Anatomy and Physiology




EXAM 2—chapter 20, lymphatics

  1. Describe the structure and distribution of lymph vessels.  What are their similarities and differences compared to blood vessels? How do lymph capillaries actually function?
  2. What is the function of lymph vessels and how are they organized in the body?  Discuss the largest lymph vessels and the body regions they drain.
  3. What are lacteals and what is their specialized function?
  4. How is lymph transported through the system?
  5. What happens if lymph vessels are blocked?
  6. Name and discuss the different types of lymphoid cells.
  7. What is the importance of lymphoid tissue?  What are the types of lymphoid tissue?
  8. Discuss structure and function of a lymph node, including how lymph circulates in the node.  How does stagnation occur in the lymph node and what is the purpose?
  9. What is the importance of the spleen? Thymus?  How are these organs similar/different from other lymph tissue ?
  10. Discuss the different types and importance of tonsils and other lymphoid aggregates.
  11. Name the locations that do not have lymph vessels.

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