How to Start Your Own Fundraising Team for the


OPTION 3 –  How To Start Your Own Team and Fundraise for a Girl Who Still Needs


Step 1: Select a girl to sponsor from this list. Copy and paste her information and save her

picture to your computer (either by drag and dropping on your desktop or right-clicking and selecting ‘save image as’) Contact us if you have any questions or need


Step 2: Go back to the main event page and click “FUNDRAISE FOR THIS EVENT”

Step 3: Click “CREATE A NEW TEAM”

Step 4: Create your fundraiser:

        a. Input Team name, URL, and info

        b. Upload the photo of your child from your computer

        c. Select Friends of Volunteers Initiative Nepal (FVIN). Hit ‘continue’

Step 5: Sign in or sign up for a CrowdRise account

Step 6: Add compelling info to your fundraising page - feel free to copy/paste info from other

teams and the main event page, and adapt the material by telling the story of your specific girl. Contact us if you need ideas or help getting started!

Step 7: You’re done. Review your page and then send it to your friends

and family asking them to help you sponsor education for this deserving girl!