iBooks Author Agenda

iBooks Author is an eBook authoring application using rich multimedia and interactivity. The eBook is displayed through iBooks 2 on iPad. The application is free on Macbook.


Macbook with Lion 10.7.4 (Under About Mac and more)

Quicktime 10 (M4A, M4V)

Have all your Content in Folders (Desktop Preferred)

iPad with iBooks 2

Download iBooks Author on Macbook

USB cable for Previewing


iBook Displays on iPad only (thus App Store downloads go to iBooks 2 on iPad and not to


iBooks must be published through App store only (Free, Paid)

Can print PDF but limits interactivity

Apple owns template only and author owns content


1. Go to App Store (under the Apple icon or the triangle in dashboard) and find iBook


2. While there show the additional templates available

3. Open iBooks Author on Macbook and show 6 templates (can create)

4. Show the additional Templates I have downloaded from App Store

5. Open iBooks 2 (from iTunes) on iPad and show the library

6. Open a few ibooks from the iBooks 2 app (maybe show the iBooks 2 in app store)


1. Toolbar

a. Add Page

b. View

c. Orientation

d. Standard Controls

i. Textbox

ii. Shapes

iii. Tables

iv. Charts

v. Widgets

1. Media – M4A, M4V

2. 3D – Collada, dod.

e. Preview Icon (Turn on “Preview only current section”)

f. Publish Icon

g. Inspector

i. Multiple Inspectors- View – New Inspector

h. Media

i. Color Wheel

j. Fonts Panal

2. Formatting Bar (Similar to Word)

3. Main Panel (book)

4. Book Panel

a. Title

b. Intro Media

c. Table

d. Glossary

e. Pages

f. Layouts behind Book

Creating a Book:

A. File – New

B. Document Inspector

C. Save document (versioning)

D. Entering Text

a. Highlight – start typing

b. Finder – Copy/Paste

c. Insert – Chap. From Pages or Word

d. Finder – Drag and Drop

E. Textbox – will wrap

a. Direct format (formatting bar)

b. Styles – View-Styles Draw

F. Adding Images

a. Png, jpeg, gif

b. Finder – Drag/drop (has wrapping)

c. View (Show/adjust image)

d. Inspector

i. Title (automate numbering)

ii. Captions

iii. Background

Standard Controls:

A. Shapes

a. Arrows (Inspector)

i. Shades (advanced)

ii. Lines

b. Boxes (type in shapes)

c. Callouts

d. Free Forms

B. Tables

a. Inspector

i. Rows

ii. Columns

iii. Header/footer

iv. Width

v. Color

vi. Return to next cell

vii.Inspector-Table-Format-Function (Sums)

viii.Widget (Caption, title …)

b. Format at Top

i. Delete/add rows/columns

C. Charts (Show Inspector and various chart types)


A. Gallery

a. 2 or more photos

b. Finder and drag individual

c. Finder and shift/highlight first and last and drag

d. Helps if photos are same dimensions

e. Can use Inspector to

i. Thumbnails

ii. Change order

f. Only scroll between photos in review

B. Media

a. Audio – M4A

i. Create a new one by:

1. Open Quicktime 10 by typing in Search

2. Under file open “New Audio Recording”

3. Complete recording by clicking on red button

4. Locate the file by going to File, Open File and look under music

5. Transfer Recording from Quicktime into iTunes

6. Finder to get recording (Check format under Get Info)

7. Drag to Desktop and then into Media Widget

8. Start and Stop in Inspector

ii. Convert into M4A

1. Open iTunes

2. Either locate in iTunes or drag from files into iTunes

3. Preference (Ask CD)

4. Advance (ACC Encoder)

5. Drag to desktop and or into iBook

b. Video – M4V

i. Imov conversion

1. Open iTunes

2. Drag into iTunes

3. Advance

a. Create iPad version

4. List View

5. Move to Desktop

6. Drag into Media box

7. Inspector

a. Poster Frame

b. Start and Stop

C. Review Questions

a. Multiple Choice (cannot collect data on a student)

i. Type in content

1. Add additional objects from inspector

2. + for new question

b. MC w/ image

c. MC w/ multiple images

d. Drag Label to Target

e. Drag Thumbnails (images)

D. Keynote

a. Will not support interactive media or video

b. Can import directly from personal computer

c. Must be imported as HTML if getting from a computer other than the one that  

    iBook Authoring is opened in

d. Brings in as 1024-778 resolution (best for iPad)

Website and screencast online. iBooks