Diet experience with refrigerator is indeed simple.

- Put your food in refrigerator

- When feel hungry, go to the refrigerator

- find your food

- take it

How can we improve this everyday behavior in fun and healthy way?

Eating is the ingestion of food to provide for all organism their nutritional needs, particularly for energy and growth. However, beyond this mandatory desire, there are tons of possibilities which are easy to miss. And this is all bout how to eat and when to eat.

In particular, eating at ITP is not that pleasant, people usually having food just for nutrition demand.  Also these days people complain about ITP refrigerator due to lots of expired food and the smell issue caused by these food. So we want to test about this diet experience especially on how this can be changed or improved.

Problem:  unhealthy diet experience, smelly ITP refrigerator. Full of expired food, no label.

Goal: healthy diet experience

Target behavior :  attaching smile post-it to their food.

Target audience : ITP people who use refrigerator

Hot Trigger: Take a look at your food and get to know when you have to eat in an entertained way


informative and fun

visually attractive smile post -it

keep your food fresh and add enjoy live character with smile




1. Take a look at your food

2. Find an expire date

3. Choose one of post-it cards, according to the color definitions.

- If the expire date is today : take a GREEN post- it and attach to your food

- if the expire date is within 3 days : take a BLUE post- it

- if the expire date is within 1 week : take a PINK post -it

4. if you see some food which already expired in the refrigerator, take a YELLOW post- it and attach to that.


#smile post-it

#attaching smile post-it

”Smile is always good!"

Smile project Video

Improvement: smart refrigerator

After this test, we found that there is a barrier about sustainability to keep this project.

That is expire date is supposed to be updated everyday. However our method was taking note on post-it so that

On top of this function, we’d like to give some kind message to people when they are having food. Even though they are having food by themselves, they can feel more happy and make their diet experience more pleasant. With all these test result, we came up with smart refrigerator idea. It is a refrigerator which comes with screen and QR code. When it gets food, it automatically detect the kind of food and expire date. And when people approach and try to take out some food, this refrigerator could give them a kind suggestion based on the food data.

 Ju Yun Song & Ji Hyun Moon  2011fall ITP DIY Health class