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Using a  Digital Video  Recorder

from Grant Hall

Before you Record

The camcorder and some accessories are provided at checkout (see the list that comes with the camcorder). You must provide your own SD memory card (details below) in order to record. If you need a tripod, ask in GH 301.

Record to an SD Card

Copy the recording to a computer

Edit the Recording

If you want to make any changes to the original recording, import a copy of the clip into a video editing program to cut off unwanted parts or add music, sound effects, or subtitles.

Make a DVD of the Recording

If you want the recording to play on a DVD player, import the (edited) recording into a DVD making program that will help you burn a playable DVD from that clip.

Software and Freeware Recommendations:


Mac OS X                

Updated 30 March 2011 CMA