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Dear Pro-Life Supporter,

The ad below will appear in the Columbus Dispatch on Tues, April 17. If you live in Ohio, please buy as many newspapers as you can and mail a copy of this ad to the senators listed below at: Senator Name, Senate Building, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215.

Please also email this PDF to every pro-life person you know and ask them to help here us at “ground-zero” in the fight to end abortion! Ohio is on the verge of passing historic legislation that would prevent nearly every abortion in our state and effectively challenge Roe v. Wade.


Leading Ohio Supporters

• Representative Lynn Wachtmann, Sponsor

• 53 State Representatives, Co-Sponsors

• Congressman Steve Chabot

• Congressman Jim Jordan

An Open Letter from Dr. Jack Willke, Who Founded the Right to Life Movement Forty Years Ago

• State Treasurer Josh Mandel

• State Auditor Dave Yost

• Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State

• George Voinovich, former U.S. Senator & Governor of Ohio

• Bob McEwen, former U.S. Congressman

• Phil Burress, President, Citizens for Community Values Action

• Linda Theis, President, Ohio Pro-Life Action and former President of Ohio Right to Life

• Dr. John Willke, Right to Life pioneer

• Janet (Folger) Porter, President of Faith2Action, former Legislative Director of Ohio Right to Life

• Lori Viars, Vice Chair of the Warren County Republican Party

• Mark Harrington, Exec. Director, Created Equal

• Chris Long, Ohio Christian Alliance

• Bobbi Radeck, Executive Director, Concerned Women for America of Ohio

• Crystal Gurry, Legislative Liaison, Concerned Women for America of Ohio

• Tom Brinkman, former State Representative

• Ron Hood, former State Representative

• Ed Kasputis, former State Representative (and Treasurer of Ohio Pro-Life Action)

• Linda Reidelbach, former State Representative

• Diana Fessler, former State Representative

• Susie Stechschulte, Past Pres., Ohio Right to Life

• Jane Grimm, Past President of Ohio Right to Life

• Matthew Parker, Front Porch Strategies

• Barry Sheets, CEO of Principled Policy Consulting

• Linda Harvey, Mission America

• Diane Stover, NE Ohio Values Voters

• Pat Banaszak, Family & Youth Initiatives

• Ducia Hamm, Exec. Director, Ashland Care Center

• Mark Stevenson, Ohioans for Educational Freedom National Supporters

• Dr. James Dobson, Founder, Focus on the Family

• Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

• Rick Santorum, former U.S. Senator

• Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House

• Rick Perry, Governor of Texas

• Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

• Congressman Louie Gohmert

• Congressman Steve King

• Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas

• Jay Alan Sekulow, Chief Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice

• Walter Weber, Senior Counsel, American Center for Law and Justice

• Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council Action

• David F. Forte, Constitutional Law Professor, Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the Family under Pope John Paul II, and Pope Benedict XVI

• John G. Farnan, President, National Lawyers Assoc. former President, Cleveland Right to Life

• Richard Thompson, President & Chief Counsel, Thomas More Law Center

• Roy Moore, former Chief Justice, Alabama Supreme Court

• James Robison, LIFE Outreach International, Host of Life Today TV Show

• Joe Scheidler, Pro-Life Action

• Troy Newman, Operation Rescue

• Gary Bauer, President, American Values

• Dr. Rick Scarborough, President, Vision America

• Bobby Schindler, Exec. Director of Terry Schiavo Life & Hope Network

• Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Assoc.

• Allan E. Parker, President, The Justice Foundation, Former Law Professor

• Wendy Wright, former President, Concerned Women for America

• Mat Staver, Dean of Liberty Law School

• Cynthia Dunbar, Law Professor, Liberty Univ.

• Lila Rose, President, Live Action

• Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

Local Right to Life Chapters in Ohio Overwhelmingly Support the Bill

• Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform

• Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspective Ministries

• Rabbi Aryeh Spero, Caucus for America

• Dr. Jim Garlow, Chairman, Renewing American Leadership

• Abby Johnson, pro-life speaker, author

• Dr. Bo Kuhar, Exec. Dir., Pharmacists for Life

• Andrea Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition

• Barrett Duke, Southern Baptist Convention

Call ALL these Senators and urge them to bring


any founder of you and know longtime

me as

president of Ohio Right to Life, National Right to Life, and International Right to Life. I'm now 87 years old and once thought that I would not live to see the end of abortion. However, since passage of the Heartbeat Bill (H.B. 125) in the Ohio House, I have renewed hope.

Supreme Court with a new pro- life President’s appointments.


to a vote!

Tom Niehaus......614-466-8082 Keith Faber........614-466-7584 Don't Take the Heart out of

Shannon Jones..614-466-9737 the Heartbeat Bill

Tom Patton........614-466-8056 There is a movement by some in

Scott Oelslager...614-466-0626 the Senate to take the heart out

Peggy Lehner.....614-466-4538 of the Heartbeat Bill by merely

Dave Burke........614-466-8049 telling mothers about their baby’s beating heart. Ten or twenty years ago we might have

Troy Balderson...614-466-8076 Kris Jordan........614-466-8086

been satisfied with an “informed After 40 years in the wilderness,

consent only” version of the we are a Senate vote away from

Heartbeat Bill, but not today. the Promised Land of protecting

We have waited too long and babies whose heartbeats can be

that wait has cost us too much. heard — more than a school bus

The Senate must NOT gut or full of children each day, tens of

weaken the Heartbeat Bill. thousands of Ohio babies each year.

The Heartbeat Bill Is the

Only one thing stands in the way of passing most pro-life bill in

Most Supported Bill in


America I know more people in this movement than probably anyone America: those who call

alive and I firmly believe that themselves “pro-life!”

Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill is the most

GOP Senate Obstructing the

supported bill in America. It is the talk of the nation by pro-life Heartbeat Bill

leaders who are looking for Ohio Republican Senators who ran

to lead as we did when we passed on a pro-life platform have

the nation's first ban on Partial been sitting on the Heartbeat

Birth Abortion. It is supported by Bill since it passed the Ohio

the vast majority of local Ohio House of Representatives in

Right to Life chapters, as well as June of 2011. They will tell you

the overwhelming majority of that they have passed several

state and national leaders, far pro-life bills this session; that is

more than can be listed here. true, and we commend them for their regulatory bills. But make

One Thing Before I Die no mistake, when I founded the

Since founding Right to Life and pro-life movement it wasn’t to

leading the pro-life movement regulate how abortions would

these 40 years, there is just one

be done, it was to bring the abortion killing to an END.

Bascom Life* Butler County Right to Life Carroll County Right to Life Right to Life of Gtr. Cincinnati* Clark County Right to Life Clermont County Right to Life East Liverpool Right to Life Fostoria Right to Life*

We’re About to End Abortion! This Could Be the Most Important Rally Since 1973. Start Filling Buses Now. Featuring SonicFlood and National Pro-Life Leaders. Heartbeat Rally Saturday, May 19 – Ohio Statehouse

Please mail this ad to your Senator today and write, “Do not gut or delay the Heartbeat Bill!” Mail to: Senator Name, Senate Building, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215 Help us in this fight at

Please donate here to help us to cover rally expenses and buy more hard-hitting ads like this one. We urgently need your help to get across the finish line and end almost every abortion in Ohio now! Thank you.

thing I would like to see before I die: the passage of Ohio’s fully protective Heartbeat Bill by the The Heartbeat Bill Will NOT

Ohio Senate. I know it will lead Harm Current Pro-Life Laws

to the signing of the Heartbeat or the Pro-Life Movement In my experienced opinion, the protective Heartbeat Bill will drastically modify Roe vs. Wade and lead directly to its reversal. I do not say this lightly.

Because they told us they would end abortion, we sacrificially wrote checks, tirelessly stuffed envelopes, made calls, knocked on doors, distributed ballot cards, and voted these legislators into office. We didn’t elect them to regulate abortion, but to end it. Ohio Senate Republicans can no longer call themselves “pro- life” while refusing to pass the fully protective Heartbeat Bill!

40 Years for This Moment No one can tell us we haven't been patient; but after 40 years and 54 million dead babies, the time to protect them has come. We must do everything in our power to protect babies with beating hearts and do it now!

When the Senate brings the Heartbeat Bill to a vote, we will see the beginning of the end of abortion — this year. Rise up and join me at this historic moment in the fight for life:

Tell the Ohio GOP Senate to pass the strongest Heartbeat Bill now — or we will work to replace them with Bill by pro-life Gov. John Kasich,

people who will. the passage of Heartbeat Bills by many states waiting to follow

With heartfelt thanks, Ohio’s lead, and the Supreme Court striking down the worst ruling in our nation's history.

John (Jack) Willke, M.D.

The notion that this bill could

At 87, I may not have long to live, undermine current pro-life

but unborn babies with beating legislation or harm the pro-life

hearts have even less time. While movement in any way is, frankly,

the Republican Senate delays poppycock. Quite the contrary,

bringing this to a vote, babies die. it will put the Heartbeat Law before what may be our best

Talk is cheap. And abortion Supreme Court, or an even better

regulation is woefully inadequate.

Dr. Jack Willke

Scioto County Right to Life Fostoria Teens for Life Geauga County Right To Life* Greene County Right To Life Guernsey County Right to Life Hancock County Right to Life*

Suburban West Right to Life Tiffin Right to Life Tuscarawas County Right to Life Warren County Right to Life* Western Reserve Right to Life Henry County Right to Life*

*These chapters have officially Huron County Right to Life

disaffiliated from Ohio Right to Life Lake County Right to Life

and joined Ohio Pro-Life Action. Lima & Allen County Right to Life* Medina County Right to Life Mercer County Right to Life Miami County Right to Life Muskingum Valley Right to Life Putnam County Right to Life* Right to Life of Paulding County Right to Life of Preble County*


Please email this PDF to each of these senators. We need them to bring the Heartbeat Bill to a vote now!