Mesopotamia Standard Check #1
October 8, 2010

(3 Points per question=Total of 30 points)

1. How are Kings chosen in Mesopotamia?

2. What is the class system in Mesopotamia based on?

3. Mesopotamians faced a problem of low rainfall. So they moved south. They again faced low rainfall, what was their solution to this second problem?

4. What is an area of land shaped like a curve that contains good land for farming?

5. This is when you can control when and how much water your crops get.

6. What is the name of the writing system in Mesopotamia?

7. Why didn’t Mesopotamia’s writing system not work?

8. What is the name of the huge temples used to worship the gods?

9. Translate into Cuneiform:  23

10.Translate into Cuneiform: 37