What Does It Look Like to Be SMART

Using Technology or Online?


don’t open a email with an attachment unless you know what it is.

do not open a email unless you know the person that sent it

you should only go on appropriate web sites.

be yourself and never make up a character who you aren’t.

do not share your personal info like your phone number or your house address :)

do not go on inappropriate web sites.

When you put personal info you might get something really bad.

do not tell anybody your password except your parents.

don’t tell anyone your password.


Make others feel good on the computers. Hold the computers the right way. Be mindful about what you type. Keep food & drinks away from computers. Be mindful when you send message

be mindful to people on the internet:)

be mindful of how other people feel when you send a message or an email


 Turn  off  the computer when your parents tell you to.

 Let people play with you and don’t say no. Don't let bullies bully you online.

Accept peoples messages.

Listen to the rules that the teachers/parents give you!


Log off then turn off the computer at the end of the day.

Be nice on the internet.    

Keep food and water away from the computer.

Never just turn off the computer.

Don’t go on inappropriate web sites.

Don’t put the computer away without logging out and shutitng down. Take good care of the school computer and your computer.


do not go on anybody else’s account, if you do tell the truth.

tell the truth when you are on the computer.

don’t tell anybody your password as a lie.

don’t tell anybody your GMail  password.

Be Truthful on all computers you use anywhere any time.