Personal Project Prompts

The personal project exhibition will be a great place for you to see what works and what does not when presenting in an exhibition setting.  Think about the questions below when you visit the students’ presentations.  Your answers will help you plan how you want your exhibition presentation to be.


The Display

Think about…

·         What types of media did they use to present their information?  PowerPoint, models, posters, etc.

·         How did they organize their display to make it easier to understand?  Use heading, where the title went, etc.

·         How did they use their display when talking about their topic?  Did they point, use pictures to help explain, show movies to answer questions, etc.

What made a good display?

·         Used many sources to explain

·         Videos, models, and pictures to help the observer understand

·         Easy to understand

·         Handbooks, Scrapbooks, etc. to show what they were focusing on

·         Very creative ideas, such as t-shirts

·         Organized—Main idea was clear

·         Lots of information on the posters

·         Attractive colors/eye catching

·         Accurate information

What made a weak display?

·         Not enough copies so more people can read it at one time—only one copy

·         Just a title, but very little supporting information.

·         Too many pictures.

·         Not much information.

·         Small letters that were hard to read


The Oral Presentation

Think about…

·         How did the presenters use their voices?  Were they loud/quiet, clear/mumbled, etc.

·         How did the presenters use their bodies?  How did they use their eyes and hands, did they move too much, etc.

What made a good oral presentation?

·         Using great explanation words, not words like “like” or “um”.

·         Showed confidence.

·         Used the display and pointed to their display to help people understand

·         Simple words to help the younger kids understand.  Thought about the audience they were talking to.

·         Clear Voice, easy to understand.

·         Did not hesitate.

·         Took time to talk to all the people at their presentation.

What made a weak oral presentation?

·         People not at the table to answer questions.

·         Relied on the video to tell their information and did not talk much.

·         Ignoring people.

·         Not actively seeking out people to talk to –waiting for the observer to talk to them first.


The Knowledge

Think about…

·         What types of things did the presenters say that helped you understand what their project was about?

·         How did they show what they knew about the topic?

·         Were they able to answer all questions?

·         What words did the presenter use?

·         Were there lots of pauses, or did they immediately know what they were talking about?

What shows off the students’ good understanding of their projects?

·         Knew exactly what their answers would be before they were asked.

·         Able to talk about the whole project easily.

·         Videos and other media to help explain in different ways.

·         Explained “why” and gave examples and proof.

What reveals a weak understanding of their projects?

·         Waiting for the observer to read the answer rather than explaining it themselves.

·         Did not finish what they were saying completely.

·         Passive.

·         Did not know what to say.

·         Not practiced.