DAY 29

Roskilde, Denmark

i would have loved to at least seen Slayer, but no time for anything. we had to play and roll.

our load in time is 10 am and we play at noon. we arrive at 6:00 am. pointless to get a hotel for 3 hours, so we just show up straight from the ferry and wait it out. heres Al enjoying one of the many perks of life on the road. sleeping upright in a chair + starvation.

heres a look at the festival grounds at 6:30 am.

easily 3 days of over flow here, smelled great.

last time i checked it was 2008 not 1908.

its 6:45 am and these kids had this home made self powered sound system CRANKING..... right next to the bathroom and camping area. everyones of course trying to sleep but these folks. when i pan left you can't really tell but there is a guy screaming at the top of his lungs in the background.

its 12 noon, we're the first band of the day. time to rock on no sleep and in day light.

ok, i know Al's face is missing but you have to realize they just happened to do this during the ONLY time i can even take a picture during any of the songs. i have 8 bars free here so i quickly got out my camera and backed up to get the shot, but my bass amp wouldn't let me go back any further. damnit!!!

Kimpaul realizes mid performance that he's singing with Extra Golden today, not Steve Vai.

after the show we had this "gift" from the festival and Jack Daniels. it was deeply touching.....

we had to drive through a sea of people to get out of the festival. Omari sums up the scenario nicely in this video clip.

the ferry back across.

after the show we head straight for Rotterdam, Netherlands. (about 9 hours away) we're ALL super fried, hungry and irritable after about 7 hours of driving today. eventually tensions mount between Kimpaul and Bilongo over a free can of coke.........they would have beat the crap out of each other in the van if it wasn't for Ian standing up between the two of them.

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