Flip Video Camera Scavenger Hunt

These are guidelines for our Fall 2010 Computers in the Classroom Flip Video Scavenger Hunt. These are subject to change until classtime on 27 October 2010.


  1. Guidelines
  2. Prizes
  3. Scavenger Hunt Categories
  4. Video Upload Instructions
  5. Requirements and Activity Licensing

1. Guidelines

  1. Students should work in groups of two.*
  2. Each group should select a scavenger hunt option. (The category in which to enter the contest.)
  3. Each group is permitted to enter only one time.
  4. Actual videography (taking videos for this contest) may not begin until the start of class on Wednesday, October 27th.
  5. Videography must END when we re-convenes for part two of class on on Wednesday, October 27th. (You cannot record more videos after this time, but you CAN and should upload / share the videos you take during class.)
  6. Entries must be received NLT (no later than) midnight CST on Friday, October 29, 2010.
  7. Entries must be submitted via our activity Google Form, which includes:
  1. Names of both group members
  2. The URL / website of the class blog post which must include:
  1. An appropriate title for your scavenger hunt entry.
  2. A short paragraph explaining which category you selected, and how things went on your scavenger hunt.
  3. The embedded videos required for your category, preceded by a short description.
  4. The first names and last initials of the team members of your group.
  1. Each video must be NO LONGER than sixty (60) seconds, or one (1) minute.
  2. Do not share any videos which include any profanity, or anything not appropriate for young children to watch or hear. (Everything you share must be rated “G.”)
  3. Be sure to ask each person you interview, BEFORE YOU START RECORDING, if you can have their permission to share their video online on YouTube. (Do not record an interview with anyone who does not give permission, or record an interview with a minor under 18 unless you also have their parent/guardian’s permission.)

* If an odd number of students attends class on the day of the scavenger hunt, ONE group of three will be authorized with instructor permission.

2. Prizes

Six individual prizes will be awarded in our contest. Two team prizes will be awarded in the “thematic” category, and one team prize will be awarded in the “eclectic race” category. Winners will be announced in class Monday, November 1st. The instructor will be the judge, but may solicit input from others online and take that input into consideration in determining winners. Names of the six prize winners (from 3 winning teams) will be randomly chosen, and in the order selected allowed to choose their prize from the following choices. One prize may be selected per winner.

  1. Two (2) $10 iTunes gift cards
  2. Four (4) five point end of course bonus point gift certificates redeemable for an additional five percentage bonus points on your final course grade in Computers in the Classroom. These gift certificates are non-transferable and may be redeemed only by the contest winner(s) selecting them on November 1st.

3. Scavenger Hunt Categories

Two different scavenger hunt themes are available. Each group must decide on and select ONE category.

A. Thematic Category

Choose a theme and interview people with questions based on this theme. Submit a blog post with your THREE best / favorite interviews, responding to one or more of the questions you select with your partner. Suggested themes and questions are listed below, but teams are NOT limited to only using these themes / questions. Teams only NEED to include three videos in their final blog post, but may upload / share more than three video examples.

  1. Stress
  1. What are the main things causing you stress right now?
  2. What are the most effective ways you reduce stress in your life?
  3. What is the worst example of “coping with stress” you’ve seen or heard about at college?
  1. Texas Ranger Baseball
  1. Do you like the Texas Rangers?
  2. Why or why not?
  3. What predictions would you offer for the Rangers in the World Series?
  4. How long have you been a Ranger fan?
  5. How long do you think someone needs to be a Ranger fan to be considered a “true” Ranger fan?
  1. Healthy Eating
  1. Is eating healthy important to you? Why or why not?
  2. What is the most extreme example of healthy eating you’ve seen since you’ve been at UNT?
  3. What is the most effective way to encourage people to change their eating habits?
  1. UNT Pride: Interview people who are wearing some kind of UNT shirt at the time of your interview.
  1. Why are you proud of UNT?
  2. What do you think makes UNT stand out among other college choices today?
  3. What are your favorite things about UNT, and/or your favorite things to do on campus?

B. Eclectic Race

  1. General Guidelines:
  1. Take videos of AS MANY of the following scenes as possible.
  2. Each video must include a DIFFERENT person.
  3. Each person in the video, at some point, must share:
  1. Their first name
  2. Their hometown
  3. Their current role at UNT (if a student, include their major and year: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student, etc.)
  1. Scene Options:
  1. Someone climbing a tree, or at least partially climbing a tree, vocally showing their school spirit or organizational pride.
  2. Someone working at the Student Union, describing their job responsibilities
  3. Someone by a trash can, making a memorable statement about recycling or otherwise “being green.”
  4. Someone in the “free speech” area in front of the Student Union, making a statement about a topic or issue about which they are passionate personally.
  5. Someone from a country other than the United States, briefly telling where they are from originally and how they came to be at UNT.
  6. Someone discussing campus safety, and how they feel about steps taken by UNT administrators to promote campus safety.
  7. Someone who is a Texas Rangers fan, explaining how long they have been a Rangers fan and what they think of the Rangers’ prospects.
  8. Someone who is a UNT student, describing what helped them the most when they started school at UNT to NOT get lost and to feel welcomed on campus.
  9. Someone who is a UNT faculty member / instructor, describing one or more of the best things they like about teaching and working at UNT.
  10. Someone who is a UNT employee / staff member, describing one or more of the best things they like about working at UNT.
  11. Someone who is supportive of current US foreign policy in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, discussing why we should maintain our current expenditures, force structure and foreign policies there.
  12. Someone who is NOT supportive of US foreign policy in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, discussing why we should maintain our current expenditures, force structure and foreign policies there.
  13. Someone who is a creative artist, discussing what kind of art they enjoy and how they express their creativity through their art.
  14. Someone who is a parent, sharing what has been the most rewarding and most challenging part of parenthood.
  15. A UNT student who lives in the dorm, sharing why they chose to live in their particular dorm and the craziest thing that has happened in the dorm since they’ve lived there.
  16. A UNT student describing why they chose their academic major, and what parts of their UNT experience have been best in terms of preparing them for their future career.
  17. Someone describing their favorite restaurant in Denton, and elaborating on what they specifically like to order and eat there the most.

4. Video Upload Instructions

Copy your video files FROM your Flip camera to your USB flash drive / thumb drive BEFORE uploading. Be aware uploading can take awhile... Videos on your Flip camera will be ERASED after class so make sure you copy files to YOUR own USB flash drive at the end of class!

To post and share each of your videos you have two options. Option two below may be used even if a video is less than 25 MB in size.

If the file is less than 25 MB:

  1. Login to your email account.
  2. Email the video as an attachment to the address: userid@upload.pixelpipe.com (where “userid” is the name provided by your instructor)

If the file is larger than 25 MB:

  1. Point your web browser to http://pixelpipe.com
  2. Login with the following credentials:
  1. userid: (provided by the instructor)
  2. password: (provided by the instructor)
  3. Make sure the service you are signing into is “PixelPipe” (this is the default)
  1. Click QUICK POST.
  1. Browse to the file you want to upload.
  2. Enter an appropriate title. (This will be shown as the YouTube video title.)
  3. Enter an appropriate, short description. Use complete sentences.
  4. Enter tags, or keywords, which describe your video.
  5. Click UPLOAD.
  6. Be patient and WAIT. Depending on the size of your file and your internet connection speed, this can take a LONG Time.

After your file finishes uploading and transcoding / converting, it will be shown (with embed code) on our class activity YouTube channel:


Repeat these upload steps for each of the videos you want to use and share with our class.

Use the embed codes for your videos to create the SINGLE blog post required to submit your scavenger hunt! Remember to submit all information included on our activity Google Form no later than (NLT) midnight on Friday, October 29, 2010.

5. Requirements and Activity Licensing

This activity requires the following:

  1. An email account used to create a FREE Google Account.
  2. A FREE YouTube account, connected to a Google Account.
  3. A FREE PixelPipe account, linked to a YouTube account.

This activity is licensed by Wesley Fryer under a Creative Commons, Attribution-Only 3.0 license. More information is available on wiki.powerfulingredients.com/Home/cic/assignments/flip-camera-scavenger-hunt.