As I said at Powerpopulist last week, I set up this blog partly for people who are new to this kind of music. From feedback I’ve gotten, I’m finding that some visitors are new to music blogs themselves and are not sure how to listen to the music. Don’t be embarrassed. Everybody who uses computers begins by knowing nothing about them. You obviously already know enough to get to websites. Even experienced computer users are in the dark about certain aspects of them. Two-and-a-half weeks ago I didn’t know anything about setting up and operating a blog. I still don’t know much, but I’m learning more every day, and it’s fun.


So here are a few tips for using this and any other music blog. I don’t have a Mac available for this, so what I’m writing applies to Windows-based PCs. The basics are the same for both Windows and Apple computers, though.





As you probably know, anytime you move the cursor over a word and it changes into the POINTING FINGER, clicking on the word will make something happen. At a music blog, when the cursor turns into the pointing finger over the title of a song, clicking it should launch your computer’s media player program—iTunes, Windows Media Player, Music Match, etc.—and begin playing the song. So, to listen to a song, simply left-click on the title of the song.


The title of a song will usually be in a different color from the text around it. Here at Powerpopulist, I also put mp3 or .zip beside the title of all songs you can actually play at my blog. With the black background, mp3 shows up in white. The title of the song is usually purple or blue. I do that to make it easier for you to find the songs you can listen to. Just click on the title of the song, and it should play. Some blogs have you click on “mp3.” Every blogger can do it as s/he likes. Visit some of the other blogs I’ve listed on the right side of my homepage and you’ll see a lot of variety.


You will also notice the POINTING FINGER appearing over other words. Clicking those will take you to whatever the blogger has linked to, often information about the artist, song lyrics, a previous post s/he wrote, another website, etc.





If you want to save the song, do the following.


1. Right-click on the title of the song. (Mac users should hold down the Ctrl key before clicking.) This opens a pop-up menu.

2. Left-click on “Save Target As…”---A dialogue box will come up.

3. Left-click “My Documents.”

4. Left-click “My Music.” If the song’s title is not in the “File name:” box, type in the title of the song.

5. Left-click “Save.”

6. In Windows, a dialogue box should then automatically launch. Click “Open.” This will launch the song in your computer’s media player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.).

7. Your media player was probably set to automatically import the song into its music library, but this can vary from computer to computer. It also gets a little more complicated than I want to get into here. Sooooo, to learn more, use the Help program of your computer.





Click StartAll Programs—click iTunes or Windows Media Player (or whichever media player you’re using)—to launch the program and then click on the Help up in the top menu. Look at the Contents and click on the topics you need. “Using the Player” or “Organizing Your Music” or some such topic might be the most useful one at this time. You can read some of the others later.





Hopefully you can now listen to music at music blogs and save the songs you like. If you have any questions, click on “EMAIL” at the top of this page and tell me how I can help. If you find a website that explains this more clearly, please leave a Comment or Email me, and I’ll point everybody else toward it. Enjoy the music!


12 Nov 06