The SCOD Architectural Thesis was published in 2000 by SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design). SCOD Thesis was research and designs for a specific community based on individual clients with certain philosophical convictions. The basic premise was that the clients would build environmental and creative structures in the woods around an organic farm field clearing. The small village would be dominated by a medieval tavern that would serve as the communal hall and visitor center. SCOD would serve as a model tourist attraction for alternative living. A real site was chosen and investigated for the actual possibility of acquisition. The project was graded "A"by professors at SCAD, and used to award a Masters Degree in Architecture to Walton Stowell II. This was the beginnings of the continuing and ongoing project SCOD, where the words Community and Dwelling are replaced with Cooperative and Development.

SCOD continues to be developed by various individuals, and has evolved over the years; just as physical communities change with time. It was published as a book available online in 2010.

SCOD lives online as well!

SCOD Montage Poster 1

SCOD Montage Poster 2

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