Bronyville Episode 063 - Friendship Plays the Part

Time : Saturday, PST

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Welcome to Bronyville! This is Episode 63 recorded on July 14, 2012. I am your host Apple Cider



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Books! [fanfic suggestions]

Topic Time! - PONIES AAAH


Greetings to Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, Starry Night, and Guest(s)!

I have a question. When are you going to get Tara Strong in the podcast? I'm only pointing it out because in almost every podcast, you always say how  Bronyville has to stop Kevin Smith and his million shows or at least slow them down. Well, Tara Strong was in Fatman on Batman and they did talk a little about ponies. Are you really gonna let Kevin Smith win this round? Sure, I don't have my own podcast and maybe I don't know how hard it is to get guests, but we all know Tara Strong just loves us. It's worth a try, right?

With that aside, I do wanna say that one of my favorite parts of your great podcast is when you all make Starry Night laugh. Her laugh is just contagious. So if she is there, I challenge everybody (including the guest(s)) to make her laugh now!

Keep on making great shows!


        Your faithful listener, Storm Runner.

P.S. While i would say Pinkie Pie is best pony, reality is that everypony is best pony. They all have something that makes them great! No exceptions...... Except for Diamond Tiara....She's worst pony.

Dear Princess Cel..... I mean -

Good day AC, Cheffers, Starry, and guest(s)!

I've been listening to your podcast all the way from episode one and I find that it's perfect to listen to while playing some mindless games like Minecraft or Skyrim. Y'know - games that do not need too much of your attention. You guys are quite entertaining, informative, and have a great layout for each episode. Even your guests are equally awesome; some of your best guests, in my opinion, are Midnight Shadow, Pixelkitties, and MicTheMicrophone. You gotta invite them more often.

Now, onwards to my question - do you ever feel like the show needs to deviate more often from the "elements of harmony" character traits? What I mean by this is - each of the mane six represent an element of harmony / friendship, like how Fluttershy is kind, RD is loyal (so they say), Rarity is generous, etc. But it seems like some of the show's best episodes have been ones where each pony goes against their particular element (party of one, putting your hoof down, sweet and elite, etc).

Plus, I assume it's kinda restrictive for a writer to stick to one specific trait for each character, rather than develop their personality by making their reactions just a bit more unpredictable. I'm not saying that each character's specific personality traits be removed or modified altogether. I only hope that their element of harmony is not followed strictly, seeing as how the elements are a bit too "goody-two-shoes", and it's far more interesting to see them react in a more relatable manner to situations that challenge their ethics.

Obviously, I'm not a professional writer, but what are your thoughts / predictions on this? Do you think that there need to be more episodes like these? Or is it possible that what makes them good and memorable is how rare they are?

On another note - I've never tried out fanfics before I listened to this show - but I love the short, episode-style stories like Sunny Skies All Day Long. Do you have any other recommendations similar to this one?

Your faithful listener,

N0 Not the bees (also my XBL gamertag)

P.S. Twilight is best pony. Most polls seem to agree with this, thus making it scientifically and statistically true.

P.P.S. Please don't leave the show too often, Chef. In your absence, Applecider goes a little too oatmeal and scares the children.


Dear the awesome Apple Cider, the outstanding Chef Sandy, the illusive Starry Night, and amazing guest(s) (i'll let you argue over who's title is best)

Fist off I would like to thank you for reading my last email on the show in episode 36 (and yes i did get excited when you read it out loud)!  Like i said last time,  your show is downright amazing.  You are organized, well informed, hilarious, and always bring on cool people.

I would like to respond to Apple Cider when he responded to my email in episode 36 (i know,  it's been so long!).  I asked if you thought the series would get darker as it progressed and you claimed that it wouldn't.  I just wan't to point out the Royal wedding episode and say "HA"!  While My Little Pony is still not a dark show I still want to make the claim that the world is not as peaceful and nonviolent as we thought it was.  I think it's safe to assume that the violence of the show will never go past the point of the Royal Wedding.  The reason I am pointing this out is just say that i was right.  now for my question.

I am starting college in about two months and I won't be going with any of my friends :( .  Do you have any advice on how to find fellow bronies at college?  Any advice would help.  Also, I am thinking about starting to write for the community but I cant get myself to get started even though I have an amazing idea for a fic that is not a a self insertion.  If you would to be so kind as to just tell me to start writing it, i know i will.  


Aaron Kohr  aka   Zoren

p.s.  Their is no best pony.  Only favorites.  Mine happens to be Rainbow Dash.

Dear whomever is reading this,

It appears that you kind fellows read quite a lot of fanfiction. So let me ask you this: what is your favorite genre to read? I, personally, like reading a good ol' Adventure-Comedy story with some romance, and the occasional well-written HiE never hurt anypony either. Also, have you ever run into any Apple CiderXChef Sandy shipping stories? If not, then might I suggest Starry write one? If it was written from her perspective, I believe it would be most hilarious.

Your faithful listener,


P.S. Pinkie Pie is best main 6 and Lyra is best background pony.

P.P.S. Princess Woona from the Moonstuck tumblr is ALL-TIME best pony.

P.P.P.S. I like apple sauce.

Dear Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and whoever your wonderful guest(s) is/are,


                         I wish I could say I was your biggest fan, although I found the podcast back in february so it may be unfair to others who have been listening from the beginning. I listen to you guys all the time and feel like I'm actually there laughing with you. Anyhow, I'm an aspiring filmmaker and am currently working on a web-series called "The Balance Project". I was messing around in my editing software when I found an option for editing in 3D. Now I think everyone knows that 3D itself is a gimmick for hollywood to make more money but it was fun to play around with. Then the thought popped into my head, "Wouldn't it be cool to convert an episode of MLP into 3D?" and so I ended up doing just that to see how it would look. I gotta say it actually came out better than I expected. It gives it more of a depth of field look to it, but nothing too fancy. It does make you feel a little more immersed in the magic of the show which is a nice touch. Now this is definitely not something that is going to make you jump out of your seat but it is fun to see. I was wondering what your thoughts on seeing your favorite episodes in 3D would be and which ones you'd actually like to see in 3D. Its not something I'd usually do, but hey its the summer, what the heck. Anyhow, thanks and I just love you guys to death.




                          Conner Orr

Hello Starry Night, and who ever happens to be in front the the mic today.

I'm going to address this as if AC and Chef are both there,  but considering Bronycon is right around the corner and you two have been taking off lately, who ever happens to be there can just swap in their personal handles. I just wait here....da da da duh... done yet? Good, moving on.

Rather than the usual questions or great show comments (you DO do a great show BTW) I have and idea for a game that you can play that pretty sure would be fun. I know you have Starry vet these mails first but try not to think about this too much ahead of time, this is best if done off the hoof, role play improve style.

There's a bit of a setup so please allow me as a spin my tail.

You get a surprise phone call from a producer (PD) at DHX and they tell you that as a shout out to the Bronies they want to have both AC and Chef Sandy as voice cameos  in an upcoming 3rd season show. The tracks have to go to animation very soon so they can't give you much time to think about it, in fact this very phone call will also be your recording session, if you agree. (Go ahead agree or the game will be very short)

Next the story director (SD)gets on the line and says

SD: I can't tell you the whole story, as that would be a spoiler, but your parts come in near the end of episode,  where the climax is the national Equestrian Hoofingball championship. Though out the show each of the mane six have been the captain of her own team. Your roll will be sports announcers at the final game. Giving color commentary and play by play.

PD: Sorry to interrupt but we've been having some story problems, so you'll have to ad lib your lines. Not a problem right? Give us a few minutes of lines and we'll edit together.

SD: umm, yes, now you'll probably want to know which two fillies heading the final two teams? Well its...umm uh...

PD: Writers haven't decided, they'll fix it in animation. Just pick who ever you want to be the final two captains.

SD: (to himself: Yes, this is a well run operation, we know exactly what we're doing. Right) OK yes, you get to pick the last two mane 6, the other four having been eliminated in previous rounds. You should mention that in your color commentary, a quick line of who beat who with the usual sports lingo. I'm sure you'll figure out something. It doesn't have to be for every game in the ladders, just enough so it makes sense for the winners to be playing against each other.

PD: Oh yeah, we got some extra money for background ponies, so you can fill out the players in the last two teams with who ever you want, even throw in a few of the better known OC's as long as they don't speak. Just keep it TV friendly.

SD: OH yeah the rules on how Hoofball is played, you would need that right? Umm, well the writers kind of wrote us into a corner here. So you'll have to make up your own rules. The only things mentioned in setup before you scene is "The SolarFires Team is leading against the MoonWalker and are at their 25 pony lengths line, The ZoimPony has smoothed the grass for the final time, the Pegisi guards are hovering over the baskets, the unicorns are ready to hit the ball with their paddles, and the referee is about to toss the last horseshoe, while the earth ponies run between the bases." Try to adopt those details as best you can in the commentary.

PD: Lastly you'll need to name the winner of the a game, which of course has to teach some sort of lesson. No problem right? (Boy I have to talk to those writers again.)

PD: Don't worry, no pressure, take a few seconds to think about it. ..... hmmmm hmmm hmmm OK that's enough time. "TAKE ONE! Go!"

Have Fun!

Your loyal listener

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Mornin! Your sun is just cresting over the horizon and Sandy and I have another one of them audiofile episode things for you. This week we ended up getting our friend Mic the Microphone back in the studio to talk all about his recent rap battle productions and just to be typical Mic - very silly. We talk about the popularity of plastic wall-eyed mares, we venture into Season 3 SPOILERTOWN, and engage in a little on air roleplay.


Apple Cider

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