First Impression  v1.2

Wordpress Template

Manual Updated: 1 April 2013

Theme Updated: v1.2 - 1 April 2013

Design & Code by: wickedpixel

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to send me a message using the contact form on this page: wickedpixel 

Thank you for your interest and for purchasing this.


  1. Presentation & Structure
  1. Update Log
  1. Setup - Installing the theme in Wordpress and configuring a preset.
  1. Theme Presets
  2. Fonts
  1. Adding Content
  1. Portrait
  2. BIO Area
  3. BLOG Area
  4. Shortcodes
  5. Widget Areas and the Quote Widget
  6. Image Gallery With Thumbs - FancyBox Plugin
  7. Demo Content - Template Presets & Pages
  1. Notes

1. Presentation & Structure

Template designed with the main focus of being a personal website. But! the only limit is your imagination.

The template has 3 major areas of interest:

Picture 1. Theme Blueprint


Version 1.2 - 1 April 2013

2. Setup

There are 3 BIG steps

  1. Install theme file
  1. Configure your preset and the website
  1. Add content

2.A Theme Presets

The main way of setting this theme is by creating and using a Theme Preset for it.

A Theme Preset holds the setting for the website, the theme installation comes with three default ones.

Only one can be activated and used as current setting for the website.

The first setting in a Theme Preset is the one that enables it as THE site preset. Enabling that option in a preset will disable the other preset that were enabled before.


The font list that can be used to configure this theme is generated by the Admin page named “WPW CV” which you will find in the admin area after you enable this theme.

There you will find the list of fonts currently available. You can edit them, add new ones or delete some.

3. Adding Content.


When you are choosing the portrait image you must keep in mind that hiw width is part of the overall design:

The width if the portrait will determine the width of the side menu items.

The size of the portrait can be edited with a small editor inside the upload area, but is better to upload an image close to the final size design of the theme.

Before uploading a portrait you can even play with sizes and positions by using the layered .png file that represents the blueprint of the website.

3.B. BIO Area

The main content on this template is represented by the Wordpress Pages.

The pages can be displayed in the BIO Area with two methods:

This method requires no extra setup. All the pages you create will be displayed in the bio area in the order you created them.

With this method you will create a Wordpress menu and place there only the pages you want, in any order you need.

This can be achieved by using the Wordpress Admin area > Appearance > Menus

There you will need to create a new menu, add the items you need in it and then selecting it in the “Bio Menu” selector. And Save the changes. Like in Picture 2.


Menu area. Picture 2

This method also allows you to add custom links to external sites, blog posts or whatever target you need.

The pages you add as BIO Area content can be normal Wordpress pages in which you can add whatever you

3.C. BLOG Area

For this area you can display Wordpress, Twitter or Facebook posts.

To configure it you will need to go to your selected Theme Preset and change the “Blog Area Feed:” setting to whatever you need.

The Twitter and Facebook options also require from you an id(for twitter) or an url(for facebook), to know from where to get the content:

Twitter and Facebook options represent the widgets that are given by them to be embedded in personal websites. They are pretty limited in options because are restricted by the API they give.

3.D. Shortcodes

Shortcodes are pieces of code that lets you easily generate special parts of content like a contact form or a skill indicator. I’ve added Documentation about them any page editor. Please see more info about them there.

3.E. Widget Areas

This theme comes with a few widget areas in which you can place any widgets you have:

The theme comes with an included widget that allows you to post your favorite quotes you may have, like in the default design.

! Note that both areas (BIO and BLOG) have under them a different widget-ready area where you can place them. In the image above that area is right under the portrait.

Given the fact that the design of this theme is not that particular, you may need to customize the CSS rules for certain widgets in case they display wrong.

Quote Widget

This minimalistic widget comes as part of this template and it is embedded in it. It is visible in the template preview under the BIO Area.

To add quotes, you will need to use the Wordpress admin > Favorite Quotes page. After adding quotes don’t forget to save.

After you have a list of quotes saved you will need to go to Appearance > Widgets page and drag the Fav Quotes in one of the areas named “Under Bio” or “Under Blog”

3.F. Image Gallery With Thumbs - FancyBox Plugin

The preview of this template uses the FancyBox Plugin in order to display the big images.

This is a free plugin that can be downloaded from here:

After installation and activation you will need to go to the Settings > FancyBox and reset the options for this plugin - or else will not be compatible with the latest version of Wordpress.

3.G Demo Content - Presets & Pages

The pack you get when you buy this template contains two XML files that hold Demo content which you can as reference when you build your own content.

One xml holds 3 template presets. Another one contains the pages content you see in the template preview.

To import this XML files you will need to go to Wordpress Admin  > Tools > Import. Chose and Install the Wordpress importer. After you activate it use the Choose File action to pick one of this XML files.