LisaTallchief: I know I am early

parker: me too

Jessica: Early is better than late :-P

LisaTallchief: very true

Lizzy: hey!

LisaTallchief: hey lizzy

Lizzy: your related to dasan!

Jessica: DC said she'll be in at

LisaTallchief: hee hee

LisaTallchief: i wish lizzy!

Lizzy: always gotta be fashionably late (;

LisaTallchief: lol

LisaTallchief: ye[

LisaTallchief: yep

Lizzy: hehe! i wanna marry him not be related to him ;D

FranyKicksazz: i am here u lucky people u lol jk

Jessica: And of course, we have to allow it...since she's the reason for this chat...haha

Lizzy: hahaha funny

LisaTallchief: lol

Lizzy: people keep stealing my color lol

LisaTallchief: i am so excited

FranyKicksazz: what color

Lizzy: the color of my name lol i changed it like 3 times

FranyKicksazz: lol nice

Lizzy: haha

LisaTallchief: lol

Jessica: So, I must many here have read TSO?

Lizzy: one minute!!

Lizzy: I HAVE

LisaTallchief: i have!

FranyKicksazz: mine is 7 pm


LisaTallchief: loved it so much!

Jeni: I preordered it

Lizzy: its 9 here

FranyKicksazz: i have the first book but want the tso with the new cover too

Jessica: So then you all are PUMPED for SOD?!

LisaTallchief: me too

Lizzy: its 9:01 shes late lol jk

missrobyn: Read TSO, loved it, recommended it to so many... and reordered the book away with SoD cuz I'm an addict lol


LisaTallchief: i love the new cover

missrobyn: Oh yeah

FranyKicksazz: totally

missrobyn: Both covers are awesome tho :)

LisaTallchief: so true

Lizzy: SOD is so sexy (;

LisaTallchief: lol, yes!

Jessica: She said she'll be here at any minute now...

missrobyn: Yay

LisaTallchief: cool

missrobyn: *throws confetti*

Lizzy: haha

FranyKicksazz: the second one is the best for me tho more deper looking

LisaTallchief: how about Josh? maybe?

DC Grace: Here! Hello!

Lizzy: true frany

FranyKicksazz: woohooo she shere

Jeni: Hi :)

Lizzy: hey!!

LisaTallchief: Hey!

DC Grace: Got distracted - giving directions on Fb, lol

FranyKicksazz: i cant type but whats new lmao

LisaTallchief: lol

Lizzy: is there anyway to type without leaving the chat box...?

missrobyn: LOL Its ok

DC Grace: Yes, click join chat

missrobyn: Directions are never easy, giving or getting them... or following them

Lizzy: ohh!! wow

Lizzy: thank u! haha

DC Grace: Yay Lizzy!

LisaTallchief: lol

FranyKicksazz: hahahahalizzy made it in lol

missrobyn: LOL HAI Lizzy!

DC Grace: lol

Lizzy: LOLL i feel retarded baha

DC Grace: Josh'll be here in a minute - fashionably late, you know

Brett: ello

Lizzy: wait - whos josh.?

missrobyn: LOL Dont lizzy

DC Grace: Speak of the devil

LisaTallchief: Brett is here!

missrobyn: Hello there Bretty

missrobyn: ahaha

Jessica: Y'all...I swear...I'm usually the one running late and here, I was the first person here...*tsk tsk*

Lizzy: heyy robyn!

Lizzy: haha jess

Jeni: Jessica, you're never late ;)

missrobyn: I was so contemplating just sitting in this chat alone from like 8pm on cuz I was that excited

Brett: sorry trying to put my head shots on twitter

DC Grace: So u were here Josh and I was fashionably late?

FranyKicksazz: la la la la la

LisaTallchief: we don't mind!

Lizzy: pay attention frany! (;

DC Grace: lol Robyn - I've checked clock 100 times

missrobyn: Hey you guys are here now so its all good

FranyKicksazz: i am ;p;

Lizzy: lol

Jessica: I was here before could've joined me...I was bored lol

missrobyn: LOL Oh good I dont feel so silly

Jeni: I was watching Vampire Diaries

missrobyn: Aww I'll remember that for next time Jess

DC Grace: & 4 the record, it took me a sec 2 figure out the join chat thing, lol

missrobyn: OMG I watched TVD last night... it killed me

LisaTallchief: oohhhh, Vampire Dairies!

missrobyn: I was like wait how do I type in here... then saw Join Chat... yeah lol

LisaTallchief: it killed me too missrobyn!

DC Grace: so I came in & read something about SOD cover being sexy...?

Jessica: Nah, no one can be more silly than me :D And hahaha...Jeni, me...late...never ;)

Darcee: I made it Jess not sure if i know what I'm doing but I'm here!!!!!

LisaTallchief: very sexy!

LisaTallchief: love it!

DC Grace: lol Darcee

missrobyn: Yes, very sexy

DC Grace: click "join chat"

DC Grace: well, thank you!

Darcee joined the chat

DC Grace: It was the artist's brainchild

Lizzy: i looovee dasan so much

Lizzy: haha

missrobyn: Whoo hoo welcome Darcee!

LisaTallchief: can't wait to read SOD

FranyKicksazz: love tso 2nd cover

DC Grace: I promise SOD takes off & flies from chapter 1

LisaTallchief: me too Lizzy!

Lizzy: (:

DC Grace: ty, frany

LisaTallchief: I am sooo Team Dasan!

Lizzy: yeahh!

Lizzy: lol

missrobyn: I'm Team everything with this series, I swear

DC Grace: Just be prepared 2 fuss at me...

Jessica: Oh, Dasan lovers...*shakes head* Jake all the way, baby! And maybe...maybe...Pay ;)

Darcee: Everything going so fast you guys are fast typers!

DC Grace: I will hang you on a cliff at the end...

Jeni: I'm SO excited to read these! Gotta thank Jessica for the immediate heads up on the pre order

Lizzy: no non no dasan is the best haha

missrobyn: Admittedly I do love Jake! I'm like... I want a Jake of my very own lol

FranyKicksazz: tara should have come in too

LisaTallchief: oh no!

FranyKicksazz: taro

FranyKicksazz: whoops

LisaTallchief: no cliffs please!

Jessica: I'll be his little thorn fairy lol ;;) lol

Lizzy: i agree w/ lisa!

Lizzy: hahaha!

missrobyn: Tho I am very anxious to learn more about someone named Brett... I think... hahaha

DC Grace: sorry, Lisa! Had to go there!

Lizzy: jake's cute though i like him

DC Grace: Brett is my bad boy!

Brett: so no one is a brett fan huh

Jessica: hahaha...oh yes, Brett...y'all are in for a treat! =D>

DC Grace: You'll hate him SOOO much - but you'll love him, too!

missrobyn: I'm looking forward to Brett!

FranyKicksazz: im a fan of everyone he he he

LisaTallchief: I wouldn't say that Brett

Lizzy: lol

Darcee: Me Ah ha!

LisaTallchief: we just don't know u yet

Jeni: Bad boys rock!

LisaTallchief: lol

missrobyn: Exactly

DC Grace: Yea I wouldn't say that 2 Brett either, lol

Jessica: I never said that...he's just not my number one...or

Lizzy: kiowa is the perfect part for dasan

missrobyn: Love/hate relationship I bet

DC Grace: lmao Jess

FranyKicksazz: brett will be my number 1 lol

Brett: oh you'll know brett ;)

KitKat: Hi!

missrobyn: lol

LisaTallchief: brett may become my new Damon!

FranyKicksazz: lmao

Jessica: Brett...there's a love/hate relationship with him...or at least, there should be lol

DC Grace: If you've read the teasers on the FB pg, you should have a good idea how diabolical Brett is

missrobyn: Which is why I need this book right now

Lizzy: bahaha

missrobyn: Must learn more about Bretty

LisaTallchief: me too!

FranyKicksazz: MA i can do diabolical lmao

DC Grace: And he is unlike any character in literature today

missrobyn: -y omg im so excited i keep adding Y

missrobyn: excuse me

Jessica: Ooooh...Lisa...your new Damon...that's good...I may have to agree!

DC Grace: he's a brand new kind of immortal...

Darcee: oh yeah love hate relationships gotta love them!!! Keep u on your toes!

DC Grace: lol Robyn

KitKat: I need help... every time I wanna write a message, this big ass window pops up and everyone else disappears...

missrobyn: Ok I'm Team Brett lol

LisaTallchief: lol Jessica....right huh?

DC Grace: Kit, click join chat

Jeni: You're really selling him. Immortal, bad boy, Damon-esque. <3

missrobyn: On the bottom of the screen says JOINC HAT :)

KitKat: Is that how it's supposed to work? LOL

Jessica: Personally, I'm team Bretty ;) LMAO

FranyKicksazz: BRETTTTTTTT boo yeah im down Bring on SOD

missrobyn: join chat* geez i need to calm down and type properly

DC Grace: He's so good at being bad, Jeni

LisaTallchief: Ok, I am now Team Brett!

Darcee: Those damn big ass windows i hate them!!!

DC Grace: Lol, Darcee

missrobyn: LOL See that? Team Brett!

LisaTallchief: lol Darcee

missrobyn: Ok whos making the tshirts :)

FranyKicksazz: why do i feel like noone ses me lmao

Jeni: DC, where do i sign up for Team Brett? haha

DC Grace: Josh's had the pleasure (I think a pleasure) of reading SOD already

Darcee: Sorry i miss that DC that damn big ass window was up!!!

LisaTallchief: hi annie

Lizzy: i see you frany haha

LisaTallchief: sign up right here Jeni

Jeni: hahah thanks Lisa

FranyKicksazz: omg some one see's me lmao

Jessica: Personally...I'm Team Boys/Men in this series ;) Though the girls are kick ass too...I just don't swing that way lol

Lizzy: lmaoo

DC Grace: So he has a real big clue about his character

missrobyn: LOL Jess

Lizzy: haha same here jessica

Brett: yes it def was a pleasure !

Darcee: glad to hear that Jess.

LisaTallchief: i am very envious right now of Josh :)

DC Grace: lol, so should I go ahead & tell you what kind of immortal he is?

Lizzy: i can't freakin wait for the movie to come out lol

missrobyn: Yes

Brett: i loved when i got to the part of my monologue !

Jeni: YES!

Jeni: Please

missrobyn: Dont tease us lol

DC Grace: this is a new one you've never heard before, & I won't post it anywhere else

Darcee: When is it anyow do we have some timeline on this movie!!!!

Jessica: You gotta get through the book first ;) It's worth the wait, y'all...truly is!

DC Grace: He's a Nutritor

annie: Hi-freaking out-this moves so fast

DC Grace: aka a Feeder

FranyKicksazz: when does tso movie come out??

missrobyn: How excited were you to read the book Brett... y possibly new favorite villain ever
? :)

LisaTallchief: ah, cool

missrobyn: *my... ugh get your laptop keyboard cleaned and all the keys go wonky

DC Grace: Whatever supernatural ability you have, he can use it, too

Jeni: oooo not i'm more curious! & excited

missrobyn: That sounds awesome

DC Grace: and that's all I'll give up about Brett 'til the 27th! ;)

Darcee: Gee I read that wrong DC dont eveen want to tell you what i thought you said

LisaTallchief: oh wow......interesting

DC Grace: lol Darcee

missrobyn: LOL Darcee

LisaTallchief: lol darcee!

Brett: my inspiration for my role is think captain jack sparrow

FranyKicksazz: when is the movie getting filmed? and where?

DC Grace: Frany, we don't have the film date set yet, but preproduction starts next month

Jessica: Uh yes, Josh...that's definitely what I would think...which, was awesome!

LisaTallchief: love captain jack!

missrobyn: What?! lol Jack Sparrow really?
DC Grace: Yea, Robyn - Capt. Jack can be a bad boy...
missrobyn:Ok I love you even more lol
DC Grace: and ungodly eccentric, lol

LisaTallchief: he is very naughty!

missrobyn: LOL

FranyKicksazz: im excited to see the movie and where do u thinki u would film? u should do it it canda great tax cuts lol

Darcee: Everything going so fast! This my very first chat bare with me!!! :))

missrobyn: Mine too Darcee

DC Grace: USA, Frany, sorry!

Lizzy: noo film in FL lol

LisaTallchief: we are just excited

FranyKicksazz: lol hey i tried lol

LisaTallchief: do u know where in the US?

DC Grace: lol

Jessica: Nice try, Fran ;) lol

missrobyn: lol Fran you are awesome

DC Grace: yes

Darcee: Who naughtynow that I caught NO Problem!!!

FranyKicksazz: i tried lol

Jessica: she's actually going to be filming in my backyard...sorry ;) lol

Lizzy: isnt it in Wisconsin

DC Grace: lol

missrobyn: lol nice

FranyKicksazz: so where do i have to go stalk i mean watch filming lol jk

DC Grace: yep

LisaTallchief: lol too!

Lizzy: :))

Brett: if you haven't you need to like the guardians fan page and check out my audition you get a paragraph from SOD and seem me in action... ok thats my pimping out for the night

DC Grace: Wisconsin, but SOD will take us really far away...


stalk works cuz if I could, I would too lol

DC Grace: lol @ Brett

missrobyn: You can pimp all you want

Jeni: Hahaha Jessica

Lizzy: like as far as FL? ;D

Darcee: Filming in backyard? I'm confused I have to learn how to be able to type and read the screen at the same time!!!!

FranyKicksazz: whos pimping?

FranyKicksazz: lol

Jessica: Go on Josh, we don't mind you pimping yourself... :-P

DC Grace: ll Darcee, um, no

missrobyn: Josh is pimping himself out

Lizzy: lol @darcee she was kidding x)

LisaTallchief: i saw your audition josh.......very awesome. very captain jack!

DC Grace: Lizzy, farther than that

FranyKicksazz: ha ha How much lmao

Lizzy: awww that sucks. lol

Darcee: OH !!!! Im so stupid!!!!

Jessica: Yeah, backyard isn't big enough...*sigh*

DC Grace: lol, well, there's a reason - which you'll find out when you read SOD! ;)

Lizzy: lmao

FranyKicksazz: jessica so i can come vist while they film in ur back yard i can bring snacks?? lol

missrobyn: Must have SoD now kthnx lol

Darcee: Ahh ha!! Jess

Lizzy: how come theres a gray bar besides jessica's name? lol

DC Grace: lol

Jessica: about Mr. Pay Tallchief? hmmmmm... lol If you love him like I do, you can join me in Payland ;)

DC Grace: Jess isn't in "chat", leaving msgs

Lizzy: ohh!

Lizzy: lol

Lizzy: pay's hot

LisaTallchief: can we possibly get SOD before the 27th if we say pretty please?

Jessica: I was gonna say...its cause I'm the admin of the chat...but sure DC lol

FranyKicksazz: im so exciteddddd

missrobyn: I dunno Jess! I like Pay... but I'm thinking Brett will be my new favorite

Lizzy: hahaha

FranyKicksazz: jess lol

LisaTallchief: still love me some dasan!

FranyKicksazz: i like me some bad bad men so Brett it is!!!! llol

Lizzy: me too! dasan is awesome lol

missrobyn: LOL Fran I'm with you

Jessica: Awww...that's fine...more Pay for me... lol

LisaTallchief: could be possibly converted after reading the book

FranyKicksazz: robyn yes sir reee love the bad boys lol

Brett: dam right its me !

Lizzy: LOL

FranyKicksazz: brett *wink* lol

LisaTallchief: Team Brett!

FranyKicksazz: hahahaha

LisaTallchief: lol

Lizzy: will SOD be in barnes and noble? lol cause i had to buy TSO online

missrobyn: LOL Josh look at that, Team Brett! We love you already

Darcee: Who's playing Paisley DC?

Jessica: Bad boys are hot...I must say...depending on the series, I tend to lean toward

DC Grace: wow I was frozen

LisaTallchief: just don't tell Dasan!

annie: Yay-team brett


DC Grace: Yes, B&N, Books A Million, everywhere

missrobyn: LOL

LisaTallchief: lol

missrobyn: Time to make Team Brett shirts

annie: yup

DC Grace: there u go, Robyn!

FranyKicksazz: need more pics of him on tgs page!!!!

LisaTallchief: that's a good idea robyn!

LisaTallchief: hee hee

DC Grace: We'll have new pics of Josh soon

missrobyn: :) Thank you I'd buy a bunch of Team Brett items

annie: they'r coming

Brett: look at all the team brett ppl thats awesome now wait until you read it you'll love it !!!

Herb: Hello!

FranyKicksazz: shirtless works well

LisaTallchief: yea!

FranyKicksazz: lol nice

Brett: i actually posted them on facebook

LisaTallchief: shirtless is better!

Lizzy: he herb

Jessica: Geez, greedy much, Fran...and we're working on it...but hey, if you wanna see more pictures of Josh, I posted some on another website lol (Yes, now I'm pimping myself out lol)

DC Grace: lmao @ Jess

missrobyn: See Team Brett and we havent even read the book yet. LOL Fran.... shirtless is always good.. hint hint

annie: and im supposed to stay in this chat now-jeez

DC Grace: <smh>

FranyKicksazz: jess when i go i go for it all lol u no me lol

Darcee: Can't wait to read alittle more on Brett seems pretty interesting!

Lizzy: lol dc

DC Grace: Sum1 asked about Paisley - we don't have her cast, but I can tell you who I want!

FranyKicksazz: need to see links of pics lol

Jessica: He's shirtless there...for those of you asking lmao

missrobyn: Whoo!

LisaTallchief: who?

Darcee: MEEE!

LisaTallchief: me! me!

DC Grace: Emma Roberts

LisaTallchief: thanks Jess

FranyKicksazz: im saving that fr tonight hahahahaha

FranyKicksazz: thanks jess lol

LisaTallchief: she would be good i think

Darcee: Did I tell u my name is emma!

DC Grace: Yea, she has that spunk

FranyKicksazz: emma roberts is beautiful

Darcee: LOL

missrobyn: Emma would be good!

LisaTallchief: she does

DC Grace: And my ideal for Finley is Emily Osment

LisaTallchief: I love the one for angelina

Jessica: DC has such great taste =D>

DC Grace: Rachel is Angelina - she is very pretty

DC Grace: aw, ty, Jess

LisaTallchief: yes she is

herb: emma is a beautiful name

FranyKicksazz: rachel ready for it all

Lizzy: rachel who?

DC Grace: Here's trivia for you, if you didn't know - she's my daughter

LisaTallchief: really?

FranyKicksazz: yess

DC Grace: yes!

missrobyn: i do enjoy those pictures of Josh hahaha

Lizzy: whoaaa gonna see some making out action of ur daughter with ki

LisaTallchief: wow!

DC Grace: she's on the cover

Lizzy: ohh yes i know her now lol

Darcee: Awe!!!!! I gotta get my mom to write books!!!!

LisaTallchief: that is awesome

missrobyn: I love the covers, both TSO and SoD

DC Grace: hahaha I will NOT be on set for that Lizzy

annie: let's get back to brett

Darcee: LOL!

FranyKicksazz: darceee hahahaha

Lizzy: hahaha!

LisaTallchief: lol

missrobyn: Yes shirtless Brett

herb: Rachel is another beautiful name--biblical!!

Jessica: Darcee, I know right? lol

DC Grace: hahaha

annie: he was pimping himself out earlier-yes

DC Grace: Hi, Dad!

annie: sorry-kinda

DC Grace: every1 stopped when I said that lol

FranyKicksazz: brett is pimping him self out,,how much? lol

LisaTallchief: lol

Lizzy: lol i was like what DC??

herb: Hello..sorry I'm late..password problems

Brett: if you liked the shirtless pics just wait until the movie thats all im gonna say :)

LisaTallchief: lol Frany!

missrobyn: You tease Josh

DC Grace: My dad just joined the chat! :)

FranyKicksazz: woohoo so exciteddddd

Lizzy: :D

LisaTallchief: don't tease us Josh!

FranyKicksazz: hi dad!!!!! lol

DC Grace: & we're talking bout shirtless Brett, lmao

LisaTallchief: so not fair!

missrobyn: LOL

Lizzy: lol!

Jeni: Joss has some great shots on his Model Mayhem account

Darcee: So how bad is brett!!!!

missrobyn: Yes well... Brett started it lol

DC Grace: he usually does, Robyn ;)

FranyKicksazz: i cant wait

missrobyn: LOL I knew it... trouble maker

LisaTallchief: that's why i am now team brett!

Brett: muahahaa

DC Grace: Brett will do some shocking things in this book

DC Grace: very shocking

LisaTallchief: all u have to say is shirtless and i am putty!

Lizzy: im still team dasan hahaa

DC Grace: so be prepared to hate him while you love him

missrobyn: How much longer do we have to wait *whines*

FranyKicksazz: and i tbetter not be keeping his shirt on lmao dc

annie: i'm hoping so

annie: how shocking

Darcee: Shirtless!!!!

DC Grace: 13 days!

LisaTallchief: Lizzy, i am very torn right now!

Jessica: Kiowa needs to start working out...just

annie: he says there's more...

FranyKicksazz: lmao

DC Grace: he'll make you want to knock him out - tell 'em, Jess

LisaTallchief: lol Jess

Lizzy: dont hate on ki now!! ;)

KitKat: I finally got in!!

Jeni: I'm rearrnaging my GoodReads To Read list to make sure i'm free to read them as soon as i get them


Darcee: Jess LOL !

DC Grace: yay Kitkat

LisaTallchief: hello kitkat!

KitKat: Hello y'all!! :)

Darcee: Heloo kit kat

annie: i think i can live with love and hate

Jessica: Believe me, I'm the last person gonna hate on Kiowa...but look at him lol (I hope he never see's may cause an a problem lol)

missrobyn: 13 days... ok I can handle that... yep...

FranyKicksazz: so how is the ordering down when ur in a diffrent country??

DC Grace: How bad are you, Brett?

Lizzy: hahaha yeahh he needs to work on those abs

Brett one of my new headshots i dont htink uve seen it yet DC i have a few more to

FranyKicksazz: isnt this a trans cript jess?

Lizzy: but hes still hot ;)

KitKat: I plead the 5th on Ki...LOL

DC Grace: shipping cost is different, fran, but that's all

DC Grace: Kk, Josh

Brett: oh im bad !! haha that sounds wrong

LisaTallchief: so u don't have to have a paypal account?

DC Grace: no, Lisa

KitKat: Youdon't need a paypal account

Jessica: Fran, I can easily 'erase' my comments before posting it...he knows I love him though

LisaTallchief: to order the book i mean?

DC Grace: Kitkat, can u explain the purchase process?

missrobyn: Wow I love it Josh

LisaTallchief: ok

Lizzy: who doesnt love kiowa???

DC Grace: not my forte, lol

Darcee: Nice pic I can see u being real bad!!!!

FranyKicksazz: KIOWA is da Bomb Diggty

Jessica: I will refrain from my mind going into the gutter during this chat :-P

annie: holy crap josh-nice smoldery picture

KitKat: All you hae to dois click onthe right Buy Now button and you'll be take to PayPal, and all you nee is your email address

missrobyn: My mind was in the gutter a long time ago lol

KitKat: Noneed to register witgh PayPal

FranyKicksazz: do i need pay pal/

herb: Hey, maybe I missed it but when does the new book go on sale??

LisaTallchief: thanks kitkat

FranyKicksazz: Canadian here

DC Grace: the 27th, Dad

LisaTallchief: gonna do it tonite

FranyKicksazz: 13 days!!

Darcee: Too late I already told Jess I opened a paypal account!!!

KitKat: For Canada, ou'dneed to pay InterntaionalShipping

missrobyn: I had to enlarge the picture Josh just posted... rawr

DC Grace: but u can preorder now! :)


KitKat: Damn I can't type

Jeni: Yes yes, preorder is best

DC Grace: so I have SOD pulled up on my comp - shall I post a tease?

LisaTallchief: don't worry DC, as soon as i can get over there!

Brett: where in canada are you guys ?

FranyKicksazz: how much is it diffrent if u order 4? i need doubles got daughters

LisaTallchief: please!!!!!

missrobyn: KitKat

FranyKicksazz: im in edmonton alberta canada


DC Grace: ok, gonna do a cut & paste, so gimme a sec...

Jessica: I just posted three of his headshots on the Guardians facebook page (are there more than 3 Josh? lol) (I hope the link works)

KitKat: Robyn

LisaTallchief: i will definetly preorder!

missrobyn: Im in the usa... poor me

KitKat: Holy heck... We gonna have serious Brett fans... LOL

FranyKicksazz: awesome after the chat imma make it my screen saver lol

KitKat: Ordering for 4 Fran?

LisaTallchief: holy crap Josh!

DC Grace: okay, goin to post small segments of 1 section, & it's Brett! So this'll take four posts... here we go!

Darcee: Team Brett here we come

missrobyn: Oh yeah... Team Brett, Team Josh... Team Shirtless! lol

Brett: wow way up there have you ever been to kingston ?

KitKat: Maye te $9 shipping might cover it but I'm not 100% sure

FranyKicksazz: when i get my casholla 20th ive got 2 daughters who love to read so get them some each

LisaTallchief: yes.....Team Shirtless!

KitKat: Franyou want the books shppd to them directly?

Jessica: So anyone that is NOT in the chat but trying to get in...I apologize... apparently there is a limit to how many can be in this room (first time users here) and we've hit our limit.. *sigh* We'll look elsewhere for the next chat! :((

FranyKicksazz: Brett nope i stayed more so on the west coast

herb: had a great week in Edmonton Alberta when I was in high school..many years

missrobyn: LOL I'm on a roll tonight whoo hoo

KitKat: You can get in if you enter with our Facebook account even if there's a waiing list

FranyKicksazz: kitkat id have to get it under my name obv the mail system for the mail building

DC Grace: Brett cocked an eyebrow almost mischievously.“Fair enough,” he said.I took a step back. I was going in the wrong direction. The door to the restaurant, the door that led me to Dasan, was getting farther away. I still didn’t want to risk exposing my Nephilim abilities in front of this guy, not knowing who or what he was. I looked at Brett again. He chuckled, taking another giant step forward.

Lizzy: you shold tinychat next time

FranyKicksazz: herb u no edmonton??? its so windy here today

KitKat: If it's nshippig destination, then the International postage ight cover 4 books but gotta check irst

DC Grace: “Why are you hounding me?” I asked, my voice barely a whisper as my throat went dry. He reached his hand up slowly, like he was going to stroke my hair. I moved my head away, and his hand fell to his side.

KitKat: one shipping destintion

missrobyn: -sigh-

LisaTallchief: Josh is rocking the pouty look in one of those pics!

DC Grace: “There’s just something about you that draws me to you, Angel.”Something about the way he said Angel “Only one person calls her Angel,” a voice came from behind us. “And it isn’t you.”

missrobyn: Ruff!

FranyKicksazz: ohhhhhh excitedddd

DC Grace: end quote!

Jeni: Eeeek! DC Eeeeek!

DC Grace: lol

KitKat: LOL@Jeni

Jeni: it the 27th yet?

Jeni: Kat i'm excited!

DC Grace: close!

KitKat: I'm so glad you arJeni!!

missrobyn: LOL I know I can't wait much longer

Jessica: *sigh* I wish...where's a time machine when you need one ;)

KitKat: Mine's broken

DC Grace: lol, it kills me, too, believe me!

LisaTallchief: Lisa is glad eh is sitting down after reading that!

missrobyn: I've got a tardis but I forgot where I put it

Jeni: No i have another 10 books to read between now and then

KitKat: Hey the waitmakes things seeter ;)

DC Grace: I hate not being able to spill the beans

Darcee: Ugghhhhh I've been working so much i havent been able to finish the book yet!!!

Jessica: You best get cracking,

Jeni: Robyn... a Dr. fan?

FranyKicksazz: i love bad ass's so im team brett

KitKat: I've NO idea whee Jeni finds the tim o rea. (*.*)

DC Grace: AND you get a peek @ Last Shadow Cast in the back of SOD

missrobyn: Oh yes! Love me some Dr Who

Jeni: Jessica i'm trying, trust me.

KitKat: I'm still Team Jake :D

DC Grace: ll Kitkat

Jessica: Neither do I...and we sit there like all day talking on our bbm's about books...*sigh* We're such nerds lol

missrobyn: I'm team everyone but honestly I'm leaning towards Team Brett now

Darcee: I hope the movie does very well DC

Jessica: YAY! Kat...Team Jake's *high five*

FranyKicksazz: miss robyn thank u

LisaTallchief: DC, have we said how much we love u?!

KitKat: LOL@ Robyn

DC Grace: well, when u reach the end of SOD & are ready to kill me, keep going - part of Last Shadow Cast is in the back

Jeni: I make time....i get about 5hrs of sleep a night

DC Grace: aw, ty, Lisa! Muah!

KitKat: Jeni I sleep 2 or 3 hrs and I still don't have time to read... LOL

Jeni: And i'm a quick reader

missrobyn: LOL We could never kill you DC we love you way too much

Jessica: The movie will do well...(think positive y'all)

DC Grace: I'll remind you of that in 13 days, lol

KitKat: eah if DC gets killed then thats the endof the story... ;)

Jeni: Time managment and excessive mutlitasking

LisaTallchief: the movie will be great!

FranyKicksazz: I cant wait when i order can i get get them signed for my girls?

KitKat: The movie wil kick a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LisaTallchief: i am scared!

Darcee: Sorry I mean I know it will!!!!

DC Grace: Yes, Frany :)

FranyKicksazz: whos killed?

FranyKicksazz: Thanks Loves ya u rawk!!!!

DC Grace: lol, omg, how did that start?!

Jessica: Yes...authors love their cliffhangers... ;)

missrobyn: Fran, DC thinks we'll want ot kill her lol

KitKat: No one is killed. Not in here. LOL

herb: so, when does the work on the movie start??

Jeni: I agree with Kat

DC Grace: preprod. starts next month

Jeni: about the movie

LisaTallchief: cool

DC Grace: we're tryingf 2 start filming by end of year

LisaTallchief: can't wait!

DC Grace: cross fingers & toes!

FranyKicksazz: im so excite i keep saying loll

KitKat: It's gonna be so awesome. We need to spread the word to the rest of the world!

LisaTallchief: fingers and toes are crossed!

KitKat: Kinda like the wy Twilight spread. Hahaha

DC Grace: Ki & Josh facing off will be amazing

missrobyn: I might bounce out of my chair I'm so excited

KitKat: Agre with DC

FranyKicksazz: DC u want me to hire hit men i can ill knock some sense into people lmao

KitKat: agree

FranyKicksazz: jk

missrobyn: Oh yeah I can't wait DC, epic

LisaTallchief: we can try to start a trend on Twitter

DC Grace: Becuz... we introduce Brett in the film version of TSO, not SOD... ;)

DC Grace: lol Frany

Jessica: Kiowa is shorter than You gotta put him up on a box or something ;)

herb: I'm sure everything will work out just fine!!

missrobyn: Can I pounce Brett? Just play with him for a bit?

KitKat: LOL@Jess

Lizzy: hey hey ki is perfect lol

Jeni: Get lifts, he'll be fine

DC Grace: lol, height difference is needed, u'll c when u read the book

LisaTallchief: lol robyn!

FranyKicksazz: jen platforms lol

Jeni: Josh is TALL though. Very

DC Grace: Brett is bigger

LisaTallchief: just a few minutes huh?

KitKat: Hey where did Brett g?

missrobyn: mind in gutter

KitKat: go?

Lizzy: how tall

DC Grace: supposed 2 b

missrobyn: oi vey

Jessica: He's taller than yeah...Kiowa is shorter than me (though he "says" he's 5.11 lol -lies) lol

Jeni: I'm 5'9" and he towered over me

DC Grace: see, I can pick 'em! ;)

LisaTallchief: how tall are u Josh?

missrobyn: I'm 5'7 and both times I met Ki he was taller by a couple inches

KitKat: I'm 5'3" so EVERYONE towers over me

FranyKicksazz: Ki is not 5'11 hes like 5'9 and ahalf

FranyKicksazz: lol

Jessica: I'm 6'0 and he was a little taller than

missrobyn: Aww kitkat

Jeni: Kiowa is about the same heigh as me.

DC Grace: there's a stand off scene in SOD where Brett towers over Dasan

DC Grace: so I'm not worried

Lizzy: im 5'3

Jessica: Kiowa is 5'10 lol

Lizzy: lol

KitKat: That's ok. I'llbuy platfors ;)

LisaTallchief: oh goodness

Brett: im 6' 1 "

KitKat: platforms

Lizzy: yeahh buddy thats tall enough lol

missrobyn: lol

KitKat: What is wrong with my keyboard??

Darcee: Well you're all taller then Me !!!!

LisaTallchief: wow josh

DC Grace: has best line, too! Brett asks, "Is she worth dting for, Alpha?" & Dasan replies, "Yeah. Wanna find out?"

KitKat: Wow... Jos is tall

DC Grace: "dying for"

missrobyn: Its ok kitkat, i keep miss spelling things cuz my fingers are working faster than my brain

KitKat: Josh

Jessica: Gosh, you're gonna be a giant next to Rachel lol

FranyKicksazz: wohooo

LisaTallchief: gotta say, that's my dasan!

KitKat: I agree Robyn!

DC Grace: mine too, Robyn

DC Grace: yea, you'll really feel for Das in Sod

missrobyn: lol we're all way too excited

FranyKicksazz: how tall is rach?

KitKat: This is GOOD excitement!

DC Grace: he goes through hell - courtesy of Brett

missrobyn: fingers are too fast and brain is in the gutter

DC Grace: Rachel is 5" in real life - like Angelina

LisaTallchief: i may start hyperventilating now!

KitKat: LOL@ Robyn

Brett: i dont feel bad for him at all !

DC Grace: lol @ Lisa

Jessica: DC, I don't ever wanna meet her...or if I do, can I be sitting? lol

DC Grace: you wouldn't, Brett, lol

missrobyn: I blame Josh for my mind being in the gutter, he's responsible

LisaTallchief: of course u don't!

Lizzy: wow a 11 inch difference bettwen ki and rachel lol

DC Grace: hahaha Jess

FranyKicksazz: get platforms lol

KitKat: I think it's 11 inches between Rachel and Josh

DC Grace: yes, Lizzy, just like the book! :)

Jessica: But in the books, Dasan is what, 6' its not as bad as its actually written lol

Brett: a 13 inch diff between me and rachel

Lizzy: hehe!

missrobyn: Those men just tower over everyone lol

herb: Rachek is small but beautiful!!

FranyKicksazz: holy

DC Grace: 6'1" in the book

LisaTallchief: yes, the gutterbrains are Brett's fault!

KitKat: Oh really? I miscalculated..LOL

DC Grace: he seems taller to Angel

Jeni: Tall guys are good. means us girls can wear our heels

DC Grace: but then again, everyone does, lol

Lizzy: have rachel & kiowa met yet?

herb: Rachel..i

missrobyn: if i wore heels I'd break my neck lol

DC Grace: Brett's 6'3"

KitKat: But I do't wanna wear heels....

KitKat: OL

LisaTallchief: lol

KitKat: LOL

FranyKicksazz: brett is 6'3

DC Grace: yes, Rachel is very pretty

Jessica: I knew someone was 6' Too many characters to keep straight lol

KitKat: I have a no-heels polcy uhnles I'm meetin Chaske

DC Grace: lol Jess

missrobyn: Ok if I ever meet Josh, dude I'm making you like kneel or something

Jeni: Hahaha Kat!

DC Grace: Rachel is prolly the luckiest girl in the world

Darcee: Oh well we all know that height doesnt matter!!!

FranyKicksazz: im like 5'7

DC Grace: all these guys - good grief!

missrobyn: I dunno I'd say DC is lucky too lol

KitKat: Rachel is super pretty :)

Lizzy: duhh she gets to make out with kiowa lol

LisaTallchief: lol Robyn! we can go so many places with that one!

FranyKicksazz: taller is better i think lol

DC Grace: lol, yea, I get to be pushy and force my opinion on them, lol

missrobyn: LOL Lisa

KitKat: And then I sweep any mess made

DC Grace: I do kinda enjoy that ;)

KitKat: LOL

FranyKicksazz: awesome job lol

LisaTallchief: yea DC, i am so glad!

DC Grace: hahaha Kat

DC Grace: lol ty, Frany

DC Grace: it is fun - I know my characters when I see them

DC Grace: that's y I love Leo so much - the boy just IS Jake!

LisaTallchief: i think that is awesome!

KitKat: It would be hilarious to have Ki and Josh in th same chat room... :P

DC Grace: OMG Kat!

missrobyn: Leo is AWESOME dc

LisaTallchief: i do love jake too.....

missrobyn: He cracks me up to no end

DC Grace: yea, wait til u c his stuntwork

KitKat: Heh heh

FranyKicksazz: i cant wait to finsish my story dc u inspired me to write ill make u proud ma

DC Grace: he's really gonna get u in SOD, lol!

DC Grace: I kno u will Fran

FranyKicksazz: so excited some good stuff oming out tihs year too

LisaTallchief: wow......dasan and brett in same chat room! can we please?

DC Grace: just suffice it to say Jake gets on a tangent about "butt hairs"

Jessica: I love Jake is SOD...I mean, it doesn't take much for me to love him...but I do lol

herb: Franny's a writer too??

KitKat: BRB I need a refill on my Iced Grande No-Classic Black Tea

FranyKicksazz: omg next chat shoulw be vidoe chat lol im mcluvin it lol

DC Grace: she's writing her 1st piece

missrobyn: Jake IS a butthair

missrobyn: ahahaha

DC Grace: Kk Kat

DC Grace: lol Robyn!

FranyKicksazz: Herb ur daughter has inspired me to do so

Jessica: :-O I will pretend you did not say that, Robyn lol

LisaTallchief: i really want to see jake and finley together

missrobyn: LOL Jess

DC Grace: yea, he is!

missrobyn: I love Jake

DC Grace: but that's why we love him

LisaTallchief: lol

LisaTallchief: yep

herb: well, she has always been a great motivator

DC Grace: Oh, Lisa, what's in store...!

Jessica: I love Finley...actually thinking about changing my twitter name again because of her...or Jake...rather, both of them lol

LisaTallchief: DC, i think u live to torment me!

DC Grace: that's code for "pushy", huh? lol

FranyKicksazz: herb no doubt love to rpomote her book too i loved the first book cant wait for the second

DC Grace: hahaha

LisaTallchief: lol

Jeni: Jessica, No more Monkey? :o

Darcee: Yeah you can be called jakely!!!!

DC Grace: They have the best scene in SOD, I'll tell u that

herb: Guys, I gotta go...enjoyed it DC..let me know when there's another one!!

Jessica: I should just change it to 'littlemonkeyfairy' - the best of both worlds lmao ;)

LisaTallchief: how about jakey wakey?

DC Grace: bye, Dad!

missrobyn: I love it Jess!

LisaTallchief: ah, that is better jess!

FranyKicksazz: bye herb

LisaTallchief: little thorn fairy!

DC Grace: Butnow that I'm working on Last Shadow Cast... things may change!

herb: Adios, Love you!!

LisaTallchief: bye herb!

DC Grace: Muah! Luv U

FranyKicksazz: bye herb

DC Grace: Spoiler alert! I'll give ONE hint about a big event in SOD...

Jessica: Yeah, I used to be 'thornfairy' but my 'monkey' friends flipped out on I changed it back lol

LisaTallchief: oh no

herb: bye guys!!

missrobyn: i liek littlemonkeyfairy

LisaTallchief: hee hee

DC Grace: By the end of SOD, TWO characters will... disappear...

FranyKicksazz: i thinku should somesomething at west edmonton mall DC have a boo signing

missrobyn: bah dont say that

Lizzy: yeahh littlemonkeyfairy (:

FranyKicksazz: book lol

DC Grace: not saying who

LisaTallchief: ok, where is my paper bag?!

missrobyn: BOO SIGNING! lol

Jeni: Monkeys ROCK

DC Grace: lol

Darcee: WHAT!!! No

missrobyn: I have it *hides paper bag*

DC Grace: hahaha, that doesn't mean they won't be back...

FranyKicksazz: robyn its my keys but then id be lying lmao

Lizzy: as long as its not dasan im good lool

missrobyn: whew

Jeni: Jessica not only gives Guardian addictions, but turned me into a Monkey Junkie

KitKat: Back!

missrobyn: DC you scare me sometimes lol

KitKat: Bye herb!

LisaTallchief: don't hide it robyn! i need it really bad!

Jessica: It could be anyone.......

DC Grace: but hey, we have 2 have sum drama

Darcee: oh thank God Dont scare us like that!

missrobyn: Say PLEASE Lisa lol

DC Grace: hahaha!

Jessica: I'm good at throwing my addictions on to other

Lizzy: not dasan pleasee lol

DC Grace: but u still won't be happy about it

FranyKicksazz: come to edmonton's big mall i think would be awesome

Darcee: Yes drama is good i must say!!

DC Grace: Dasan can't leave - no story without him & Angel!

KitKat: What?? What about Dasan??

Jessica: :-?

LisaTallchief: just please not dasan!

Lizzy: true hahaaha

missrobyn: Drama is good... sometimes I feel like drama will kill me lol I'm so emotional

KitKat: Not Dasan??

FranyKicksazz: jess hahaha love the face lol

LisaTallchief: or angelina! that would make dasan very sad!

DC Grace: hahaha, that scene makes me cry...

Jeni: Disappear doesn't mean dead

DC Grace: oh he's already pretty sad in SOD

missrobyn: I'm here anytime a guardian or perhaps evil villain needs someone... *cough*

LisaTallchief: what makes u cry DC?

DC Grace: nope, doesn't always mean dies...

KitKat: We gtting spoilers? LOL

Brett: haha @missrobyn

DC Grace: not sayin, Lisa, nice try tho ;)


DC Grace: yep, 1 spoiler, but not sayin who, so shhh!

missrobyn: LOL Just sayin...

LisaTallchief: oh man! had to try!

Jessica: I don't think I cried in SOD...shoot, I can't remember lol! Oh wait, yes...yes I did...TSO got me twice though lol

Darcee: Step in line robyn!!!!LOL

DC Grace: yea, u did....

KitKat: I cried inTS

FranyKicksazz: DC come to canada's biggest mall, kiowa cam her with my cuz everyone comes to that mall

KitKat: TSO

Jessica: Is that sad that you remember and I didn't? lol

Jeni: Ok so must by tissues for the 27th and 28th

DC Grace: how bad is it that I cry when I'm writing it, & I know how it turns out, lol?

Darcee: Oh yeah i was crying the other day!!!

LisaTallchief: i am so in trouble! SPOILER ALERT..........the imprinting scene had me crying in the first book!

missrobyn: LOL Sarcee

KitKat: DC I do the same thing.LOL

missrobyn: *darcee. geez my fingers need to slow down

DC Grace: lol, Lisa! Momma Grace giving up her life for Dasan had me bawling!

Jessica: We'll have to set up a chat in June where we can talk openly about both With spoilers allowed...

KitKat: No the damn PC needs to keep up with us Robyn. LOL

Darcee: I was gonna say who's Sarcee!!!LMAO

LisaTallchief: well, that too!

missrobyn: I love mama grace

DC Grace: hahaha

missrobyn: LOL Sorry my fingers move too fast for my brain

LisaTallchief: heck, i was a big ball of mush almost the entire book!

FranyKicksazz: haha i love that "SPOILERS"

DC Grace: Momma Grace is my girl

Darcee: Dont worry no worry no one ever gets my name right

LisaTallchief: hee hee frany

LisaTallchief: just in case!

Jeni: Yes save my eyes, no spoilers

KitKat: Momma Gracce is awesome. I love her. :)

missrobyn: LOL kitkat so true

KitKat: I love Paisley and Pay too

DC Grace: SOD will keep you on the edge of your seat, for sure


FranyKicksazz: lol

KitKat: LOL

missrobyn: I'm already on the edge of my seat waiting lol

Jessica: Which is why I said...some people haven't read TSO yet so we don't want to give things away...not until the books are out!

DC Grace: believe me, I was on the edge of my seat, and I knew where I was goin with it, hahaha

Darcee: I'm proofreading everything im mexican you know how us latin people love to talk with hands!!!!

LisaTallchief: ok DC.....can I have mine now? I will pay a little extra! I need my Dasan fix!!!!

missrobyn: LOL thats crazy

Jessica: Kat, our taste in characters are very similar lol

DC Grace: true, Jess!

KitKat: LOL@Darcee

Brett: aww well thank you :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DC Grace: hahaha @ Lisa

KitKat: Jess - for the most part, yes! ;

KitKat: ;)

LisaTallchief: and i really want to meet brett too!

FranyKicksazz: thats how u flirt online lmao

missrobyn: Now I will be plagued with visions of Brett til the book... so horrible... *wink*

DC Grace: If you've preordered, you'll get the E-Copy for free @ 12:01am the 27th in your email

missrobyn: oh thank goodness

LisaTallchief: that is a little better

Jeni: DC is that a E copy of both books?

LisaTallchief: yes, thank goodness!

Darcee: Yes me tooo! Step aside robyn!!!! love sarcee!11

DC Grace: if u ordered both, yes

missrobyn: I liked that when I ordered TSO before, the hard copy and ebook made me so happy

missrobyn: LOL Darcee i love you

Jeni: Yep i did, thank you

DC Grace: yea, I hate waiting


I couldn't wait to get my book in the mail so I was lik
e Ebook? Yes!

LisaTallchief: we do too!

DC Grace: lol

LisaTallchief: love the ebook!

Darcee: I think I love you too! I think we'd make good characters for a book you think! O:-)

Jeni: I book addiction is both physical and e copies

FranyKicksazz: i cant wait seriousl.y

LisaTallchief: me too frany!

DC Grace: Y do I have the impression there'll be a bunch of people up reading in the middle of the night the 27th...?

Brett: its sooo good you guys :) sorry girls

missrobyn: Why Darcee what a fabulous idea!

LisaTallchief: alright brett.....don't make me change my mind about u! lol

DC Grace: ty, Brett, that's a compliment coming from TGS' original bad boy!

Jeni: I will be DC, for sure

FranyKicksazz: i thinku should get ur book on audio so i can fall asleep to u reading lol

missrobyn: Josh stop being such a tease... but seriously keep it up we love you

Jessica: I saw someone says they wanna meet 'Brett' :) Hopefully you'll meet Josh, he's awesome! But we all over at the Guardians Facebook page encourage you to share any pictures you have of meeting anyone from the cast (at this point, I'm going with mostly Kiowa?) We love seeing pictures! I'll even share mine :-P

Darcee: yes DC you reading this!!!!!! :))

KitKat: LOL@Lisa

FranyKicksazz: bed time stroies lol

DC Grace: lol @ bedtime stories

missrobyn: Fran that would be awesome... audio book whoo hoo

DC Grace: AND... if you love Jake, HIS series will be out this winter!

Jeni: Yea Josh is a hoot and a great guy!

Lizzy: i cant wait to meet kiowa in december

Jessica: DC was bugging me after every chapter while I was reading. I was up until like


missrobyn: Yay jake

DC Grace: right along with Last Shadow Cast

LisaTallchief: this will make me have all kinds of wet......oops! I mean good dreams!

DC Grace: hahaha Lisa

missrobyn: Lisa! ahahahaha

KitKat: LOL@Lisa

FranyKicksazz: i would seriously love that i got breaking dawn on audio and i fell asleep to it i was bella dude lmao

LisaTallchief: sorry

DC Grace: Jess, I wasn't THAT bad! ;)

missrobyn: I knew I'd love you all right off the bat

Jessica: Lizzy, you meeting him in Orlando?

LisaTallchief: that slipped out

missrobyn: uh huh suuuuure

KitKat: HeyLsa says all the stuff I'd say if there wasn't a man in the room. Bwahaha

LisaTallchief: it is his fault!

DC Grace: Okay,so another surprise I'm not going public with for a couple of months...

Brett: aww thanks guys it was great meeting you !

missrobyn: I'd speak my mind but then I'm like... no, must keep them liking me and not being afraid lol

LisaTallchief: oh no

FranyKicksazz: audio for real

Jessica: Oh no? o_O I was trying to watch some Football and 'soooo have you started it yet' every 30 minutes lol

DC Grace: I'm writing a THIRD series - this one is totally unique and different...

LisaTallchief: where is my bag again?

KitKat: Special info for only those of us in Chat!

missrobyn: I think Josh needs to come visit me in New Jersey... buahahaha lock him up...

DC Grace: This one has Dragon Fae, and it's called The Amethyst Dragon series

Jessica: Josh, must ask you...since I talked to you early on at that signing...did you get bombarded by people?

LisaTallchief: Josh, i want to meet u too! and I am really not a stalker i swear!

Darcee: I'd still love you robyn!


DC that sou
nds so awesome

Brett: im in new jersey

DC Grace: See, there's benefits to cominbg to the chats, lol!

missrobyn: Whaaaat

missrobyn: I'm slow

Jeni: Oooo Dragons and Fae!!! YAY

FranyKicksazz: brett my sister lives there too scotch plains

missrobyn: Must hunt Josh down

DC Grace: Yes, book one is called Dragon Wings

LisaTallchief: that is awesome DC

Jessica: Josh, looks like you've got yourself a fanclub now :-P yay lol

missrobyn: I like the titles

DC Grace: and the hero is a violet-eyed dragon fae named Dade

KitKat: Josh lookslike you got yourself a nice stalkr now. LO! JK!!!

Darcee: Yeah well he has to come to michigan first!

FranyKicksazz: whos a stalker?

Jessica: Dade *sigh* lol

missrobyn: Dc youre too good to us... *salivating*

Jeni: oooo nice name. Dade

FranyKicksazz: lol

missrobyn: I'm a stalker

missrobyn: Shhhh

KitKat: Ahhhhh Dade

LisaTallchief: hey, i will be coming to New York in November with my daughters band! we can do lunch Josh!

KitKat: LOL@ Robyn

DC Grace: AND we're putting Drew Doyon and Josh Dibble on the cover of that one! :)

missrobyn: WHOO!

DC Grace: Yes, Kat, I love Dade, too!

FranyKicksazz: wohooooooooooooooooooooo​oooo

missrobyn: *passes out*

Jessica: DREEEEWWW! :D

KitKat: I am EXTRA excited about the Dragon Wings cover.

DC Grace: yep, that book should fly off the shelves, just from the cover, lol

Jeni: DC.....Thats alot of hotness for one cover

Jeni: And i second Jessica's reaction

DC Grace: tell me about it, lol

Brett: what am i going on the cover of ?

LisaTallchief: i am really not a stalker......really, wink, wink

missrobyn: Playgirl?

KitKat: Jeni, you'll need kitchen mittens to handle this book

DC Grace: but alot of hotness in the book, so...

missrobyn: LOL

FranyKicksazz: dc thats soft porn right there hahaha

KitKat: OL@ Josh

Jessica: Ooooh...change in cover? I like...Jessica approves!

LisaTallchief: hee hee robyn

DC Grace: Dragon Wings - keep up, Brett! lol

LisaTallchief: lol

Jeni: Kat can you really seem me in mittens? I like to play with fire

DC Grace: remember texts two weeks ago...?

KitKat: Josh is crackn me up

DC Grace: lmao

KitKat: LOL@Jeni

Jessica: sure you texted me? lol

Darcee: What did u misspalce michigan on the map Brett

FranyKicksazz: ok josh + loin cloth copver works well lmfao

DC Grace: No, I texted Josh, lol

missrobyn: Josh plus strategically placed item? *cough*

Brett: im trying im trying

LisaTallchief: lol frany! i know right?

DC Grace: okay, now I'm gettin confused!

KitKat: And hee I was trying to remember a text from 2 weeks ago. Impossible task

DC Grace: lol Josh, it's okay :)

FranyKicksazz: i think josh on the cover with just a loin cloth feeding me grapes i like that idea lol

DC Grace: I know, guys - go figure

KitKat: OMG Fran!! Hahahahahahaha

Darcee: Trust me DC just keep typing!!

DC Grace: lol Frany

FranyKicksazz: hahahahha

Jessica: LOL! yeah, remembering a text from an hour ago is hard enough...two weeks...ha :-P

missrobyn: LOL Fran

LisaTallchief: josh, don't try too much harder!

Brett: @misssrobyn where at in jersey are you ?

DC Grace: hahaha, yea, but his text was about a paying gig, lol

DC Grace: we tend to remember those

Jessica: My cover idea was pretty sexy lol...and it would be a close up ;)

KitKat: True

DC Grace: at least I do, lol

FranyKicksazz: lol

KitKat: I need a paying gig. LOL

missrobyn: I'm by Philadelphia... but I have a car... and I will use it... :)

DC Grace: hahaha Kat

Jessica: Please don't say the Jersey Shore.........

Jeni: i'm a Jersey Girl

DC Grace: I'm buying u a new phone, girl!

Lizzy: jersey shore is awesome

Jeni: Hahaha, Yea....the shore....yea

KitKat: I'm inPhoenix, as long as we're saying where we're from LOL

Jessica: You're in Philly?! I'm there ALLLLLL the time. It's my second

Darcee: Awe!!!!

Jessica: That was to Robyn, btw lol

Brett: i have friends that live on the shore im in central jersey

KitKat: Anyone on my side of the country?

missrobyn: LOL Not IN philly but right over the bridge

Jessica: I'm the Fresh Prince-ess of Bel Air ;)

LisaTallchief: where are u Kat?

missrobyn: LOL Jess

DC Grace: Well, I'm from Thunder Mountain - just cuz that's whjere the hot wolf boys are

KitKat: Phoenix

Brett: but im from the thousand islands on the st. lawrence river

FranyKicksazz: Canadian here i so am cool lol jk

LisaTallchief: i am in georgia

missrobyn: Josh now I'm gonna have to find you! I'm in Burlington County lol I'll get a full tank of gas and hunt you down to meet you

Brett: i live 10 min from canada eh

DC Grace: man, all parts of the continent representing here tonight

KitKat: Wow. Never been the sole west coaster in a chat room efore. Haha

LisaTallchief: lol

Jessica: Oh, well I'm all over that area...Philly...across the river in NJ...yeah, most of my friends live up blows

missrobyn: Yup yup and we're all cooler than the average bear

FranyKicksazz: woohooo brett i was saying my older sister lives in scotch plains nj

Darcee: Im In michigan!

LisaTallchief: yep, i am a georgia girl!

KitKat: Bear?? I'm a wolf. :P

FranyKicksazz: kitkat im in alberta canada semi west coast

missrobyn: LOL

Jeni: Jessica travels alot.

Lizzy: im inFLORIDA

KitKat: Been to Canada once. Toronto. Super nice

Jessica: I get around ;) What can I

LisaTallchief: but i am currently residing on Thunder

missrobyn: See now this makes me so happy, knowing I'm chatting with people who leave semi close to me

FranyKicksazz: jess that u do lmao

LisaTallchief: hey lizzy, where in FL?

DC Grace: b4 I forget - The Amethyst Dragon series is on the down-low for now, ladies! We want SOD to get in stores before we start advertising it, so you're all in on the surprise! :)

Jeni: I didn't want to put it 'that' way

FranyKicksazz: lmao

missrobyn: We'll be good DC, promise!

FranyKicksazz: cant wait

dajung77 joined the chat

Jeni: Lips are seals, but with excited squeals

LisaTallchief: it will be our secret DC!

DC Grace: I know u will! But I wanted u guys 2 b the first 2 know!

FranyKicksazz: im excited wooohooo

Jessica: Lips are always sealed...

Lizzy: tampa, FL @lisa

LisaTallchief: thanks!

KitKat: Lips are stapled

DC Grace: I've been having a ball writing 3 series

dajung77: Heyy im here

LisaTallchief: key has been tossed over the shoulder!

Jessica: Oooh! I've been to go on a cruise lol

FranyKicksazz: the 20th im ordering some books here

DC Grace: especially the new Jake series

Darcee: Whoooo i love being in the secrets!!MUMS the word!

FranyKicksazz: thats it im thrpowing down lmao

Lizzy: hey dajung!

LisaTallchief: hi dajung

Lizzy: haha you need to come back jes!!!

DC Grace: Myths, Magic & Mechanics let's you get Jake's backstory

missrobyn: my mind is gone DC I read that entirely the wrong way lol

LisaTallchief: cool lizzy! i have been thru there. on my way to clearwater one time

FranyKicksazz: im so Mcluvin it with a side of fries worrdd lol

Jessica: Oh, since this is a chat about the books...I'll just throw out there that on the day SOD is released, you'll see new character bios over at I'm working on them now! :-P

dajung77: Hello :)

DC Grace: AND tncluding the contest winning "named", Nash!

Lizzy: cool! whwere u from?

KitKat: I'm gonna be busy with graphic layout for a while, aren't I? LO

missrobyn: I do like that name! Nash. Thats awesome

DC Grace: lol, Robyn

LisaTallchief: milledgeville,georgia

DC Grace: u better believe it, Kat! ;)

LisaTallchief: that was for lizzy

KitKat: LOL@DC

missrobyn: I thought it said backside and thought why do we wanna see his butt lol

Jessica: Would love to...but its too soon for me to revisit Florida...doesn't hold good memories for me! But I'll have to get over those to visit the HP park :-P

FranyKicksazz: i think imma have to pay a vist back to tso tonight

DC Grace: but he, u get 2 take the pictures! :)

LisaTallchief: whose butt?

missrobyn: Jake

Jeni: YES the HP park ROCKS!

LisaTallchief: what did i miss?

DC Grace: hahaha Robyn that's something Jake would say

Lizzy: oh i was just there hahaha met booboo

missrobyn: I thought she said the book gave us insight on jakes backside lol

Darcee: OHHH Robyn you just cracking me I think we"re on the same page!!!!

missrobyn: LOL

Jessica: Booboo is adorable! Loved meeting him!

KitKat: LOL@Robyn

LisaTallchief: i know.....booboo was in macon and i did not know it!

FranyKicksazz: what about jakes backside lmao

DC Grace: back STORY! Lol, brain out of gutter

missrobyn: I'm sorry! LOL I'm trying

DC Grace: hahaha

LisaTallchief: what gutter?

Lizzy: hahaah jess come to the orlando con.. :(:

Jessica: This is why I'm not commenting on the butt conversation...I'm going to be a good girl tonight lol

missrobyn: Jake is just a bad influence, and Brett is just... well... I'm a girl what can I say

KitKat: Did we all sare Josh? Hahaha

KitKat: scare

LisaTallchief: i thought i pulled myself out of there!

KitKat: not sare

DC Grace: that'll be a first, Jess! Booya! Hadta say it! ;)


hey jess... 
butt butt butt

LisaTallchief: i think we scared josh away!

Darcee: That's because she thinking about Brett

FranyKicksazz: jake u need to be wearing that loin cloth for this heat conversation lmao

Lizzy: booboo is amazing! very sweet!! & cute lol

Jessica: You know I'd LOVE to...but I can't! I've got Ohio (for the wolf pack panel) and NJ and Baltimore lol

KitKat: Buttery butt

LisaTallchief: sorry josh! we love u!!!!

DC Grace: lol @ Kat

missrobyn: LMAO KITKAT!

DC Grace: earth to Josh...

Darcee: I think we did Josh you still there!

KitKat: Mars to Josh

missrobyn: Josh we don't mean tos care you... we're all good... I think...

Lizzy: ughh lol ask ki to fly u out jessica (;

Jessica: LMAO@KAT! Buttery Butt...makes me think of my work or something...and yes, I'm all about shocking you tonight, gutter talk for me...I'll save that for later ;) lmao

LisaTallchief: TEAM BRETT! where are u?

dajung77: yeppp

DC Grace: think he's changing his phone number now...?

FranyKicksazz: lmao

KitKat: LOL@Jess awww no gutter talk?? Boooo


DC Grace: hahaha

Brett: sorry sorry im back lol

dajung77: TEAM JASON

Darcee: you got to love women who have a sense of humor( dirty minds)

FranyKicksazz: im hard cored team brett now lol

missrobyn: Yay you're still there Josh

KitKat: TEAM JAKE! Not a far jump from my TEAM JACOB

DC Grace: hahaha welcome back, Brett-imus

LisaTallchief: he is changing his facebook and twitter names!

Jessica: I'll gutter talk you with text messages if you want, Kat ;) lol

missrobyn: Team Brett! Woot woot!

KitKat: Ahhh Josh is BACK!!

Jeni: Not dirty minded, just creative with images and actions ;)

dajung77: *Dason

KitKat: LOL@Jess

DC Grace: ah, good 1, Jeni

LisaTallchief: There he is! we will be good we promise.....wink wink!

Jessica: Jeni, like that statue in that park in NYC LMAO!

FranyKicksazz: lol

Lizzy: DASAN

Jessica: Oh and yes, Kat...we need our Team Jake shirts...representing! Wooooord!

FranyKicksazz: this is by far the most kick ass chat im mcluvin it lol

KitKat: Jani - and if ou're REALLY creative ies with smells too


LisaTallchief: lol Jess

DC Grace: So Brett, you still there? Cuz I'm thinking you should give them a LITTLE insight on who you are... ;)

missrobyn: LOL I thought we scared him with all of our BUTTERY BUTT talk

KitKat: Totes Jess!! TEAM JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LisaTallchief: lol Lizzy!

Jeni: trick of the light ;)

DC Grace: hahaha

Jessica: And yes, cause all we know is your name is Josh, you live in New Jersey, you're 6'1 lol

Brett: i dont wanna give anything away tho

FranyKicksazz: brett was changin that loin cloth lol

LisaTallchief: yes please....insight insight!

Darcee: whooo oohh! Brett!!!!

missrobyn: Hey hearing you rep NJ just made me love you even more so!

DC Grace: u don't have 2 give up scenes 2 tell em how dastardly u r

dajung77: Lol lizzy i know

LisaTallchief: lol @DC

Darcee: LOl @Frany LMAO

missrobyn: dastardly... who SAYS that lol dc i love you

DC Grace: hahaha Robyn! Brett says that!

KitKat: Josh just tell em what Brett is like as a erson - no scene info ;)

LisaTallchief: come on brett.spill some beans, but just little beans

KitKat: person

missrobyn: Ok now I love Brett more, without reading the book lol

DC Grace: yep, like... how old are you?

Brett: well i get my way plain and simple if you dont like it id like to see you do something about it i fancy a little excersice and by little i mean i wont even break a sweat

FranyKicksazz: come on

missrobyn: He is one of a kind

LisaTallchief: lol robyn

missrobyn: Woof

DC Grace: that's my boy!


FranyKicksazz: lmao

KitKat: Yesssss

LisaTallchief: what? no sweat?

DC Grace: lol

missrobyn: He's THAT good

LisaTallchief: gots to have a little sweat!

LisaTallchief: lol

DC Grace: he doesn't have to - he gets people to sweat for him

Jessica: I love the word 'fancy' lol - random, I know lol

KitKat: LOL!

LisaTallchief: wow DC! now i am sweating!

DC Grace: that's a Brett word, Jess!

KitKat: But it's so Brett to 'fancy' things. ;)

LisaTallchief: Lisa is now fanning herself!

missrobyn: I think we need a Brett word book lol

FranyKicksazz: thats so hawtttttt

DC Grace: "Indeed"

FranyKicksazz: cant wait for the book

DC Grace: another Brett word

Jessica: DC...I know...which is why I love him more...cause I love that word lol

Jeni: Oooo Brett-isms

DC Grace: hahaha

KitKat: Brett-isms? LOL!

Brett: you know i use indeed and fancy in real life haha

missrobyn: I'd like to see Josh post a very short video saying Buttery Butt ahaha

Jessica: After SOD comes out, y'all are going to be like "Dasan who?" lol

LisaTallchief: hmmmmmm, i think i now "fancy" me some Brett!

missrobyn: Brett-isms rule

DC Grace: his fave tho, is, "Ah ah ah, I asked a question first..."

KitKat: LOL@Robyn

Jessica: Well, now you kick even more ass...I fancy that ;) lol

DC Grace: lol Brett

missrobyn: I think we've all gone Team Brett lol

DC Grace: I mean Josh!

Jeni: ooo with "ah, ah, ah" is there a ffinger shake?

FranyKicksazz: lmao i cant wait i cant even explain how excited i am

LisaTallchief: lol @ DC

DC Grace: Jni, turn of the head

Jessica: Robyn, only if he says "I indeed fancy buttery butt" lol

DC Grace: *Jeni

KitKat: Jeni is already magining scene LOL

KitKat: LOL

missrobyn: JESS!!!! ahahahah I love it

Brett: i will officially be speaking with an accent start about a month before filming until were done

LisaTallchief: Josh needs to do a video saying "fancy" and "indeed"!


DC Grace: accent is my fave part, I must say

Jeni: Nah thats someone elses job. But i can keep note of the action on lines

missrobyn: Accents are very cool

LisaTallchief: yes they are

DC Grace: Johnny Depp does that with CJS, too

FranyKicksazz: brett can say on a video for the guardian page one min saying i indeed fancy a buttery butt lmao

DC Grace: lmao Fran

LisaTallchief: lol @ frany

Jessica: Yes, I love your accent...and the way you carry do I your movements? I dunno why, but there was this one scene and the way you like moved...totally made the scene lol - yes, I'm weird lol

LisaTallchief: so true! did u get that josh?

Darcee: I'm back!

KitKat: Y'all get off te buttey butt. Lmao

DC Grace: but Brett does have a totally twisted side, so be careful...

dasaninsheets: Holy sweet jeebus... I'm in!

LisaTallchief: we are gonna make hime leave!

KitKat: wb darcee

missrobyn: But Buttery Butt is funny lol

DC Grace: hey, dasaninsheets!

Jessica: Kat, you started it lol

LisaTallchief: wow.....dasaninsheets! i love that picture!

missrobyn: YAY BABE YOUR HERE!

missrobyn: See I knew you'd get in here eventually

LisaTallchief: lol

FranyKicksazz: omg when i talk like this i feel like im cheating ba hahahahaha watch out book lmao

Jeni: OK, my mind is in the gutter now. Look what you did!

KitKat: @Jess I know but who woulda thught buttery butt wold take off? LMAO

DC Grace: just when you start to love him, snap! Ask one of the new characters from SOD...

Jeni: I'm seeing twited and thinking Kinky!

LisaTallchief: sorry!

FranyKicksazz: thats awesome

dasaninsheets: It only took me like a day to get here... but dang it... I AM HERE!

KitKat: YAY!! Dasininsheets finally arrives!! WOOHOO

Jessica: I had no idea...especially since that was like 20 minutes ago lol

LisaTallchief: how about dasanunderthesheets?

Jessica: I'm sorrrrrrry! I love you! :-*

Darcee: I got excited to see brett was back on i thought i got myself kicked out !!!

dasaninsheets: We've got a little bit of Dasan up, down to the side and under... LOL

Jessica: how about 'dasannotallowedinmybed'​? lol

DC Grace: lol

FranyKicksazz: i got a new twitter name brettsbutterybutt lmao

Brett: haha when im reading my chapters im acting stuff out with my hands lol

missrobyn: Fran!

DC Grace: <smh> fran

LisaTallchief: lol @ Jessica!

dasaninsheets: I'm so ashamed of you Jess.... LOL

missrobyn: lol Fran thats just... lmao

FranyKicksazz: whats smh i for got lol

KitKat: Your hands?? LOL! @ Josh

DC Grace: Brett - start practicing swinging that "ring"

Jessica: KAT!!!! You perv... ;) lol

missrobyn: Thats cool though Josh :)

KitKat: Heh heh heh Hey HEsaid hands. Not me. LO

Darcee: LOL @ Brett like i s

KitKat: LOL

LisaTallchief: now whose mind is in the gutter?

Jessica: Shush...I'm going to play in Payland now... :-P

dasaninsheets: Well... so... I guess I owe a big HELLO to Josh... I'm the obnoxious friend of the family...

DC Grace: well this is goin to hell in a handbag, lol

Jeni: Kat....Jessica! What has gotten into you two? tsk tsk.....corrupting the angelic one here :p

KitKat: Ohhhhhhhh Thanks for larifying DC!! LMAO

missrobyn: No honey you're the weird awkward cousin we all avoid

DC Grace: hahaha

LisaTallchief: hee hee @ DC

FranyKicksazz: this is th ebest chat ever lol no joke

Darcee: Oops Sorry Brett there i go talking with my hands again!!!

KitKat: Jeni, I think your ynthetic halo is slipping ff your shouder. Hhaha

DC Grace: lol Fran glad I'm not the only one crackin up

LisaTallchief: lol @ darcee

Jessica: Back out of the gutter we

Brett: @dasaninsheets hello lol !!

LisaTallchief: can we get a video of that josh?

FranyKicksazz: i love it in here lol

dasaninsheets: yeah, yeah... I might be that awkward cousin that gets avoided...


Aww JEss but I like the gutter Its so much

KitKat: LOL@Robyn

Jessica: Kat, its way gone...I'm starting to see little horns on Jeni's head, actually ;)

Jeni: My Halo is perfect....perfectly tarnished ;)

Jeni: Hey....the horns hold up my Halo

DC Grace: Brett, u never did tell 'em how old u r... & even tho we told them about "Nutritor", we'll keep your other "talent" a secret ;)

FranyKicksazz: jeni i thinku need to go get ur halo its still at the pawn shop lmao

LisaTallchief: lol @ Jeni

KitKat: Jess, sorry I THOUGHT it was her fake halo. It was a donut.

dasaninsheets: Psssh.... Jeni with a halo... NEVER!

FranyKicksazz: haha donut

Brett: def part of my capt jack as brett will be talking with my hands depp does it alot and i see brett doing it u guys might see what im saying when you read it :)

Jeni: Frany! 'tis true


LOL DC he's 
trying to avoid us, we've all gone mad

Jessica: Did you eat it? Or was the donut she ate for her birthday since she couldn't eat real food? lol

DC Grace: yep, very true, Brett

FranyKicksazz: jeni i thinki seen it

KitKat: Josh great description of Brett!

Jeni: mmmm Donuts

DC Grace: aw, who the hell brought up doughnuts? lmao

LisaTallchief: very true robyn.....we have lost our minds!

Jeni: It was the birthday donuts hahaha


KitKat: LOL@Jeni

Jeni: ok....back on topic

FranyKicksazz: what kind of donugt lol

KitKat: Jess - Jeni got me hungering for bacon on her birthdy

DC Grace: okay so back on topic...

missrobyn: Hey Brett with a strategically placed donut! ahahaha ok someone shut me up

Jeni: lol

Jessica: So the Guardians...OH! I've got something...but I dunno if I can share...hold on lol

DC Grace: another new character intro from SOD...?

KitKat: OMG ROBYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!

Jeni: What? How, Kat?


LisaTallchief: oh robyn! my goodness!

missrobyn: I've been re-reading TSO so much lately

FranyKicksazz: this is so cool

DC Grace: As Angelina would say, Oh my Goddess

KitKat: R=Jeni remembe we were talking about bacon? No?? LOL

missrobyn: I' trying to behave! i swear

LisaTallchief: you all are my kind of people!

missrobyn: Hey fran started it with a loin clothe and grapes lol

DC Grace: So new character intros...?

dasaninsheets: bacon wrapped donuts? Blerg

KitKat: Robyn - if that's "trying" I would LOE to see you let loose. ROFL

missrobyn: LOL I'm a hoot

FranyKicksazz: brett needs a loin cloth a very... small loin cloth ok lol

KitKat: Ew Jenni - Bacon and donuts don't go together LOL!

missrobyn: Yes new character intros

Brett: I hate to leave you guys but i have to get running it was deff fun and ive had some good laughs :)

LisaTallchief: how about brett in a doughnut with bacon?

missrobyn: Very good idea

DC Grace: we have a couple of new characters in SOD, but the coolest, besides Brett, is Bromera

LisaTallchief: yummy huh?

Jeni: Ok i remember - i read back over those text

KitKat: It was great to talk to you Josh!!!

Jessica: So I can! So...about those know, the hot Native men who protect the Sacred Oath? Yeah? WELL in SOD we get more of Kyle and Chayton! A lot more than in TSO!

Darcee: Damn it you are Robyn!

missrobyn: It was great meeting you Josh! Hope to meet you some day!

Jeni: I didn't eat bacon AND donuts

KitKat: Hope ee yu around!

Jeni: By Josh!

FranyKicksazz: NEW People

Jessica: Thanks for joining us, Josh! Hope we didn't scare you too much ;) Have a good weekend!

dasaninsheets: Brett aka Josh... we'll be seeing your donut... er.. um... face later
Sorry I missed you half the night on this chat. Nice to kinda meet ya.

LisaTallchief: bye Josh! we love u!

DC Grace: Bye, Josh!

KitKat: Bromera is a cvool name

FranyKicksazz: bye josh

DC Grace: Will call u tomorrow, btw

missrobyn: Dc, Bromera? Where do you come up with these names? Wow I like it

Brett: ohh not at all ive had way weirder things said to me by farrrr

DC Grace: Ty, Kat

FranyKicksazz: bromera how do u pronounce?

missrobyn: Aww you're a good man Josh

Jessica: LMAO! Well don't encourage them ;) lol

DC Grace: Robyn, I just pulled Bromera out of my head

KitKat: Josh next ton't disappoint you then. LOL

FranyKicksazz: brett ahsnku for my dreams tonight lol

LisaTallchief: hope we did not offend in any way!

DC Grace: "Bro - mare - ah"

missrobyn: LOL THat has to be one of the most random names but its so cool

FranyKicksazz: nice what is she?

KitKat: DC ulls all sorts of characters fromher head that makes you go "THAT was in your head?? You're a GENIUS!"

DC Grace: She is a lizard fae in Brett's employee... with a big secret

LisaTallchief: i like that name DC

KitKat: pulls

Jessica:I love her!

Brett: oh no way im hard to offend

DC Grace: lol, ty Kat & Robyn

dasaninsheets: Bromera was wickedly awesome.

DC Grace: ty Lisa

FranyKicksazz: who isplaying her?

Jessica: I'll keep that in mind! :-P

DC Grace: Idk yet, Frany, I have a few ideas

dasaninsheets: and... ah... Brett... as DC can attest... I wanted to drop kick you in story form... just sayin

LisaTallchief: great josh! i'm glad

DC Grace: but Bromera is a character that will break your heart

DC Grace: lol, dasaninsheets, I know you did

FranyKicksazz: whats the 411 on her like whats her powers?

missrobyn: So we're going to really like Bromera?


KitKat: Sorry for th CAPS...LOL

FranyKicksazz: awesome

Jeni: Bye Kat

DC Grace: no real powers, and she wasn't "created" by choice

Jessica: Bye Kat! :-*

missrobyn: Bye KitKat! Have a good dinner! Muah!

DC Grace: Bye Kat!

LisaTallchief: thanks Kat! i may do that because i am ordering tonite!

KitKat: Ciao!!!!! k Lisa!

dasaninsheets: Night awesome Kat friend. Love ya girlie!

LisaTallchief: ahhhh, i miss Brett!

DC Grace: I can't say much more about her, but a certain Guardian does really like her...

KitKat: HUGS all around before disappearing....

missrobyn: Guardians are just love

missrobyn: Can I have one? lol

DC Grace: hahaha

FranyKicksazz: does she have a love intrests?

missrobyn: I'll share... lol

DC Grace: yes - can't say who! ;)

FranyKicksazz: dc i thinkits kyle lol

LisaTallchief: hugs back kat!

Jessica: Lisa, if she's not around you can ask of us in green...I'm always over on the facebook page (it keeps me entertained while working) - any of us will be more than glad to help you with any questions! Though, Kat is in charged of the ordering stuff...we could still help, if you need...just an fyi!

missrobyn: secrets... always good, leaves us wanting more

DC Grace: Lol, I can't say...!

FranyKicksazz: come on..come on lol

Jessica: She loves me :-X

DC Grace: she might have two...

DC Grace: but one doesn't want her back

LisaTallchief: thanks Jess. that just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over! hee hee

FranyKicksazz: woohoooo

DC Grace: I really got into the torment & torture in SOD, lol

Jessica: I've got a million different email addresses to reach me at too lol

Darcee: Well i need to get to get going gotta be up at 450a! It was fun I will chat with u again!! Love u guardians!

DC Grace: and my apologies in advance for hanging u on such a cliff at the end

LisaTallchief: lol

DC Grace: bye, Darcee! Muah!

LisaTallchief: bye darcee!

FranyKicksazz: im so getting some order if i get more then a couple can i get a discount lol

Jessica: Thanks for joining us Darcee! We're so glad you could be here! Until next time! >:D<

DC Grace: but a writer's gotta do what she's gotta do, lol!

LisaTallchief: i am so glad i found this series!

FranyKicksazz: awee jessica ur smoochin her lol

DC Grace: and Last Shadow Cast will really kick your butt! ;)

Jessica: I'm so used to cliffhangers at this point...bring it on lol

DC Grace: <evil grin>

LisaTallchief: and actually can thank josh for it.........i saw his post on facebook

DC Grace: Glad you're with us, Lisa!

Jessica: No, Fran...I said she loves

DC Grace: he IS Brett

Jeni: Urg to cliffhangers

LisaTallchief: i am here to stay

FranyKicksazz: i seen the smooches and the glances lol jk

dasaninsheets: I got to quit multitasking...I'm going to have the death of me...

FranyKicksazz: *smooch*

Jessica: Oh! How did y'all find this series? I'm curious!

missrobyn: whew back had to let dogs out and take a bathromm break! i didnt movee from my seat since teh chat started lol

DC Grace: lol, but cliff hangers can be so fun!

Darcee: Muahh!!!! :-*

annie: lost power and had to wait to get home to get back on:(

DC Grace: hahaha Robyn

DC Grace: aw! is it back Annie?

missrobyn: Jess, I remember someone talking about Bronson reading it and wanting to play a role and he spoke so highly about TSO

dasaninsheets: I think DC is the most amazing person in the whole wide world... with some SERIOUSLY addictive books.

Darcee: See Ya Robyn getting off now!!

FranyKicksazz: i loved this series so far i cant wait for the other bosk

FranyKicksazz: books

DC Grace: lol Dasaninsheets

LisaTallchief: i saw josh in the city of fallen angels book trailer, became a fan on facebook with him, then saw his post about this series!

DC Grace: tyvm

missrobyn: Bye SARCEE lol

DC Grace: Solcyma! Hi!

missrobyn: Great chatting with you!

dasaninsheets: she doesn't just write stories... she writes literature crack. Just sayin

Solcyma: Hi!!!!!!

DC Grace: Josh is AMAZING as Brett

Solcyma: aaww i'm so late :(

DC Grace: saw his audition video, and that was it

FranyKicksazz: lit crack lol

missrobyn: Literature crack... best phrase ever

annie: yup-hi guys ordered your books yesterday because of josh's recommendation

Jessica: Oh Lisa! That's awesome! I noticed a few TMI fans come our way once we got Josh...

FranyKicksazz: so i am buying crack from dc lmao

DC Grace: lol lit crack - thanks... I think...? ;)

missrobyn: its a good thing DC lol

missrobyn: It means we cant get enough, must have more

dasaninsheets: You are Fran... she's a peddler of cracky literature goodness. LOL.

DC Grace: glad you're hanging with the Guardians, Annie!

Jessica: I became a fan because of Kiowa.

LisaTallchief: thanks Jess!

FranyKicksazz: im so excite lit crack ya digg lol

DC Grace: well, thank goodness I'm writing three now - don't want any dt's goin on, lol

Darcee: LOL I think we're gonna get along just fine We're gonna great friends in our book Robyn !!!! =D>

FranyKicksazz: des lmao its gooodddd lol

annie: thanks-can't wait to get the books on the 27th

Jessica: And I owe him so much...he's brought me so many things, I swear. He doesn't even realize it. He brought me to this amazing series, and some amazing friends! >:D<

missrobyn: LOL best of friends Darcee!

Darcee: Nite!

DC Grace: I owe Ki, too - ur my boo, Jess!

Jeni: I'm very excited to become an avid follower of your work. And to be immersed in the world

DC Grace: nite Darcee

LisaTallchief: love me some Embry too Jess!

missrobyn: Kiowa is amazing, I've told him how much happiness he's brought and I swear he turned like 3 shade3s of red

dasaninsheets: I was brought onto the series via Jess and Kat... and have had the honor of cracking (think I might have a thing for things to do with crack) the shell and becoming a friend of DCs.

Solcyma: my day was so busy :( ... and yes!! Josh is AMAZING as Brett

DC Grace: I'm glad, Jeni! I have a hellucva good time writing this stuff, lol

LisaTallchief: u met him robyn?

Darcee: Nite DC and everyone

DC Grace: nice to know other people enjoy the characters as much as I do

Jessica: Kiowa probably got sick of me last year lol

LisaTallchief: nite Darcee!

missrobyn: Yep, twice. Once in NJ in 09 and April of last year in Virginia

FranyKicksazz: dc ur writing is pure gold im excited one day id love ot be half as good as u do in writing for real

DC Grace: I LOVE writing Jake - I crack myself up, lol

Jeni: I'm so keen to meet all the characters

LisaTallchief: that is awesome!

Jessica: DC, you know how obsessed I am with like 3/4 of your characters...especially a certain one... lol

DC Grace: ty, Frany!

missrobyn: I keep saying hes such an ADHD child and my brother from another mother lol

Solcyma: Can't wait for news about your books in Chile :) *fingers crossed*

dasaninsheets: Oh... and Kiowa helped a lot for the visuals...

DC Grace: hahaha, I know Jess! :)

DC Grace: Solcyma - u can get the english version now

LisaTallchief: he is so cute!

DC Grace: we're working on Spanish as we speak

LisaTallchief: he is my Dasan!

missrobyn: Ki is the best, love him so much

Jeni: heheheh Jessica is is Pay?

dasaninsheets: Jess is in PAYLAND... bwaaaaa...

DC Grace: he really is Dasan - when u see him do the scene by the truck at Finley's... ;)

Solcyma: yes i hope to get de English version...but i want your book in my country :)

FranyKicksazz: u said u guys wanted pics of us meeting the stars of the books/movies postied on tgo fb?

LisaTallchief: i will have to work harder on meeting these people!

LisaTallchief: oh my gosh DC!

Jessica: DC, I don't mean to steal any thunder...but since a lot of you are Kiowa fans...I'm trying to get an interview set up with him...if y'all can think of any questions, I'll make sure to ask them (with approval, of course) lol - just hit me up!

DC Grace: Lisa - when we do go to film, I PROMISE I am going to try & make the set accessible for the fans - it'll only be for an afternoon, but, hey...

LisaTallchief: i would love to see all these great pics!

Jessica: I'm not commenting...I'm not commenting...I'm going to behave...

FranyKicksazz: ???

Solcyma: i want pics!!! :O

LisaTallchief: DC, i would worship u if u did that!

missrobyn: Dc thats better thanmost, I think its a great idea

DC Grace: I want this series to be fan friendly, no matter how big it gets

DC Grace: I don't like the fans being kept on the outside, I didn't write the series for that

missrobyn: I think it is, especially since you've had a cast member and the author herself doing crazy chats like this

Solcyma: you're so sweet Dc! :)

FranyKicksazz: dc ill do what everit takes to help drive up numbers tell me u want a hit ill do a hit lmao

missrobyn: And kept talking in the chat lol Shoes they love their fans

LisaTallchief: Jessica, that would be amazing!

DC Grace: lol, ty ty

dasaninsheets: As said before... DC is AMAZING!

Solcyma: She is!!!!!

DC Grace: We enjoy books because we feel like we know the characters

LisaTallchief: please please please! i want to talk to my dasan!

missrobyn: Exactly

DC Grace: so why hold people at a distance?

FranyKicksazz: thats so cool

LisaTallchief: DC and Jessica rock!

FranyKicksazz: i think u should bring the guardians to canada

DC Grace: I'm trying 2 book a meet & greet in NYC in June, and will TRY to bring some cast members with me

Jessica: Awwww :"> DC rocks more, though lol

LisaTallchief: I think i need my bag again.......where is that darn bag?

Solcyma: awww i'm so happy to meet you DC :)

Jessica: *cough*July*cough*

DC Grace: ty, Solcyma!

DC Grace: lol, Jess

missrobyn: NYC... I'll do my best to go! Having a chance to meet you.... yeah I'll do whatever I need to! :)

Jeni: Yay for meet and greets!

DC Grace: I already know Josh will come, and I'm goin to work on Ki, lol

FranyKicksazz: COME TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!

Jessica: Take the megabus up to NYC...super cheap...I do it all the time lol

DC Grace: :) Robyn

LisaTallchief: i think i would have to find some way to get there!

DC Grace: I promise I will try, Fraqny

Jessica: And she already knows I'll be there... ;)

DC Grace: *Frany

FranyKicksazz: I can get TARO to get here

Jessica: And Drew,. pretty please

LisaTallchief: but to be on the set for a little bit? wow!

missrobyn: Plus if other crazy fans like you guys in here would be there... good lord NYC better watch out

DC Grace: AND... we still want to do the Guardian pow wows once we start filming!

Solcyma: can you tell me a little... What inspired you to write this series? maybe other the fans know, but I'm new

LisaTallchief: so true!

missrobyn: that sounds so cool

DC Grace: absolutely, Jess

Jeni: I second Jessica's plea

Jessica: DC is going to be a busy little bee lol

DC Grace: Taro's a sweety, I know he'll come

FranyKicksazz: Come to west edmonton mall half the twilight cast came here

dasaninsheets: Okay guys... as much as I'd LOVE to stick around... I've got to get the monkey's to bed. So... I must leave you guys. I will talk with you later. Love ya guys.

Jessica: I love you, DC! >:D<

DC Grace: Solcyma - my daughters inspired the series

missrobyn: Muah baby! Love you girl

LisaTallchief: nite dasaninsheets!

DC Grace: Angelina & Rosie are named for my daughters

Jessica: Bye dasaninsheets LOVE YOU! :-*

DC Grace: luv u Dasininsheets

missrobyn: OMG Rosie just captured my heart from the first moment

Solcyma: good bye dasaninsheets

LisaTallchief: that is so cool DC

FranyKicksazz: who is dasininsheeta btw lmao

DC Grace: The girls were watching sci fi, and wishing they had super powers...

LisaTallchief: i love rosie!

DC Grace: I thought, I'll write a world where they can be everythihng they want to be

DC Grace: ty, Robyn

missrobyn: I love it DC

DC Grace: Rosie is in SOD a LOT more

dasaninsheets: dasaninsheetz is a mystery... lol

LisaTallchief: that gives my the shivers!

annie: you got a good one with Josh.

Jessica: I wish I had super powers...actually, I would be Nephilim if I were in the series lol

missrobyn: And dont get me started on mama g

DC Grace: the NA part came from our heritage - my girls really are half Apache

dasaninsheets: Love you too guys!

FranyKicksazz: linda is that u lol

annie: I guess eventually you'll have to meet and greet on the west coast right?

LisaTallchief: awesome

dasaninsheets: Nope... not linda.

missrobyn: every character has tugged on my heart in some way, i love them all so much

FranyKicksazz: kysh?

LisaTallchief: me too missrobyn

DC Grace: so I took the legend of Dog Man of Devil's Lake (in the Dells), and turned that legend into the Guardians!

Jessica: We like mystery...DIS - that is what I'll call you...its easier than typing it out

dasaninsheets: Night guys!

missrobyn: wicked

Jeni: This has been an awesome chat, great to chat with you DC thank you

DC Grace: nite, sweety

FranyKicksazz: nite

LisaTallchief: nite

DC Grace: ty, Jeni!

Jeni: but i have to run too

missrobyn: I love myths, legends... I think thats another reason I love this book series so much

LisaTallchief: nite jeni

DC Grace: Have a great weekend! :)

Jeni: Night to you all and can't wait for the 27th

DC Grace: I do too, Robyn

dasaninsheets: Muahhhhhh hugs all around. Love you guys. Thanks DC! Night, Bye Jess!

FranyKicksazz: dc want to no something funny?

Jessica: Bye Jeni! :-* Talk to you sooooooooon!

DC Grace: that's why I REALLY start going there in SOD, lol

Jeni: you too. bye

DC Grace: what Fran?

Solcyma: Good Bye Jeni :) kisses from Chile :)

FranyKicksazz: when i was writing i didnt realize i made some of my peoples family from New Mexico until after lmao

missrobyn: LOL Man.... wait is too long ;)

Jeni: :-*

dasaninsheets: =D>

FranyKicksazz: distant cousins perhaps lmao jk

DC Grace: lol, Fran, hey, there's only so many states, lol

LisaTallchief: lol@dis

DC Grace: it'll get here b4 u know it, Robyn

LisaTallchief: she is after my own heart.....hee hee

DC Grace: & I'll keep posting teasers on FB

dasaninsheets: This is the story of my life... I always say I'm going to go... but can never go..... what the heck is wrong with me... lol.

DC Grace: cuz I have a HARD time keeping it to myself :)

missrobyn: Yay :) Your so good to us

LisaTallchief: so true!

missrobyn: Girl get your buttery butt going, dont dilly dally

DC Grace: I do have such a good time writing

dasaninsheets:DC... you still plan on filming in Wiscony?

DC Grace: cially when I get Jake & Finley together

Jessica: You tease make us say goodbye over and over again...don't know you know goodbye is the hardest part? :((

DC Grace: Yes ma'am! :)

missrobyn: It shows DC

LisaTallchief: but i am so glad that u share with us!

Jessica: JINLEY! ;)

DC Grace: lol

DC Grace: *Finley

FranyKicksazz: i cant wait to till sod is comin out

dasaninsheets: I do this to you guys on the phone too...LOL... I say goodbye and never go... Gah...

DC Grace: Fins-inator!

DC Grace: I will tell you Finley gets her hair hot pink in SOD

dasaninsheets: I like that DC!

DC Grace: lol, Jake term for her

missrobyn: hot pink hair? awesome!

dasaninsheets: I lovvvvvvvvveeeee the ending.

LisaTallchief: hot pink? awesome!

DC Grace: m too!

DC Grace: I love when proof readers get to end of SOD & holler WHAT?!

DC Grace: lol

Jessica: No, didn't mistype...their couple name is JINLEY! Or I'lm calling 'em that lol

dasaninsheets: Still wanted to drop kick Brett... lucky for him he's cute in the movie version...

DC Grace: o i c lol

DC Grace: lol, Jenn

Solcyma: hey Dc, how do you feel now that your book will be a movie?

LisaTallchief: i still like little thorn fairy though

missrobyn: LOL DIS... you're never leaving are you

dasaninsheets: ....sigh... nope. I have issues.

Jessica: little thorn fairy forever! :-X

LisaTallchief: lol

DC Grace: Ilove it, Solcyma! It played like a movie in my head when I wrote it, so it HAS to go to film!

Jessica: And this is why I love you, DIS

missrobyn: Aww put our issues together we have a very large magazine lmao

LisaTallchief: yes!

dasaninsheets: as I said...DC creates crack... if I go... I get the itchies.

DC Grace: love little thorn fairy!

Jessica: My nerdista! :-*

DC Grace: hahaha

LisaTallchief: lol

FranyKicksazz: itchies lol

missrobyn: DIS... the itchies... omg you are so not right int he head i love it

DC Grace: that's y I'm writing three at once - don't want any withdrawal, lol

Solcyma: aaww yes! is the magic of reading!

Jessica: Personally, I want to some Pay / Paisley those two...soooooooooo much

DC Grace: Oh, u will...!

DC Grace: but u know they have to berate the crap outta each other, first, lol

dasaninsheets: thank god... you are so good to me DC... you know I go a little mental without my "fix" lmfao.

LisaTallchief: i just love all of the characters.......they all make the story

DC Grace: lol, jen

missrobyn: Its very hard to contain excitement for this series, it sucks you in! :)

DC Grace: Lisa, Momma Grace has a great scene in SOD, lol...

LisaTallchief: very true robyn

dasaninsheets: alright... just for the record... I am SO NOT A DRUG ADDICT... I am a literary addict...

DC Grace: I like to call it the "flip him the bird" scene ;)

missrobyn: Momma Grace is just... well everyone needs one of their very own lol

LisaTallchief: DC......oh my goddess

LisaTallchief: lol

DC Grace: lol

LisaTallchief: i would love to have a momma grace

DC Grace: yea, lol, Momma Grace is wacky, and I love her!

FranyKicksazz: i have to run now goin for a smoke but i had a blast now im having sweet dreams tonight and we need to do this again really soon!!!!

DC Grace: she gets more story time in SOD, too

DC Grace: G'Nite, Frany!

missrobyn: Night Fran! Great talking to you! Loin Cloth and all! lol

FranyKicksazz: smoke time lol

DC Grace: lol

LisaTallchief: nite Frany! nice chattng with u!

FranyKicksazz: lol catch me on fb franpelletier

dasaninsheets: I love Momma grace... she is my hero. She is the momma I wish to be.

FranyKicksazz: lol

DC Grace: Well, I am SO glad everyone came out tonight! I really enjoyed it! :)

missrobyn: Aww DIS you can be MY momma grace

missrobyn: I wouldn't have missed this chat for anything

LisaTallchief: me too

Solcyma: Do you have some fear of adaptation of the book ? Are you involved in the making of the film?

DC Grace: I'm going to sign off for now, but let's do this again after SOD comes out!

LisaTallchief: it was so much fun....i feel like i have new friends!

dasaninsheets: Awwww... you are such a sugar Robyn. Love ya girlie

missrobyn: We'll be waiting DC, have a great night and weekend!

missrobyn: Love you too!

DC Grace: Yes, Solcyma, I wrote the script, so it is TRUE to the book! I went line for line in the dialogue whereever I could

annie: me too-during the next chat ill have read the books and can partake more. Your the best DC

LisaTallchief: i am on facebook (lisa Davall) and twitter (lj3girls)....just in case

DC Grace: Thank you, ladies!

LisaTallchief: thanks DC.....u are truelly the best!

Solcyma: thank you!! Dc!!!!...

missrobyn: Everyone feel free to add me on Twitter and facebook. twitter is missrobyn and fb is robynlesko :) I'm on all the time

DC Grace: Much love to you all, and I'll be seeing you on Thunder Mountain!

dasaninsheets: Okay... as my parting words... get out there ... buy these books... and swoon over DC's characters as we've all done.

annie: mine is seibslikefeebs

DC Grace: Hahaha, thank you, J-Beau!

LisaTallchief: thanks to jessica too!

Jessica: YAY! This chat was fun! We'll work on scheduling another one in June?

LisaTallchief: love u guys!

Solcyma: I'm Sorry to be late, but I'm happy to meet you Dc and be in the chat

DC Grace: Thank you so much, everyone - I truly enjoyed it!

DC Grace: Thank you, Solcyma! Muah! I'll see you on Twitter!

dasaninsheets: Night friends! <3... I guess I am LITERALLY forced to go now... le sigh.

missrobyn: Great meeting everyone!

DC Grace: Good night - we survived Friday the 13th! :)

LisaTallchief: good nite everyone! see u next time

Jessica: Yes, it was nice 'meeting' y'all! I'm on twitter and facebook allllllll the time!

Solcyma: yes!...i see you on twitter :)...kisses from Chile <3

DC Grace: And I'll leave in true Jake style, by saying... "Poof! I'm gone! Buh bye, Guardian Angels!" ;)

annie: thanks for being so nice everyone

Solcyma: hahahah yes we survived!! and is Robert Pattinson's Birhtday! :$ lol

LisaTallchief: nite guys!

Jessica: Yes, we survived lol

Jessica: Goodnight Lisa! Nice chatting with you! >:D<

LisaTallchief: u too Jess!

Solcyma: good night ladys!!! :D

LisaTallchief: and everyone!

LisaTallchief: ok, really this time ( in tru DIS style!) more time...good nite!

dasaninsheets: hee hee hee

Jessica: Yes, I'm gonna try to transcript this...and get off and go read lol

dasaninsheets:Good luck with that busy bee Jess!

annie: buy guys :) it was fun, fast, but fun!