Article 1.  Name of Organization

1.01.  The name of the organization shall be STUDENTS FOR AFRICA.  (The "Organization").

Article 2.  Objectives and Purposes

2.01. The purposes for which the Organization is to be organized shall be consistent

with the aims and objectives of a liberal arts education as pursued by Dartmouth

College.  No purpose or objective of the Organization shall be in conflict with applicable

state or federal laws presently in force or hereafter enacted.

2.02.  The specific purposes and objectives which the Organization shall be organized to

pursue include:

Students For Africa works to represent and be the face of the African continent on the Dartmouth campus. Our main goals are: (I) To raise awareness about the economic and political issues affecting the continent. (II) To tackle these issues of social justice and development. (III) To showcase and share African culture with the Dartmouth community.

2.03 Hazing practices within the organization are prohibited pursuant to New Hampshire

State law as stated in the Handbook.

Article 3.  Membership

3.01.  Membership in the Organization shall be open to all members of the Dartmouth

Community without regard to race, color, creed, sex, physical ability, sexual orientation,

or national origin.  The organization must have at least ten (10) undergraduate members.

In no event shall more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the Members be non-Dartmouth

students.  All officers must be Dartmouth undergraduates.

3.02.  Membership in the Organization shall be determined by attendance at two

consecutive meetings of the Organization.  All Members (herein so-called) shall have

equal rights and privileges with respect to the election of the Officers of the Organization

(defined below). Additionally membership shall be defined as:

Active member: A member who actively participates on a committee and attends general meetings on a termly basis.  These members will be eligible to run for executive officer positions after one term of active membership.

General member: A member who is on the general blitz list for any given term and may attend events but does not participate on a committee.

Inactive member: A member who does not participate on a committee, attend events or is off campus.

Article 4.  Officers and Duties

4.01.  The Officers of Students for Africa shall consist of a President, a Vice President of Development, a Vice President of Programing, a Vice President of Finance and an Operations Coordinator. These members will constitute the Executive Committee of SFA and are Executive Officers. Committee Heads falling under the areas of Development, Culture and Social shall be considered officers of SFA and will be required to attend a weekly Officer Council.

4.02. No non-Dartmouth undergraduate student shall be eligible to be an Officer of the


4.03.  Any Dartmouth undergraduate eligible to be an Officer of the Organization shall

not be permitted to hold more than one office in that organization at any one time.

4.04.  The Officers of the Organization shall be elected by majority vote of the Members

present during a meeting to be called at the beginning of the winter term for the express

purpose of electing the officers for the following Spring, Fall and Winter term.  Any Executive Officer of the Organization shall be required to be in residence at Dartmouth for the duration of their term, of which they must be resident for at least two (2) of the four (4) academic terms for which elected to be eligible to serve in such office.  A list of the Officers and their respective classes will be provided by the President to the Council on Student Organizations ("COSO") within three days of the election thereof.

4.05.  The President shall call all meetings of the Membership, regular or otherwise, and

shall serve as the chairman of such meetings.  In addition, the President shall, with the

advice of the Executive Committee, plan and coordinate the events to be sponsored by

the Organization in forthcoming terms; with the Treasurer, prepare and present an annual

budget request to COSO, and shall in all events serve as a liaison with COSO.

4.06.  In the absence of the President, or should the President prove unable or unwilling

to perform the duties described in Section 4.05 above or unable to preside over a meeting of the Officer or Executive Council, the Operations Coordinator shall assume the responsibilities of the President.  In addition, the Operations Coordinator shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee called pursuant to Section 5.06 below and shall also perform other duties as the President may assign from time to time.

4.07. There shall be three Vice Presidents: The Vice President of Development, The Vice President of Programming, and the Vice President of Finance. The Vice President of Development shall be responsible for development related initiatives and shall preside over the Development Committee. The Vice President of Development shall have the power to appoint subcommittee members and together with the Vice President of Finance shall put together an appropriate budget. The Vice President of Development shall be responsible for creating a cohesive plan for raising awareness of issues relating to social justice, economics or politics within the community and to brainstorm developmental projects for SFA to tackle. The Vice President of Programing shall be responsible for all programing related to social or culture. The Vice President of Programming will be responsible for the creation of cultural events and activities to engage the Dartmouth community and to raise awareness of the cultural practices and heritages prominent in different parts of the continent. The Vice President of Programing shall be responsible for planning and bringing to fruition SFA events that engage the Community such as Africa Night, and Conferences. The Vice President of Programing shall work with the Vice President of Development and The Vice President of Finance to organize all events hosted for and sponsored by SFA. The Vice President of Finance shall be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records of the Organization and shall be allowed to request checks or purchase orders on behalf of the Organization.  The Vice President of Finance will communicate with Officers and advise in any matters regarding finances. The Vice President of Finance, with the President, shall prepare and present any budget requests to COSO.  The officers shall insure that all funds are properly kept within the College accounting system.  No outside accounts are permitted.

4.08.  The Operations Coordinator, in addition to substituting for the President as necessary, shall be responsible for recording accurate minutes of any Meeting,

regular or otherwise, of the Membership or the Executive Committee.  The Operations Coordinator  shall also record all votes of the Membership or Executive Committee.  The Operations Coordinator  shall be responsible for the writing and distribution of the weekly minutes from Officer Council or other notice to the Membership informing them of any Meeting or other gathering of the Organization, and furthermore shall at all times maintain an accurate and complete list of the Membership of the Organization. The Operations Coordinator shall also be in charge of maintaining the SFA email, website, and facebook communications.

4.09.  The Advisor to the Organization must be either a faculty member or administrator

of the College.  The Advisor shall attend meetings of the Executive Committee as deemed necessary as a non-voting member thereof and shall provide guidance and administrative assistance in the preparation of a program of events to be pursued by the Organization in forthcoming terms.

4.10.  The Executive Committee shall prepare a program of events to be sponsored by the

Organization in forthcoming terms.  The program so prepared shall be presented to the Membership for their approval at the Meeting of the Members of the Organization next

scheduled after the program has been developed.

4.11.  Any Officer of the Organization may resign at any time by delivering a written

notice of such resignation to the President, or in the case of the resignation of the

President, to the Operations Coordinator.

4.12. At the next regular meeting of the Membership of the Club, an election shall be

held to elect an Officer to fill the position made vacant by such resignation. However, if an officer resigns, they shall not be allowed to pursue re-election for an Executive Position for the following two terms. Special elections such as these are only valid until the next scheduled elections.

a. Members wishing to be considered for special positions must sent Letters of Intent to the executive committee. If the vote of the membership is less than the majority, the Executive Council shall have the final vote.

4.13.  If any Officer of the Club is absent from the Dartmouth campus for any leave or

off-campus term, an election shall be held at the first Meeting of such term to elect an

individual to serve as such Officer until the regularly elected Officer shall return to

campus. However, officers, and especially Executive members must be aware of the solemnity of their duties and when deciding to run for a position, must be able to commit to the best of their ability to remain for the duration of their time in office.

4.14.  Any Officer of the Organization may be removed from such office by a majority vote of the Executive Council.

Article 5.  Quorum and Meetings

5.01.  A quorum shall exist at any Meeting of the Membership where at least fifty percent

(50%) of the Members then in residence at Dartmouth are in attendance.

5.02.  Actions requiring a majority vote at any Meeting at which a quorum is not present

may be submitted to the Members for a mail vote. If a mail vote is not deemed sufficient, the decision will be made by the executive council.

5.03.  Regular Meetings (herein so-called) of the Organization shall be held at least twice

per term at such time and place to be determined by the President. There will be at least one general meeting at the beginning and the end of each term. Additionally, weekly officer council meetings will occur, to be followed by a meeting of executives. Any member active or inactive may attend officer council meetings. Only executives will attend executive meetings.

a.     Officers shall meet once a week. Officers include members holding an executive position or serving as the head of a Committee.

                                                   i.  Any active member can attend Officer Council and can introduce issues of concern.

                                                 ii.  Officers will be expected to contact the Operations Coordinator prior to officer council with their expected agenda.

                                                iii.  Officers will be expected to follow decorum when speaking and discussions shall be held in an orderly form, presided over by the president. In the case of conflict, the president will adjudicate.

b.     Executive officers shall meet once a week after officer council. Executive officers include: the President, the Vice President of Development, the Vice President of Programing, the Vice President of Finance and the Operations Coordinator.

c.     The Duties of the Officer Council are as following:

                                                   i.  Coordination of Committees.

                                                 ii.  To keep abreast of the activities of different arms of SFA and to ensure that the membership is updated on the different projects occurring.

                                                iii.  To make available to the general membership an opportunity to raise concerns or to share ideas or opportunities with the officers.

d.     The duties of the Executive Council are as following:

                                                   i.  First and primarily, to ensure that SFA is in good standing with the College and that it remains true to its mission.

                                                 ii.  To ensure that administrative responsibilities, finances, etc are fulfilled.

                                                iii.  To revoke positions should an officer fail to fulfill the responsibilities of their role, or assign new ones should an election not be feasible.

5.04.  A Special Meeting (herein so-called) of the Membership shall be called upon

written request to the President of at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the Members then

in residence at Dartmouth.

5.05.  All Members shall be notified of any Meeting and the nature of the business to be


5.06.  The Executive Committee of the Organization shall meet at least once before any

Meeting of the Membership at such time and place to be determined by the President.  At

such Meetings of the Executive Committee a quorum shall be deemed to be the

attendance of any three (3) members of the Executive Committee.

Article 6.  Voting

6.01.  Each Member shall have one (1) vote.

6.02.  There shall be no absentee or proxy voting with respect to any matter other than the

nomination and election of the Officers.

a. To be considered eligible to run for Executive Office (President, Vice President of Development, Vice President of Programming, Vice President of Finance or Operations Coordinator), one must have served for at least one term prior to election as an active member, which has already been defined as a member having served of a committee of SFA.

b. To be considered for the position of a committee head, one must be elected by the members of that committee and be approved by the corresponding Vice President and the Executive Council.

c. The following procedures shall be followed in order to be considered for Executive Office:

                                              i.         Any candidate must send a Letter of Intent to the executive council declaring their intention to run and the reasons for which they seek the office.

                                            ii.         The Letters of Intent shall be circulated to the general membership allowed to vote.

                                           iii.         At a specified meeting, at which the candidates shall present their qualifications in a speech less than 2 minutes long, the votes shall be collected. For those who cannot attend the specified elections meeting, votes are due before the elections meeting.  

                                           iv.         Votes shall be tallied by the executive council, and the results announced to the membership the following day.

d.  Sophomore summer elections shall be held in the spring preceding the term and shall follow as closely as possible, the stipulations of a regular election, with the exception that those officers would serve for the summer term. Executives will coordinate this election.

6.03.  All motions except those described in Section 7.02 below require an affirmative

vote of a simple majority of the Membership to be effective.

6.04.  All votes of the Executive Committee shall require an affirmative vote of three (3)

of the Officers to be effective.

Article 7.  Miscellaneous

7.01.  This Constitution shall have been presented to the Membership of the Organization

and shall be ratified by a majority vote thereof.

7.02.  This Constitution may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote

of the Members of the Organization then in residence at Dartmouth.

7.03.  Any amendment to this Constitution shall be attached hereto and made a part

hereof for all purposes.

7.04.  This Constitution and any amendments and changes hereto shall be kept on record

with the Student Activities Office and shall be available to any Member of the

Organization for inspection during reasonable office hours.