Volunteer Guidelines

We don't want to establish a long list of Do's and Don'ts but we do need to set some guidelines. These guidelines provide general instructions designed to help you, as volunteers from the local churches of Townsville, to have a safe and fruitful experience whilst participating in the “Neighbour to Neighbour” Project.

Attire: For your own comfort and protection, ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the activities that you will be involved in. The following are recommended:

Refreshments for the Day It is your responsibility to bring your own refreshments and food for the day. Politely refrain from accepting any food or drink, especially alcohol, from the families you serve.

Work Teams Each team should consist of workers and a leader whose responsibility is to interact with the family on behalf of the team.

Teams should consist of both men and women. As much as possible, ensure that in interacting with the families you serve, you do it in pairs to avoid possible allegations of improper behaviour or conduct.

Equipment and Tools

Do not use the families’ equipment or private power tools of any kind e.g. nail guns, chainsaws etc. This safeguards against any claims by the families for damages or repairs to their tools, and protects your church from liabilities arising from these claims.

We suggest you use your own equipment such as a lawnmower; whipper snipper, etc and that you accept full responsibility for the proper use and operation of these equipment.


Knock and check that it is all right to enter the family’s house before entering.

Ask if you must remove your shoes (it is preferable not to) before entering.

Look out for, and ask if the family has a dog in the yard.

Respect the privacy of the family.

Ask before using the taps on the property.

Stay clear of medication, needles and chemicals on the family’s property

Do Nots

Don’t enter into the family’s private bedrooms.

Don’t enter into the private residence without another member of the team.

Don’t attempt to provide counselling advice to the families you serve. If you
perceive a need for counselling advise your pastor.

Don’t accept any money for services provided on the day.

In Case of Emergency  Call 000   then call 0412 031535 and notify the N2N coordinators of the situation. The N2N coordinators will contact your church/organisation leader and notify them of the situation.

Non Emergency situations call 0412 031535 to discuss the issue with the N2N coordinators. The N2N coordinators may contact your church/organisation leader and notify them of the situation.