Abiding Grace Lutheran Church

Launch Team meeting 09/27/2010

Attendees:  Phil and Sally Hart, Tonya Tomlin, Dee Rose, Sue Dalbout, Patti Langsdale, Susie Henning, Tim Draney, John Nelson, Carl Christensen, Kenn Mingus, Kim Saunders, Nick Billardello, Jeff Trang


Kenn opened at 7:00 with devotion from Titus 3

Finance and Stewardship report

Carl reported on finances.  We have $11,259 cash on hand.  The treasury committee is cautiously optimistic.  Nolan prefers to have four weeks cash in the bank.  We need to be somewhat conservative in our expenditures.  ELCA Mission Support goes into the NT-NL general fund of which some goes to Lutheran World Relief.  John wanted to add these bullet points to the website. The average giving per Sunday is over $2,200.  

Affirmation Sunday

Nick is putting together options for the service that he will email to us.  The bulletins will be printed on Thursday.  We may need extra room between the altar and the front row for people to come forward.

Usually when new members are received, they come up front.  Will those not joining feel uncomfortable? We decided that is too joyous of a day to not come forward.  Anyone joining in October will sign the charter.  We will also do receive new members on November 7.

We have 72 coffee mugs at the school and 72 more at Tim’s house.  That should cover everyone who will be joining.  

Tim showed a draft of the charter.  It will be printed on parchment paper.  Patti will be at the table assisting people to sign.  

Dwight isn’t available to take pictures.  We will do membership pictures later.  Everyone who has a camera can take pictures of the Sunday.

We will celebrate with a potluck after service.  Tonya and Nick will precook the burgers and they will be rewarmed on the grill.  Nick is going to check with Calvary to see if we can borrow their portable grill. We need paper goods.  We have enough cups.  We need plates, napkins, and utensils.  We have volunteers bringing condiments.  Dee is going to be our shopper for this.  The Harts will bring a large trash can.  

Congregational Meeting – Tentative date Nov 7th

Now that we are official, we need to adopt the constitution, elect officers, steering committee (council), and nominating committee.  Mutual Ministry committee is appointed.  Audit committee is elected by the steering committee.  The nominating committee is elected by the congregation.  We won’t need a nominating committee to begin; therefore, we can wait until a later date for that.

The Steering committee can be up to 9 not including the executive committee.  

We need to also show some financial information.  Kenn will prepare something.  We also need to show a plan of where we want to be.  

AGLC Constitution

Kenn, Phil, Tim, Jeff and John will be the task force to review the constitution and guide the congregation through the adoption of it.  They will determine the process to elect the steering committee etc.

The constitution will be available to members electronically or hard copy.  

Sally will email members to see if they are willing to receive mailings electronically.  

Bishop Kanouse to preach on Oct 24th

Bishop will be doing sermon and communion.  We don’t need an Assisting Minister that day.  He will also be at adult SS.  We can make that forum with the Bishop.  

Stewardship/ Time & Talent

Stewardship committee can start planning this.  What is our goal as a committee?  We need the pledges for 2011 to budget.  We also need time and talent to plan.  We probably don’t need a “hard sell” at this point.  We can have a Stewardship Sunday and have people fill out the forms.  People will be able to see the financial statement at the congregational meeting.

Nick mentioned that Calvary does an anonymous pledging; it is a covenant between the person and God.  

Nick mentioned that we need to “think big”.  

Sue will create a time and talent sheet.  We will do an anonymous pledge.

Other topics

Choir will sing this week and on Oct 24th.

October 17th, Andrea Reid will do special music.

Andrea Reid will also play the keyboard Oct 10th.

Susie will sing special music with prerecorded music.

Sue found a monthly music workshop in Temple, TX and would like to attend.  

October 10th – baptism  

Phil will talk to Thrivent insurance about church gifts such as baptism crosses, etc.

Tuesday night bible study is going well.

Susie is looking at Patti’s piano.  We need to measure it again.  There may be a problem getting it in and out of the music room.

Mission Endowment Fund event – we have purchased two tables.  We have six slots available.  It is 4-7 Oct 9th.  

We need to buy some more paper for Calvary for bulletins.  (11x17 paper).  Nick will check to see if we can just buy their next shipment or two.  We also need to think about how we are going to be self-sufficient.  That can be a long-term goal.

We would like to do something for the Calvary staff that has helped us so much.  They go out after staff meeting on Mondays.  Dee, Kim, Kenn will take them to lunch.  

Calvary has a practice of sending their interns to other churches once a month to preach in other environments.  Their intern will preach at Abiding Grace on October 10th.

Nick needs a new computer and the church will pay half of it.  Tim will check prices and find one.

Patti gave us the GRACE list for “October – Open our Pantry”.

Tonya asked about Thanksgiving baskets.  GRACE gets many at holidays so perhaps we should focus on Lutheran churches.  Tonya will call Pastor Carroll to see where the need may be.  

Kenn reported on adult SS.  Last week, they discussed what they wanted to do.  Some people want to do topical discussions and others want bible study.  We will have two groups; Mark will teach topic and Kenn will teach bible.  One group will be on the stage and the other possibly in the music room.  

Paul Meinen wants to start a men’s group.  

Next meeting will be on October 11 at 7:00.  (Constitution group will meet on Oct 4).

Jeff Trang closed in prayer at 8:45