Thanks for purchasing Anthony’s Beehive honey.  If a packet of clover seed was included with your purchase, then you have a simple opportunity to help honeybees in your area.

There are many different types of clover.  The one included with your honey purchase is White Dutch Clover.  This is the clover that often appears in your lawn and that many people view as a weed.  In realty, it adds nitrogen to the soil and is an abundant nectar producer.  This is the honeybees’ favorite flower.  It is a biennial, meaning that it has a 2 year life cycle.  It is a hardy plant, but does tend to dry up and go dormant once the weather becomes very hot.

You can plant clover seed nearly anytime, but fall and spring are the best.  Choose an area that will receive full sun.  Also choose an area where the land owner will not treat it like a weed.  Either that, or re-educate the landowner that this plant is beneficial and is not a weed.  A weed, after all, is simply a plant growing where we don’t want it to grow.  If someone wants the plant, then it is not a weed!  Some suitable locations are lawns, parks, grassy areas, pastures, etc....

The seed can be planted by broadcasting in over the area you have chosen.  The seed in your packet should cover 10 or 20 square feet.  Rake or water it in if possible, but nature will work it’s magic even if it is just left on the surface.  After a heavy rain or prior to an anticipated light rain are very good times to plant your clover.