to new persons might be through the Bronies for Good project (the first thing I thought might help, but again, it isn't able to reach out to enough people on it's own (as neither do I)).

I'd also like to give you the links to her site on deviantArt ( ) and her homepage ( ) so maybe you can give them out there.

Thank you in advance and thank you again for the buttons and the autograph!

With kindest regards from your faithful listener

Mats Missfeldt, or Magrior (probably easier to pronounce).

And "Auf wiedersehen" an Starry Night  ; )

Oh and if you're still reading, I'd like to ask you a question: Since you seem to be interested in both fanfiction and roleplaying, have you ever considered writing a fanfiction of your own?

Bright tidings Apple Cider, Chef Sandy and Guest(s),

   I wish to start by congratulating you on the great success of your show! I thoroughly enjoy every episode I've listened to so far and greatly look forwards to catching up on your previous work. You deliver a compound, professional package without sacrificing the heart and joy of the show we all relish. I've been a brony for only a few mere months myself and thus have a great deal of this wondrous community to discover. However, like many bronies I don't wish to simply indulge in the show or fan made content about brightly coloured ponies, I wish to contribute! I have ideas and the essence of a plan for fan-fiction, meet-up groups and possibly much more but I require your assistance.

I'll be honest; I'm a terrible procrastinator and my gnat-sized ego seems to only ever be a mile behind me, lingering on the horizon. Can you give a few inspiring words of advice? You don't have to provide an extensive speech (although I'm sure you know bronies/places that do) however a few good words will indubitably motivate myself and many bronies like me to strive to produce something they can proud of. On that note, continue to enjoy your work above all else; it makes the difference between a good show and an extraordinarily memorable show!

   Yours sincerely, Prismatic Flux.

Ps. MidnightShadow is top brony (in my humble opinion),

Twilight Sparkle is best pony (also my humble opinion),

and Discord is best villain (do you agree?).

Hey there AC, CS, SN and others!

Couple things I want to mention since the last email.

First off, thanks for adding me on google+, even though you probably don't use it that much. Hi Abel Sider!

Second, thank you so much for reading my last email. Had to read the show notes multiple times to believe it. I had mixed of embarrasment and excitement. Which brings me to two questions today.

Related question: Is everypony's initial reaction embarrasment and excitement when an email of theirs is read, or are they usually like meh?

UNrelated question: If adult-sized pony pajamas (with matching shirt and pants) were made, would you wear them to a brony sleep over? Lets just assume you wear pajamas please.

Thanks again for reading, and I'll see you guys at Everfree Northwest.

Faithful listener since episode two,


Hello Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, STARRY NIGHT, and guests! I have just listened to your livestream podcast after getting back from a camping trip. Sadly, I could not make it to the livestream session. What was the name so I can rewatch the stream? Sounded like a lot of fun. Now to the two-part question of the email. Question 1: What do you do if someone is so intent on hating you for liking MLP:FiM that it makes your life miserable? All the basic problem solving tricks haven't worked for me, and they harass me every day. This is very important! Question 2: What do you want to get out of Season 3 besides more TS/RD episodes? Delving into the histories of more secondaries like Luna/Celestia would be awesome!

P.S. Applejack takes the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness for best Mane-6 while Luna get best Non-Mane-6.

Your faithful student, Cygnet Sinclair

Hi Bronyville and guests,

Just wanted to ask a couple of questions about meet-ups;

First of all im having trouble finding people to do a meet-up with, so far i've only got three including myself and im not quite sure how to advertise to get more, how would you go about this?

Im currently using mentioned in a previous podcast) which managed to find a couple but still not quite enough.

Secondly, when doing a meet-up how do you keep people interested? What kind of events are usually carried out during the meet-up or do people just gather and chat?

Lastly, would you consider having a meet-ups section on future podcasts where you call out some meet-ups emailed to you to see if you can find more interest for some meet-ups(I wouldn't argue if we had to donate a small amount to get the meet-up mentioned.

The meet-up I was trying to organise was a North Wales meet-up, if you could give a shout out on the show for that it would be pretty awesome, people can contact me by the email:


-Solar Tumble

Dear Bronyville Podcast,

I'm sorry this email sounds a tad like a commercial. It may be because it more or less is. I'm still cruisading for my cutiemark in shameless (self)promotion, so here we go:

Dear Fillies And Gentlecolts!

I am happy to announce the sixth semi-bi-monthly Dutch Bronymeet will be held on July 7th at Hal 16 in Utrecht. Our last meet (at the same location) was a big success with about 140 bronies in the building and already we have 114 people who have pre-registered.

While you yourself may not be in the position to come, we thought we'd send you the announcement for any of the Dutch bronies who haven't found our site yet, or any other bronies who also want to come. For more information you can visit to check out about this meet, and view (Dutch) responses of the old ones.

Kind regards,

Nido Media


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Dear Princess Celestia,

My, it sure has been a busy week hasn’t it! While everypony was out having a grand time at Bronycon Sandy and I kept watch over the internet for you. All is well! Also, we brought on Dennis Daniel of the Dennis Daniel show who talked with us about his feelings on the show and even offered us a contest for MLP fans! He was a delight and you should give a listen. We do have a podcast, you know. Not sure if the audio files actually get attached properly to these scrolls.


Apple Cider

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