Project: Create an Ancient India Newspaper

FORMAT: Use a ruler to make straight lines to write your story and to make the boxes for the pictures. The headline is in big writing at the top, use stencils or your best handwriting. This can be in any color.

Introduction: You will be creating a “newspaper” page about ancient India. Remember, newspapers report what’s happening at the moment, so you will be writing as if the topics are happening right now.
Naming your newspaper: “Ancient India” needs to be in the title for your newspaper but newspapers always have some sort of ending. So, pick an ending to your newspaper: daily, times, post, news, resident, leader, citizen, messenger, tribune, star, chronicle, press, sun, telegram, gazette, journal.
Choosing the Content: Pick 4 of the following headlines to include on your newspaper:
“Ancient City Gets a New Look” (Mohenjo-Daro)
“Travel Ancient India” (geography)
“The Aryans Arrive” (Aryans)
“Asoka Makes a Difference” (Asoka and Mauryan Empire)
“Spotlight: Hinduism” (Hinduism)
“The Making of the Buddha” (Buddhism)
Got a better story headline? Ask me about it….
Illustrating your Newspaper: You need to have an illustration for AT LEAST 3 stories. One needs to be large, the other two can be smaller.  USE COLOR!  Illustrations need to have a short caption.

Points Breakdown:
10 points/story (4 stories)
5 points/picture (3 pictures)
15 points for effort/neatness
Total: 60 points