How to enter Rosters into HSSN in 3 easy steps


Step 1. Navigate to your team’s Roster page.

Step 2. Deal with non-freshman newcomers. Any non-freshman newcomer (a.k.a. any sophomore, junior or senior newcomer) could already exist in HSSN. This step will tell you if they exist already, or need to be created new.

a. Enter the player’s last name in the “Player” field, under “Add Athlete...”.

If the player exists in HSSN, their name will appear in a list for you to select.

Important: If no matching names appear, then the player does not exist in the system and can be skipped until Step 3.

Example: Player exists in system (list of matching names appears)

Example: Player does not exist in system (no list of matching names appears) and can be skipped until Step 3.

b. If the player exists, click their name from the list of matching names.

Assign a position, jersey number (if available) and check “New to Team”.

Class year is not needed here, because the player is already in the system.

Click Save.

c. Repeat steps 2a and 2b for each non-freshman newcomer.

Step 3. Import previous season’s roster. This step will take care of all returning players and freshman newcomers.

a. Scroll to the bottom of the Roster page to the section labeled “Import a previous season’s roster”. Select the previous season and click import.

b. Add any remaining newcomers who were not already added during Step 2. Edit information for returning players as needed (position change, etc).

c. Click SAVE. The team’s full roster, including players from Step 2 and Step 3, will appear.

The key change here is Step 2, which adds a little time to the process, but in the long run will help cut down on the number of duplicate players in the system.

Thanks for your help!