My primary working tool is my computer.  My primary tactile tool to handle the computer is my keyboard.  So it would be strange if I didn’t spend some time making it better.

20 years ago I looked at my hands and wrists I saw that they prefer to stay straight.

So I folded the legs on the keyboard and laid it flat.

It felt awkward for the first 10 minutes but I knew that I, ergonomically, was on the right track.

Now I can say that that was the simplest thing I have ever done to decrease the risk of working injures.  Or just simply improve ergonomics.

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  1. Continous delivery in 10 minutes (java,win)
  2. Sisodb and Sqlserver - DDB on top of RDB - What? - (win)
  3. Unit testing is enhanced in VS11 (win)
  4. Common pitfalls in jquery - a short article for avoiding some of them (javascript)
  5. Team explorer everywhere - run TFS from Eclipse (win?)
  6. The new GUI in VS11 - a slight step backwards (win)
  7. Lint and javascript - JSLint and JSHint (javascript)
  8. Learning Azure - weekly webcast (win)
  9. Jetbrains dotnet decompiler and assembly browser version 1.0 (win)
  10. INotifyPropertyChanged - here is a better solution than standard (win)
  1. Software Team Leader Manifesto - Take #2 - Elastic Team Leadership in Software - Elastic Leadership
  2. Trello.com - simple online kanban board
  1. so.cl - new social network thingy from microsoft
  2. Blank keyboards - übergeek
  3. An 8 cm long cmputer on open platform
  4. Power unit for a computer power in a car or boat
  1. Transparency for copyright removals in search (google)
  2. Cert.se - online realtid (så gott det går) info om virus och säkerhet
  1. 27b6 - the neighbour and the halogen lamp
  2. Punkin chunking - a DIY sport
  3. You cannot parse HTML with regex
  4. Lowered prices on games


Code and development

Continous delivery in 10 minutes (java,win)

Watch the cast.  10 minutes from filenewproject in Java to continuous delivery.

Visual studio 11 is extending the continuous delivery functionality from present version.

http://blog.crisp.se/2012/05/24/henrikkniberg/bootstrapping-an-agile-project-in-the-cloud      <- 10 minutes


Sisodb and Sqlserver - DDB on top of RDB - What? - (win)

Sisodb is a F/OSS document database.  It stores its data in MSSqlserver.   Sqlserver is a proprietary RDB.  What?

What is the rational behind making a F/OSS database on top of a closed one?

I understand the beauty of utilising an already existing and debugged and well known database, but having an RDB under a document db sound like a kludge.

Having thought of it for a while I have come to the conclusion that it fills a gap.

The developer/architect wants to use a document db for whatever reason - there are plenty.  The IT pros get nervous when something new and untested is installed on Their servers.

     Here is where Sisodb shines.  Yes - you get a document database API and Yes - you get a sqlserver backend together with well known, probably already existing, backups and all.


Unit testing is enhanced in VS11 (win)

One can choose between several testing frameworks, not only Microsoft's own.  It has some knowledge about what is tested and what you have touched and needs to be tested again.  It can run tests with every compile.

Below is linked an overview and some tips for real world tasks.


Common pitfalls in jquery - a short article for avoiding some of them (javascript)

Below is linked some stuff regarding the jquery selector that has eluded me.  Not because I haven't understood it but because I haven't bothered to delve into jquery and especially its selectors.  I have done like most of us and googled until it works and then left for the next problem.

Some hints:

Searching the DOM takes time.  Avoid it by storing some jquery pointers into the DOM.

One can help jquery searching by explicitly limiting the scope.

$(".box") traverses the whole DOM while

$("#leftContainer .box") only searches inside the leftContainer.


Team explorer everywhere - run TFS from Eclipse (win?)

This product is now gratis.  I haven't figured out if it runs on all platforms Eclipse support or only Windows.  There is also the TFS license jungle to investigate where (at least earlier) any client that can update the TFS database also costs money (reading is free).


The new GUI in VS11 - a slight step backwards (win)

With Visualstudio 11 came a revamped GUI.  Since it differed from the auld looks thousands of conservatory developers shouted out in unison "give us our old visual studio looks back!"

It is of course the same guys that still write WinForms, WebForms and believe they are right now and tomorrow in the choice of tools.

We others - who look to the future and embrace change - like the new looks of VS11.

Microsoft went a middle way and let parts of VS11 look like the old days but kept some of the new just to annoy the nay sayers.

If you prefer new GUIs over old; say so at user voice linked below.

Meanwhile - follow the link to look at the middle way. of gui.  of vs11.


http://visualstudio.uservoice.com/forums/121579-visual-studio/suggestions/2676719-do-no-add-color-to-visual-studio-11-beta <- this is where you vote if you want to keep the new colour scheme

Lint and javascript - JSLint and JSHint (javascript)

Javascript is an inherently buggy language insofar that it is easy to write subtle bugs.  It has one true boolean true/false type and two or three bools that are false-ish; null, Undefined and NaN.  One can use one, two or even three equal signs.  I has implicit semicolons at the end of a line which might look smart at first glance but can create a strange error where the wrong value is returned.  I can keep on like this for as many pages as the book "Javascript, the good parts" is long.

Lint programs take source code and look for typical programming errors.  One shouldn't trust them to 100% but instead keep them as a sieve for catching late night tired sloppy code.  Or as an aid so as to not fall into beginners' traps.

Below is linked a screencast where the lint program is integrated in the development process.


Learning Azure - weekly webcast (win)

To be honest I haven't watched the casts in the link below since I haven't had time to play with Azure since my first 1,5 projects.


Jetbrains dotnet decompiler and assembly browser version 1.0 (win)

Decompiling is a great way to find out what is really happening when you compile.



INotifyPropertyChanged - here is a better solution than standard (win)

One uses INotifyPropertyChanged so the framework knows a property has changed.  Using it normally requires both Copy/pasting of code and Hard coding a property name as string.  Both these are not good programming habits.

With some clever lambda this isn't necessary.

Follow the link, follow links from there.  Jog your brain.

There is to much info to be duplicated in this news letter.


Projects and leadership

Software Team Leader Manifesto - Take #2 - Elastic Team Leadership in Software - Elastic Leadership

ROsherove has come up with the name Elastic leadership (at least I think it is he who invented the word) and tries to sell it as courses and a book.  I stay tuned because I think much of elastic leadership is good; it seems to embrace change and people.

He believes, just as I do, that an architect should strive to make himself superfluous.  The architecture should stay in the mind of everyone.  Then I also believe the architect shouldn't be really superfluous but only strive to be - having a person or two that hovers the helicopter above code level is good as long as they don't stay up there for too long.

He is also writing a book with input from his readers.



Trello.com - simple online kanban board

"The best things in life are simple."

Remember where you heard that first!

Kanban is about visalisation.

The kanban board in software development is for limiting workload at any given moment.  Compare this with scrum that is for limiting workload under a given time.

Below is a public kanban board for an open source project.  Here it is more used like a todo list since its simplicity makes it usable for more than just "traditional software kanban board".

Trello is gratis so I suggest you sign up and start playing.  It's Joel of joel-on-software fame who has created the application and prides himself with the work of keeping it simple.  As a fan of 37 signals' books I can nothing but agree.

I talked to MatsA who has tried to use it in real life.  He agrees it is simple and sometimes too simple.  Projects of a certain size, typically where projects consist of projects, are too big or complex for Trello's solution.  On the other hand - too big and complex projects are normally divided into smaller parts; parts that fit in to a ... kanban board on a screen on a computer near you.

Uservoice uses Trello.  6 of them to be more exact.  Below is linked a blog post about this.

https://trello.com/board/sisodb-provider/4f1feff178ad0e9a7002a089      <- open source development with trello

http://www.uservoice.com/blog/founders/trello-google-docs-product-management/      <- closed source development with trello

Tipthanks MAndreasen

Products and releases

so.cl - new social network thingy from microsoft

It isn't a competitor to Facebook but more of a hang around.

It is aimed towards student to let them share their searches.

Watching the intro video doesn't make anything clearer but instead makes me impressed by the speed of the streaming.  It starts almost immediately and plays without hitches on an under powered system.

Although I like something in it.  Trade "students" for "clerks" or "team members" or "support".  My guess that if you have a large enough team some will search for approximately the same problems and would benefit from knowing each others' problems and solutions.

Think like this: you are working with 100 other developers, testers and architects on a word processing programming.  Your part is refining the font choosing dialogue.  There is a great chance the people that created the dialogue to start with searched for font stuff and the guys doing the working area font layout probably had some font problems too.  Firstly getting their solutions and secondly getting their names for a lunch would benefit both you and your development speed.

Or think like this: you work as first line support and get very much of the same questions.  So does your brethren.  Wouldn't it be nice with something that simplified the searches with type ahead and where a helpful page could be marked as just that.  Think Stack overflow but with more homogen user mass and both a knowledge base and the whole internet as playground?


Blank keyboards - übergeek

Das Keyboard has gotten a lot of press.  Strange then how I have missed Happy hacking professional.

Both are keyboards  without lettering.

Das keyboard is said to have the IBM type T feeling in the keys.  I remember that feeling as "distinct" and "noisy" where the former is considered good and the latter bad.  Happy hacking is a smaller keyboard and must be the one Case uses with his Ono-Sendai deck in Neromancer.

Both keyboards are thick as a "normal" keyboard which is bad and they both have risers in the rear end so as to make they keyboard even more hand unfriendly.  This is standard on "normal" keyboards and considered stupid.  Look at your hands; they want the keyboard flat.



A 8 cm long computer on open platform

The FXI cotton candy is a small computer, 8 cm long.  It has USB for power, HDMI for screen and Bluetooth for keyboard.  Just pop it into your TV's HDMI, hook up a USB cable and turn on your BT keyboard.  Your TV is now your computer screen.

And you know what - the price is low and the OS open source!


Power unit for a computer power in a car or boat

If you have an always-on computer in your car or boat you don't want to drain the battery.

You don't want to reboot the computer every time you crank the starting engine (voltage drops when you turn the key).

The PSUs below promise to solve the problems above for 70USD.  Okok, you still have to get a mini atx motherboard and other toys to make up a whole computer.  The site has those stuff too together with a forum so it might be wort some browsing.

( modern cars might turn of a lot of electronics when starting the engine so you have to use some thinking and exploration when wiring.  boats are not that intelligent )



http://channel9.msdn.com/coding4fun/detroit      <- windows phone + mustang + too much resources

Security, privacy and rights

Transparency for copyright removals in search (google)

Google has gotten tired of everyone claiming copyright infringement.  250000 requests each week.

I say that many of the infringements are just made up by big companies.  I now hope that someone will  put together some nice info graphics over the biggest abusers.


Cert.se - online realtid (så gott det går) info om virus och säkerhet

Man kan få nyheter flera ggr om dagen och man kan se en bild av Sverige med färgade prickar och man kan se antalet infekterade datorer.

Jag söker fortfarande efter det epostutskick jag fick för några år sedan som levererade en gg i veckan en sammanfattning av säkerhetshål i produkter; det var ett ok sätt att hålla ett öga på vad som hände.



27b6 - the neighbour and the halogen lamp

If you are moving away you there isn't any reason to not piss of your neighbour.

His Foggot post is fun too.  Or hilarous even.


From: George Lewis

Subject: Re: tarded

Ive deleted you from my facebook and reported you. i hope you die of aids fag. Dont bothering emailing me again becasue I wont read it.

From: David Thorne

Subject: dneck

Yes you will.

From: George Lewis

Subject: Re: dneck

No I fucking wont fag


There is no sane way to continue the discussion from there I suppose.


Tipthanks MAnaya

Punkin chunking - a DIY sport

I and some friends have for a long time discussed ballistics, especially in the form of trebuchets. So when a sport, that besides including BFGs or sling shots, also is named so it can rhyme, came to my knowledge I just had to spread the word.

Some people have made a sport of hurdling pumpkins. The present world record is over 1.5km. Even further than a danish stone throw...

While we're at it - what about underwater hockey? Normal hockey is like boxing with blunt instruments. Underwater hockey removes the boxing part but has equal lack of ball skills.

Which of course leads us to underwater ice hockey. Any sport that requires a chainsaw to get into the arena is of my taste.

-http://di.se/Artiklar/2012/2/4/258115/Utrikesnytt-i-korthet/<- danskt stenkast

Tipsthanks LasseF

You cannot parse HTML with regex

Below is linked a good rant about why Regex is a good tool for parsing HTML.  But above all, and the reason I put it in Miscellaneous, is that the nice hack the article is, right inside Stackoverflow.

It might inspire others to do the same, which might bother Stackoverflow, so check it out before it is removed.

And while I am at it - there is as of yet no single regex expression that can parse All valid email addresses.


Lowered prices on games

I believe this site is watching for lowered prices for computer games on Ios, Mac, Android and Steam.