Welcome to Customer Standpoint, a specialized market research firm.

Since 2003, Customer Standpoint has enabled companies to understand better and leverage their most prized asset – their customers.

Historically, Customer Standpoint has focused predominantly on banking and the mortgage industry.  We are currently redeveloping our processes and website to serve other industries.   Previous customers who might still wish to utilize our visual dashboards, may do so through their normal login pages.

If you would like to be notified when we launch the new product line and website, please send us a note and include contact info newlaunch@customerstandpoint.com.   For previous customers, we would love to hear from you and work with you again, just let us know how we can help existing@customerstandpoint.com.   You can also reach Mike Kraft through Linkedin by searching Mike Kraft, Ph.D. in the Greater Boston Area.

We will continue to work with the best of companies and individuals who are truly dedicated to providing better products and services to their customers. Those who understand that shortcuts are often impediments to lasting shareholder value; whereas hard work and focused efforts that improve processes which truly satisfy your customers will be rewarded with increased market share.