For all students who are considering taking any of my classes, here are some words of advice from my outgoing students…

“For the love of God, learn how to read her instructions and learn how to use your computers as well! Also, do not be a “suck up” because she will see right through you, and if you just want to make her proud, go beyond in everything. For when she asks you to write a sentence, she really means a paragraph, and if she asks for a paragraph, she is looking for two or more paragraphs. Finally, know that even though it may seem like she is tormenting you, she is doing this because she knows how the real world is like, and desires everyone to become an Honors level writer.”

“my advice to the incoming students is to be aware. The class is hard and the work is tough.  Be ready to abuse Mrs. Lahaise’s inbox with as many e-mail’s asking for help as possible. Do not ever hesitate to say what you are thinking, unless of course, it is inappropriate. Always ask questions and be honest with what you do and say. Do not try to text because she will catch you. Study extremely hard, but remember to have fun, because in the end, after she has called you stupid about a hundred times, you will notice how much you have grown as a writer and a reader.”

“When walking into room 503 you will not find any warning signs, but instead be greeted by a smiling face. Mrs. Lahaise has a reputation contrary to the loving person she is, but even so don’t let her smile deceive, because where she doesn’t show cruelty in words, and actions, she will show with the scribble of a pen, in her grading, the only thing in life that is fair-her grading process. So when you walk over the mantle watch where you step and remember all the “so-called” secrets of success will not work unless you do. If that is not enough then keep in mind the difference between try and triumph is a little “umph.” For all you out there, crazy enough to sign up for a year in room 503 heed the advice of the outgoing students, because at least you were warned, and in the end taking this class will turn out to be the best thing you could have ever done.”

“Unlike other English classes I have had, Advanced Composition was probably the hardest class I have had, and I was a bit taken aback when I found out how extensive and time consuming some of the work was. Students should definitely not slack off in that class, as I did earlier in the year, because if you start off badly you may not be able to turn yourself around. Many students think that they will get away with having the Internet do their assignments for them. That is definitely not the case, not only because of, but because some of the quiz questions from the books read are difficult and misleading and you will be graded down if you do not know the specific answer. If you do not do the reading for whichever book, you will have a really hard time understanding what is going on. Besides, it’s good to read the book that is assigned because all of them were completely worthy of reading and will undoubtedly prepare you for college.”

“In this class, you EARN your grade.  So for the lazy beware and know you will need to up your game, for the prepared and diligent, be prepared to work a little harder and always give that extra 10% when working on any assignment.  Much like life, you must work far more than you would like and much harder than the person next to you, to receive the grade or later on “the job or reward.”  If anything else, this class has taught me how to keep a diligent work ethic, even if I have bitten off far more than I can chew.  The structure and environment in this class allows you to succeed easily if you take it upon yourself to suck up your pride and be devoted to your work.  This class is fun and rewarding in so many ways, teaching you not only how to improve your literate self, but to improve yourself as a person, becoming responsible, disciplined, and diligent.”

“To all students who are considering taking Ms. Lahaises English class I say this: Be prepared to work. Her class is not one to be clowning around in. She takes her work seriously and if you as a student are not able to act accordingly, then Ms. Lahaises class is not for you.”

“The main thing is: expect to work.  This is not a class where you can coast by and pass.  There are always assignments, and there is always something to do for this class.  If you find yourself bored at home, go do your Lahaise homework, for there is always more to do.  Also, do not pout and cry at the amount of work in front of you—enjoy it!  If you go in with a good attitude, you will come out with victory.  You will definitely enjoy most of the novels you will read, and while they may seem pointless at the beginning, at the end you will appreciate what she made you do.  You will accomplish so much in this class, and you will feel bad for your peers who are taking other English classes, for you will be more prepared in college.  When she hands you the next book to read, do not groan and think you will be miserable.  You will actually learn a lot in this class without even realizing you are doing so. “