Charok’s TL;DR 2012

Considering I didn’t have the opportunity to plan something out for our third birthday, I decided to make a filler doc here just for the lols. If you didn’t notice already, GUI started when I was 12. Spending three years of your life is some kind of commitment, right?

Luckily, I’ve had members from everywhere be around to help me. Ironically, Carl has been the one who stayed the longest despite his “I HATE YOU ALL” comments :P We love you Carl. Bro love, bro love.

Now, I can’t really offer much but a Thank-you to everyone. But while I was writing this (August 08, 2012) I couldn’t help stopping by our history page. I suggest all of you take a look when you’re bored, cause I always enjoy reading it (NO, I DON’T READ IT EVERYDAY) … of course, since this history had a lot to do with me, I love reading it. Just so I remember, y’know? It’s always important to remember. (OK, it might not be as exciting if you weren’t a part of it) Reading it right now to the end, CARL YOU BASTARD YOU HAVEN’T UPDATED IT

Anyhow. as Roy already knows (Carl?) I contemplated leaving, but unfortunately for you all you’re stuck with me for now as long as you’re in GUI. Sorry, that’s just how it goes these days. Faggots can’t make decisions. Shrug.

Individuals who made a difference... all of you (no, not you sarah)

(in case you are wondering, this is in chronological order of when you joined)

You can read all of these, maybe you’ll chuckle at some things you were a part of. But never forget to read the bottom. You guys really mean a lot to me, almost like my family. Three years is still a part of my life you know? And you all were a part of it.

Nomad: You were pretty much the whole reason I got to meet everyone along the way. I’m pretty glad that you picked me up three years ago to join your rag-tag group and I hope you’re doing well and read this. BTW -- I still have yet to show you my Philippine pictures :P

Nick (this isn’t going to be read proly): YOU WERE MY WAIFU (or what was it, the other way around? Lol) but alas, you left so early. No tears now, only dreams.

Carl: What can I say? You’re the faggot that stopped me from quitting (along with others) multiple times down the road. I mean, hell, you put up with my shit for three years -- you deserve a medal of honor from the States for your valiant efforts. In all seriousness though, thanks for dealing with my shit. I mean seriously, 12 year old boys are fucking high pitched emotional shits. (wait, I’m still one of those aren’t I e_e)

Luneth (I hope you read): I know things didn’t end exactly well when you left GUI, but I still remember the good times! Sword 2 is still a great game, although I never really passed level 30 huehue. I hope you’re doing fine in one of the top UK universities! (you made it there, right?)

Gamov (hoping you read): SORRY FOR MY SHIT MAN. Thank you however for staying while you did... I realize all the shit that went down (more later) last year had my hands in it, so well what do. Thanks for showing me Kampfer, I probably would’ve never gotten back into anime (however that seems to go against popular belief) … shit man, why are you showing some ecchi shit to a 12 year old lawl. Well good luck on your future endeavours... TF2 awaits.

Aukoc: SORRY FOR MY SHIT MAN (that’s getting redundant) Well. Either way, thanks for being like a brother to me. Seriously. Shit happens though. Shit. Happens. Good luck with iG.

Blackbird: STOP WATCHING PONI (thanks for staying with us, even from Canada! It’s been great to drag you into our antics whenever you are free luls)

Donovon: Well, I did already ask for forgiveness, but I will again -- I’m truly sorry about last year and I do hope things somehow get better as time passes. In the end your time with GUI was probably more meaningful than mine, since really I never did anything while you were here. My bad. Arguments that lead to more arguments that lead to the planting of a C4? Sheesh... either way. Good luck getting into Google, you better develop Android 5.1 and put my name in it.

Shazril: What would we do with out you? Even from your silent perch in Japan, you’ve watched over us and kept us afloat. And, I wouldn’t have known a single thing about servers and websites without you. I hope you’re doing alright from there as well as your brother from Malay. Best wishes from the States and also: hope you’re doing well in University as well.

Trevor: We’re probably never going to find you man. But honestly, you were a good guy and you wasn’t afraid of anything (wait grammar what) Hope you’re doing well. :\

White Tea: Sheesh, I forgot your actual name. Sorry. Either way... I can’t forget  the conversation (as well as all of you who ended up leaving) we had last summer at like 4am in the morning lol. You might not exactly have the best impression of me, but well that’s understandable. I hope you’re doing fine with life and college.

Rosey: YES I’M BUYING YOU CSGO. YES I’M RENEWING YOUR RS MEMS. YES I’M BUYING YOU <insert game here>.. maybe. Thanks for staying through thick and thin too, Rosey. You’re third oldest after Shaz and Carl. BTW, those things above are not promised. Now listen to Roy and let me come with you to Hong Kong. OH YEAH teach me mandarin or cantonese pl0x k thnx bai o ya btw play me3 and upload k thnx ty vm SOCIAL SLAYER PL0X

Marino: Hiya! I know your life is hectic but I’m glad you’re here to read this (hopefully you are). I do hope you can find some free time to play TF2 abit, we’re currently making our push on the game so it’d be great for you to finally make it back. I hope your girlfriend is doing well in politics and if not, let’s hope for some good fortune! Also, I do hope the hospital is treating you well. Good luck over there from your perch in Canada!

Cooper, Jake, Conner, Fox, John, Tony, all of you who, through my actions, left: I get why you left. I really hope you can accept my apology, however overdue it should be. I hope you guys are all doing well in your own lives as well as having fun together as your group. Good luck with everything. I do wish I could’ve reconsidered my actions, but well. AFAIK people can’t go back to the past yet so... yeah. Thanks for reading this if you did btw. That would mean something.

John remember that time when Jenn and I sat right next to you then called you lol. “LOOK TO YOUR LEFT” >>see two kids on phone staring right at you. SEE GUYS? THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MEET UP IRL. FUN SHIT HAPPENS

Ada and Matt: Hope you two are doing fine in SA. Considering you two have your own obligations I can’t hope you will read this, but if you do I’m glad. Thanks for taking the time, you guys were just a part of GUI as all the rest, if not more than others. Good luck with everything.

Jenn: Thanks for everything. While GUI was your main group, you really threw all your heart and soul into it, haha. I hope you’re doing well with your MAXlander team (hell, Rosey keeps me updated now and then so AFAIK you’re doing great) and good luck moving to LA.

Prin: Ah man. I hope you’re doing alright wherever you are. We haven’t spoken in awhile so if you do read this, remember you still have GUI! We’re rooting from you from the sidelines so to speak. Good luck with your current situation, it would be great to have you back on a computer sometime.

Roy: MEXICO BEST SOCCER TEAM 2012 no joke. Man Roy, if I had to think about the countless times I had to ask you for help, I don’t know what state my brain would be in. Somehow, you helped me in so many categories it’s not even funny. I don’t even. Thank you for staying up ‘til today and hopefully the future. Maybe one day I’ll figure out how to pass over lexp to you lol.

Kimchee: KOREA 3RD BEST SOCCER TEAM 2012 THEREFORE PUTTING IT ON PAR WITH GUI. We will play Vindictus. Either way, thank you for staying through the mess of last year. Let’s hope for a better year this year eh? LEVEL 70 VINDICKTUS? COME BACK FROM WISCONSIN

Alex: Carl told me for you to stop 9fagging. :d

Roka: Thanks for keeping me on task. I’m not even joking, when you’d yell at me to do shit (okay, almost everyone yells at me to do shit, but definitely you yell at me to do shit closer to home). Firefall beta here we go. I hope they optimized it for shitty computers because I’m not even joking my computer is shitty. O wait u kno dat alredee lawl k thnx

Nate: It’s been great ever since you came. You showed some serious dedication to us, and even though nowadays you’re busy you still try your best when you can, and I’m grateful. Now, it’s time to smash some cheesers in SC2. Lets go!

Omalley and s4ndals: I hope you two are doing great. College can be tough I imagine, but I’m sure you two are fighting it out right? Good luck in your endeavours and here's to hoping you can come back someday!

TJ-erkik: Yo man. Ching chong ting tong ling long. [/racism] Thanks for joining, but stay awhile why don’t you? There’s a lot more gaming to be had and either way, you just raffled off your items to Roy. SO FAGGOT, I’LL HUNT YOU DOWN AND EAT YOUR BRAINS IF YOU DON’T STAY ALSO I’M GONNA BUY YOU RS MEMS IF YOU LET ME KNOW YOUR RS NAME KTHNX  TEEMO IS DA BEST

Alteran: Thanks for being the silent watch from Australia. We love having you over for TTT nights :P

Luke: Bitch. STARSTRIKECOLOR NEVERFORGET come back whenever you like man. We’ll be around hopefully.

For everyone I never included in anything, or maybe I didn’t include you this year, I really hope you’re doing well. I mean seriously. Gaming let me meet so many amazing people throughout the years it’s not even funny. I got to meet trolls, meet friends, see friends, learn new things, watch anime, get somewhat better at video games,  go to California, play more games, lose my life, gain weight, spend money, feel happy about what I’ve accomplished …